Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path?

Despite the fact that globalization has recently caused e-commerce to slow down, a complete turnaround is not anticipated because demand for delivery services and air travel is still increasing. In actuality, the industry currently generates billions of dollars annually, and expansion is predicted over the following five years.

Along with the increase in demand for these services, so does the need for workers in this sector. Different positions within this industry have various skill requirements, and they also pay differently. This leaves us asking whether it is a good idea to work in the delivery and air freight industries.

A high school diploma is the only requirement for some jobs, but an air freight transportation certificate is required for others. Higher-level positions may require college degrees in some fields.

Physical endurance is required for some jobs in air freight delivery.

What is Air Freight/Delivery Services 

Delivery and freight services for the aircraft industry are exciting places to work. It is a sector that is expanding and offers plenty of variety and chances to interact with different cultures. Although the work itself is not challenging or physically demanding, there is a lot of travel involved. But because there is a lot of demand for their services, the average pay for people in this sector may be quite high.

Is Air Freight/Delivery Services A Good Career Path

Yes, air freight delivery services are actually a very good career path because of the industry’s ongoing growth and the demand for workers. Because most jobs provide a respectable wage and alluring benefits, the opportunities make it possible to live comfortably. In this field, there are many different professions available to everyone.

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10 Top-paying jobs in the air freight/delivery industry.

1. Freight Handler

Freight handlers are responsible for moving cargo both in and out. Among the main responsibilities are ensuring safety standards, keeping records, and transporting goods. Freight handlers use machinery a lot, so they often need to be certified to drive and operate things like forklifts. $47,470 in average annual salary.

2. Freight Forwarder

Freight forwarders are in charge of managing the entire transport process from start to finish. The following are examples of typical job descriptions: Coordinating with the proper parties to form the proper arrangements, Coordinating transit, negotiating prices, and obtaining insurance. Salary $49,980 per year.

3. Freight brokers

Most freight brokers only require a high school diploma as their minimum educational requirement. However, some professionals do hold more advanced degrees, and as a result of their education, these workers may be expected to perform more work-related tasks. Range of annual salaries: $43,042.

4. Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisor

This person is in charge of making sure there is enough staff, taking care of security, and loading and unloading shipments. They are also often part of the emergency response team and the team that watches the cargo while the plane is in the air. Range of annual salaries: $58,830.

5. Operations Manager for Freight Logistics 

The management of warehouse facilities is the responsibility of the operations manager for freight logistics. This involves organizing the movement of goods by truckers and ensuring that every worker is performing their tasks in accordance with standards. Range of annual salaries: $64,202 

6. Aircraft Load Masters

These are the individuals in charge of ensuring that the cargo is loaded properly onto the aircraft. To do this, you must make sure that everything is balanced and follow all regulations about weight and load. Sometimes, a person in charge of the cargo will fly with it to make sure it gets to its destination safely. Payscale: $68,830 annually.

7. Freight Logistics General Manager 

A manager of freight logistics will work with staff and other parties to manage everything within the facilities. This involves organizing and overseeing the staff to know if they are actually doing their jobs. The operation and personnel are all under his supervision. Range of annual salaries: $64,202.

8. Freight Agent

An air freight agent is responsible for coordinating shipments from and to aircraft and terminals. They route shipments while keeping track of deliveries as they come in.  A person needs to be very good at oral communication and customer service in order to interact with clients and negotiate financial rates. The position benefits from a college education. Salary range: $49,594 annually

9. Import Manager

The import of goods and commodities from other nations is the responsibility of import managers. They are in charge of making sure that everything shows up at the right place, on time, and in good shape. The products won’t have any customs problems or exceed any import restrictions, they’ll also make sure. $69,000 is the average annual salary.

10. Airline Cargo Sales Representative

An airline cargo sales representative’s job is to market air freight services on behalf of a carrier or a cargo company. Usually, they are in charge of contacting prospective clients directly. They give a list of reasons why their company’s services are better than those of competitors. Communication skills are a requirement for sales representatives for airline cargo. $62,000 is the average annual salary.


The answer is that it’s a fantastic career choice if you enjoy traveling and the aviation industry. If you’re interested in making money by moving products, this will be the ideal career choice for you. You can generate a sizable income by getting a salary. 

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