What Companies Are In The Transportation Field?

Aviation, marine, and terrestrial transportation—which includes rails, roads, and off-road travel—are the many forms of transportation. There are additional modalities as well, such as pipelines, cable transmission, and space travel. You require experience because moving items across the nation or perhaps the globe is no easy undertaking.

What do transportation companies do?

A transportation company is any business that uses its own or rented vehicles to move people or goods, or that offers shipping services or flights to other countries. The movement of people and goods is primarily an issue for transport corporations. Since the beginning of luxury transportation in the business world, the business world has grown.

Is the transport industry profitable?

Yes, if you do it correctly, trucking can bring in money. A trucking company’s typical net profit margin ranges from 2.5% to 6%. If you go into the trucking business with your eyes open, it could be a good way to make a good living.

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Top companies in the transportation field?

How many companies are in the transportation industry? There are a great number of companies in the transportation industry, but we’ve decided to list only the top 15 transportation companies in the world.

  • FedEx corp
  • UPS Inc.
  • Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings.
  • YRC Worldwide.
  • Schneider.
  • J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Inc.
  • Old Dominion Freight Line Inc.
  • XPO Logistics.
  • Blue Dart Express Ltd.,
  • Apollo LogiSolutions Ltd. 
  • Blue Dart Express Ltd. 
  • Container Corporation Of India.
  •  Mahindra Logistics Ltd. 
  • TCI Express Ltd. 
  •  VRL Logistics Ltd. 

Jobs available in the transportation industry

1. Director of Logistics

The transportation operations related to the shipping and receipt of components and goods are managed by a logistics director. In this managerial position, you oversee both the receipt of raw materials and the delivery of items from a company’s facilities. range of annual salaries: $87,500 to $132,000.

2. Transportation Director 

They often plan the distribution channels and manage product delivery. They accomplish this by using other modes of transportation, such as trucks. Range of wages: $46,000 to $125,000 annually

3. Delivery Lead 

A delivery lead is in charge of managing numerous projects for the organization. To complete the project, you work in teams. Payscale: $37,500 to $124,500.

4. Distribution Engineer

An electrical engineer who is in charge of the design, setup, testing, and appropriate use of electrical power equipment is known as a distribution engineer. As part of your job, you have to build networks for distributing power and check the safety of electrical equipment. $85,000 to $113,000 per year in wages.

5. Logistics Management Specialist

A logistics management expert is in charge of an organization’s operational logistics. As a logistics management specialist, you create logistical strategies, make sure they follow their course, and evaluate the outcomes. $42,000 to $102,500 a year in salary

6. Automobile Engineer

Engineers working in transportation design, organize, and implement transportation systems. When deciding if a region needs new railway lines, buses, subways, or roads, transportation engineers take traffic, population, and other considerations into account. Range of salaries: $74,500 to $101,000 per year.

7. Fleet supervisor

As a fleet manager, it is your job to keep an eye on the people who drive the company’s cars so that they are as efficient and profitable as possible. You might have to do research, choose vehicles to lease or buy, and keep very detailed records of how the vehicles are used. They pay $50,000–$77,000 per year in wages.

8. Driver Manager

A fleet manager, also known as a driver manager, keeps an eye on the upkeep, scheduling, and tracking of a fleet of commercial vehicles.

Among your job responsibilities is checking that the vehicles are safe and functional. Salary range: $40,000–$55,000 yearly.

9. Truck Dispatcher 

 You communicate over the phone with suppliers, customers, drivers, and other logistics staff. $34,000 to $48,500 per year in salary.

10. Intermodal Dispatcher 

An intermodal dispatcher is in charge of organizing a shipping company’s or a team of drivers’ schedules and making sure that information about deliveries and shipments of freight is entered into a log. The range of wages: $37,500 to $50,000 annually.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a job in transportation company a good career path?

Logistics is a great career choice since there are so many new, well-paying jobs emerging in the market, and there is so much room for expansion. You can discover good careers in logistics, and you’ll also have a ton of stability because this is a lucrative and secure industry to work in.

Does the transportation industry pay well?

Yes, the transportation industry pays well, even from the lowest position. From there, you might advance to the position of logistics manager, earning $110,000 or more, or transportation and distribution manager, earning $90,000.

Which nation offers the best pay in transportation and logistics companies?

Switzerland. Switzerland is the nation that pays its truck drivers the highest wage.

Can foreign nationals operate trucks in the US?

A current driver’s license is required to drive in the United States. If you are a foreign visitor, you may need an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a valid driver’s license from your home country.


Logistics is a great career choice since there are so many new, well-paying jobs emerging in the market and so much room for expansion. You can discover good careers in logistics, and you’ll also have a ton of stability because this is a lucrative and secure industry to work in.

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