7 Reasons Why I Don’t Like Going To School Often – My Personal Opinion

I don’t believe in going to school every day and I mean it…

There are several causes of not going to school, that’s why many studies are set aside to know the number of students who don’t go to school.

In my country likewise other parts of the world, it is very alarming to find out that many people place more value on school than education whereas it is supposed to be the other way round.

However, I have written a post trying to draw the attention of students to be able to take a close look at the difference between these two words “Education and Schooling” to be able to find out which is more important. 

In the words of Mark Twain, he said:

I have never let school interfere with my education

I go with his Idea and strongly believe one can still achieve greatness without schooling.

At this point, it is not a thing to worry about trying to convince you to buy my ideas on this, but I will quickly explain to you why I don’t like going to school all the time.

You shouldn’t also take what am about to share with you here as reasons why your child shouldn’t go to school.

Not That I Hate School, But Here Are Reasons You Won’t See Me There often:

Reasons For Not Wanting To go To school

There could be various reasons why different students don’t like school, but here are mine.

1. No everyday lecture:

When I was in primary school and then through secondary school days, I am found not missing classes because there’s always someone to help me learn something new. I would always try all I could to make sure I am punctual to school to listen to my teacher and ask questions whenever I am not too sure about a particular thing.

Still, then there are very few students who still don’t like coming to school for various reasons best known to them while some have it that they are been forced by their parents to go to school.

I recently gained admission to study computer science at the university only to find out how different things are and how almost no one cares about your way about.

Some lecturers could be so reluctant about classes they ought to have and keep posting students from one day to the other.

2. I have to learn and at the same time dress like a celebrity:

There are different types of wear as seen in the school, that could probably make some students look like they are going to appear on the Billboard chart.

If you’re not in for the variety of dress codes then merely you are not a student and shouldn’t be addressed as one among fellow students.

To fit into this, you can become a daily online shopper, shopping for jeans and sneakers that will make you look sweet and smart too.

You may want to become the next most popular student but if care is not taken, this could leave you bankrupt.

It is good to look good but difficult to look good than you can afford.

3. What happens if I don’t go to school?

I know you might be thinking in your mind to figure out how serious I am with my studies or might have concluded in your soul judgment that I am not a serious student. But this is actually what happens if I don’t go to school.

information is powerif the right person, is given the right information at the right time, he will do the right thing.

I quickly joined my departmental WhatsApp group chat immediately after I got admission into the university to stay updated as almost everything happening in the school is shared through the medium to inform everyone of when there will be lectures, quizzes, assignments, exams, or even school projects.

During the first few weeks in school, I was able to make a few friends in school, including lecturers, and some of my friends have my number on speed dial so they can easily communicate with me if anything was going to happen in school.

4. Climatic factors

Nature should be a friend to man, but in most cases, it results in something that could cause obstructions in one’s activities.

When there’s sunshine, the intensity will make you think the school environment isn’t really far from hell this is because a lot of deforestation has taken place in the past to build structures without due replacements of these trees.

You can only find shade in the classroom, the sunlight isn’t the worst part because it can be controlled using the umbrella.

The other good friend that could probably stop students living in my area from going to school is heavy rainfall.

The road in the streets is very bad that one could think the government had abandoned this particular area for other projects in the urban areas.

Once it is raining, you couldn’t see where to place your feet on the ground as there are no proper drainages to channel rainwater, so they take the footpath.

5. School Is Expensive:

This alone can make one drop out of school…

There are several instances of fees being imposed on students that parents would think you’re lying about the fees.

The cost of getting textbooks is always on the high side and compulsory, there’s also a letter coming from the Vice-Chancellor at the beginning of a new academic session about the increase in school fees.

If the former fee was difficult for students to pay, then what about the increase, would that be easy?

The solution to this most of the time could be to assist parents at home, in their businesses, or farm in order to raise money for payment of fees and purchase of reading materials.

I know am not the only one facing this, you can also share your experience through a comment below.

6. I can’t afford to spend 4 years, schooling alone:

It is in my personal opinion that 4 years could be waste of time if thoroughly I devote it to studying alone, then I quickly fixed myself to something doing to maximize my knowledge about computer and even make money on the go.

So, people who refer to me as a working-class student aren’t mistaken in their decisions to say so.

I’m not just studying computer science, but I am practicing it at the workplace, also I teach others how they can make computing profitable.

I can beat to my chest that I am now a full-stack developer with a sophisticated background in IOT.

Blogging is part of the things I also do when I am not going to school, and it’s a more reason I have to be sure there’s an activity in school before I could transport myself there.

7. The school expect me to be very good in all subjects

Sometimes they make me feel I have to know everything even when it is clear to me it is not related to my course of studies. They call it GST (General Studies) without concrete proof of the relevancies of these GST courses in my field.

They make me feel I am a dunce and can never score high grades on these subjects, as every lecturer would want you to show excellent performance on their various courses. They make me want to hate school.

It is never a time they take a close look to find out what works best for an individual or even help shape one’s career path.

I hear many say they hate maths, yet they love calculating money and this is pure mathematics, but it is what happens in real life.

It is surprising to see that in school we keep finding little “x” with formulas that can occupy a whole page only to never come across such a scenario in the real-life event where it would be required of one to find “x” before he could shop online, eat or even take bath in the bathroom.

How well are what we are thought in school-related to what we face in real life, and how then do we apply them in solving real-life problems?

In this part of the world, it could be seen that the percentage of students who don’t like school is on the high side.

About 1% out of every 3, don’t like school, there are various reasons they wouldn’t like going back to school with all the core reason been lack of finance to further their studies. I’m pretty sure this is not the only reason as the increase in the rate of unemployed graduates can totally serve as a major cause of not wanting to go to school for so many persons.

People here tend to believe mostly in what they see and what is within their reach. They would at most times refuse to buy the idea of doing something they are not really sure will pay off later, so joining a business or learning a trade becomes the only resort.

Let us know if you hate school or you like it, share your story with us through the comment box below.

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