10 Best Aviation Schools In The World

Commercial flying is an exciting, rewarding, and fun profession. We both believe that being a pilot is an attractive career with a high standard of living. The fact that many other people’s lives, in addition to your own, are on the line This is a big job, but it means that you have no room for error.

Aviation pioneer Wilbur Wright once said, “Traveling without motors is possible, but not without understanding and skills.” And it’s accurate to say that the only way to become a professional pilot is to receive training at a top-notch flying school.

Despite the fact that America is home to many top-notch flying schools, more and more pilots are opting to complete their training and earn their licenses abroad. 

Senior Air pilot Captain U.S. Tiwari confirmed this right away, adding, “While attending a flying school abroad can be expensive, young aspirants prefer it because it is a faster way to fulfill their flying hours.” 

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While earning the same degree in India can take up to two years, doing so in America and Europe only takes six to eight months, making it a much faster option. 

Top 10 aviation schools around the globe 

1. CAE Aviation Academy

With 85 years of experience in training pilots, CAE Aviation Academy is one of the best flight schools in the world. This European flight school also has locations in Amsterdam, Brussels, Gondia, Hong Kong, Melbourne, Perth, Phoenix, and Rae Bareli. This school has training courses for the ATPL, CPL, and MPL training routes. More than 2,000 pilots can be taught at the academy each year, and it has access to more than 200 aircraft.

2. CTC Wings 

This is one of the world’s most well-known flying schools. 99% of graduates are hired by one of the other airlines, and 97.8% of cadets pass all 14 ATPL subjects on their first attempt, according to CTC.

In 2013, 243 freshmen pilots were expelled from the CTC aviation school. 119 of the 243 graduates were taken on by EasyJet, the country’s biggest airline, in the same year. It also has training centers in India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and other countries.

3. Flight Safety Academy

With a track record of producing elite pilots since 1966, The Flight Safety Academy is without a doubt the oldest and one of the best in the industry. More than 17,000 pilots who graduated from this flying school currently work for 62 airlines and more than 100 corporate flight departments.  In addition to having direct access to the flight line, the facility has well-equipped classrooms, office space, and hangars for maintaining aircraft. There is also on-site lodging.

4. Pan AM Flight Academy

Pan AM was established in 1980 and has training facilities both domestically and abroad. This institution offers training not only for pilots but also for airline employees, mechanics, dispatchers, and air traffic controllers. 

5. Singapore aviation academy

Established in 1988, this flying school in Singapore is renowned for providing both basic and advanced flight training to aircrew for the International Airlines Group. The training fleet of the college consists of 16 Cessna C172 single-engine aircraft with Garmin equipment and five Cessna C172 single-engine aircraft located in Seletar. It also consists of three multi-engine Beech Baron aircraft in Jandakot for the ab-initio phase and four light jet Cessna Mustang aircraft at Maroochydore for the intermediate training phase.

The college is known to have trained more than 1900 cadets who later joined the Singapore Airlines Group. It began accepting self-sponsored applicant applications in 2006; as of right now, 30 of these candidates are working for reputable airlines.

6. Ardmore Flying School

Another flying school that international students might think about attending to learn to fly is Ardmore Flying School. The Level 5 Aviation Training Program, Level 6 Arline Training Scheme, and Flight Instruction Program modules are offered by this flying school in New Zealand. The likelihood that a student will find employment increases with the number of modules they complete during their course of study. 

Two flights are allowed for prospective commercial pilot students at Ardmore Flying School. and sign up for Level 5 or 6 courses for a month. Obviously, eligibility will vary depending on the level chosen, but the minimum requirements include having at least a Class 2 medical degree and an IELTS score of 5.5.

7. Sunrise Aviation 

Sunrise Aviation Courses complies with DGCA requirements for aviation training. 200 hours of flight training must be completed by students enrolled in DGCA-approved programs as part of their 250 hours of instruction. The Piper Seneca PA34, which is also DGCA-approved, is the answer to the query of which aircraft students should receive their instruction. So, candidates who want to enroll in Sunrise Aviation courses can do so via the coordinator for India.

8. Purdue Aviation

One of the best pilot training programs worldwide is at Purdue Aviation College. Here, Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, picked up his diploma from high school. The “Cradle of Astronauts” is how U.S. News & World Report describes Purdue University’s aviation program.

The Purdue College of Technology offers many degree programs in aeronautics. Students pursuing degrees in professional flight technology, aeronautical engineering, and aviation management are included among the enrollees.

9. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical College

There are more alumni from this prestigious aviation college, often referred to as the “Harvard of the Skies,” than from any other aviation college. This is because the organization is the largest and most reputable supplier of aviation education. 

10. Western Michigan University College of Aviation 

One of the top pilot programs in the world is located at Western Michigan University. After 75 years in business, the company has become known around the world as a prestigious and well-known aviation college. A few of the degree options offered at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University include aeronautical physics, aeronautical and astronautical engineering, world security & surveillance, flight control, and business and management.


These are only a few of the best pilot schools in the world; there may be one in your state. If you look into the local aviation schools, you’re one small step closer to flying through the air. 

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