5 Job Sites Where Employers Find You

How do you get employers to find you? This is a common question in the mouth of everyone who is seriously looking for a reliable place to get a job online/offline. The job could be a remote job, full-time or part-time job.

If you are wondering “Is there a website where employers can find you?” then this post is for you because we will be showing you a list of sites where people post looking for job seekers. Such platforms are reliable ways for how employers find employees to work for them and establish growth.

1. LinkedIn

If you’re looking for a job, LinkedIn is one of the best sites on which to use your job search skills. It’s not just that it’s an excellent way to reach out to employers and recruiters; it also has its own job search tools that let you find opportunities through its platform. Here are some ways you can use these tools:

  • Post a profile (and make sure yours is up-to-date!)
  • Connect with other professionals in your field
  • Browse “Jobs You May Be Interested In”
  • Search for openings by keyword

2. Indeed

You can use Indeed to search for jobs. Indeed is a job search engine that aggregates listings from hundreds of job boards, including its own site as well as others like Monster and CareerBuilder.

Indeed’s homepage has a large “Jobs” section with featured openings at the top. There are also options to filter by industry and location, so you can narrow down the results based on your preferences. On indeed, you will see a large number of employers looking for employees by location, remote work, and detailed job descriptions and payment options.

3. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a job site that lets employers post jobs and find candidates. Your job recruiter might be just a click away when you visit ZipRecruiter.

  • It has a mobile app.
  • You can search through jobs by keyword, location, or category.

4. Stack Overflow

When it comes to finding out what programming languages are in demand, Stack Overflow is a great place to start. The site is a question and answer site for programmers, so you’ll find plenty of questions about specific languages and their uses on the platform. You can also check out the most popular tags for each language—these are often used as a good indicator of how much demand there is for certain skills.

When you opt-in for the most in-demand skills, you can have employers rushing to you with job offers.

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a site where people can write reviews of companies, including what it’s like to work at that company. This is a great place for job seekers to learn more about potential employers and whether or not those employers would be a good fit for them.

Glassdoor’s hiring section gives you an idea of what companies are looking for in new employees (and what they’re not). It’ll help you tailor your resume so that it fits the needs of each employer, which will hopefully increase your chances of getting an interview!

Instead of applying to jobs, have employers find you.

It’s more important to think about how you will find a job than it is to think about what type of job you want.

Instead of applying to jobs, have employers find you. Here are some ways:

  • Use your network. If there’s already an employer in your network that is a fit for the position, reach out directly through LinkedIn or email and let them know why they should hire you!
  • Using job boards like Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor can help you find opportunities that are aligned with your skillset and interests so that the employer isn’t wasting their time looking at people who aren’t qualified for the position (and vice versa). The best way to get notified when new jobs are posted? Sign up here!


Although we have seen people say they got employers coming to them through resume posting sites, One may ask, who do employers find candidates on resume posting sites? We will provide a guide on that in our next post where we will deeply discuss about “what are resume posting sites?”.

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