10 Best American Airline Remote Jobs

Many individuals immediately think of pilots when asked to compile a list of airline jobs. However, while the flight crew’s role is critical, it is just a minor part of what keeps an airplane flying and flight timetables on track. 

To stay in business, airlines rely on a large number of people to do their jobs. Baggage handlers, ticket clerks, and avionics specialists are among them.

10 American airlines careers that can work remotely.

1. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant’s primary role is to ensure the safety of passengers. Following that, they must deliver excellent customer service. Flight attendants make up over 20% of the 515,000 people who work in the airline industry. Do you enjoy traveling? It’s possible that you’ll be a good fit for the job especially if you intend to work virtually.

Alaska Airlines, although does not advertise work from home reservation flight attendant positions, will be allowed to work from home if you are hired as their attendant. The only stipulation is that you must live within 100 miles of their contact centers in Kent, WA or Boston, MA, so you can attend further training if necessary.

2. Airline administrator

To keep the organization running efficiently, any airline, big or little, requires administrative support workers. Secretaries, clerical work workers, receptionists, advertising and public relations professionals, and those in the human resources department that handle or supervise the hiring, labor relations difficulties, training, and dismissal of employees are all the job descriptions of an administrator

American Airlines is the biggest travel company in the United States, it has the most work from home opportunities available all year. You are invited to apply if you are at least 18 years old, legally able to work in the United States as a part-time or full worker, and have a GED or high school diploma.

3. Operations Agent

The cargo agent, also known as an airline operations agent, requires effective communication qualities to receive and convey knowledge from and to pilots, maintenance personnel, and other people. A huge number of activities and assignments must be prioritized by the Ops Agent. When planes are fully booked, agents must seek information about how to fix the situation without disrupting the agenda.

Southwest Airlines, situated in Dallas, TX, also offers flexible home-based airline jobs. And if you’re a fan of this low-cost airline, which has been offering low-cost flights since 1971, you’re in luck.

4. Avionics Technicians

Avionics technicians are trained to work on aircraft electronic systems. Analyzing, restoring, upgrading, and configuring avionics systems are all part of the work. The equipment may also need to be calibrated. 

JetBlue is a popular airline although the company’s headquarters are in Long Island City, New York, Avionics technicians opportunities are available in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

5. Regional Sales Manager

The aviation regional sales manager is in charge of all of a district’s bookings and ticket distribution channels and the district’s sales personnel. To increase sales, sales professionals advertise their airline even from the comfort of their houses.

Delta Airlines is a commercial airline which is based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been in operation since 1924 and is the country’s oldest running airline. While Delta Airlines only posts work-from-home positions on occasion, they can be ideal for the right people.

6. Flights Dispatcher

Flight emergency responders are in charge of ensuring that an aircraft’s flight is safe. Planning a flight plan, which is a thorough timetable of routes, layovers, distance, projected fuel usage, winds upwards, climate, elevation, navigation bearing, and alternative destinations in the event of problems.

Spirit Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Miramar, Florida, but based in Ft Lauderdale. Remote positions such as customer service analysts, support experts, and flight dispatchers have been advertised.

7. Station Attendant (Ground / Airport)

Aviation administrative representative, station clerk, terminal employee, special aid supervisor, or airport instructional representative are all terms used to describe this role. The primary role, regardless of title, is to assist passengers in the airport with general concerns about directions, terminal amenities, or arranging wheelchair access.

United Airlines, based in Chicago, Illinois, is one of the world’s major airlines, with more than 4,500 trips to more than 300 destinations on five continents. Customer service and special aid supervisors,for example, may offer work-from-home opportunities for this airline.

8. Meteorologist for Aircraft

Weather information is provided by aviation meteorologists to airline flight coordinators and aircrew. They must determine present and anticipated weather conditions for all elevations, including wind speed and direction, cloud cover, and temperature.

Virgin Atlantic Airways is known not just for its international air services, but also for its many industry honors. This is the only airline on the list that isn’t based in the United States, but it does occasionally advertise freelancing aviation meteorologists and telecommuting employment if you’re interested. Openings that may exist

9. Passenger Service Agents 

Passenger service agents have some of the same obligations as station agents, although they work with passengers rather than aircraft. Passengers are refunded, rates are computed, tickets are prepared and sold, excess baggage charges are collected, baggage is checked, and travel information is provided.

Allegiant Air is the ninth-largest commercial airline in the United States, with operations in 18 locations and over 550 routes. They also provide charter services in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The majority of their telecommuting employment is in customer service or Service Agents. On their Careers page, you can apply.

10. Airline Ramp Planner

The entry and exit times for each of the carrier’s planes at that airport are the responsibility of an airline ramp planner. He or she is in charge of coordinating several departments or hired firms that must complete various jobs aboard the plane before it can take off for the next trip.

Frontier Airlines, based in Denver, Colorado, is dedicated to providing “Low Fares Done Right.  As their airline ramp planner, you get travel benefits for you and your household, healthcare, optical, and dental coverage, and a 401k plan are just a few of the rewards of working for them. Data analysts, airline ramp planners and price analysts are the only remote positions currently offered.


Because the employer that hires you to work from home rarely offers equipment, you’ll need to purchase your computer and a high-speed, dependable internet connection. 

In most circumstances, the airline will simply provide you with access to a portal where you may locate customer service questions and respond to emails, chats, or phone calls. They may occasionally supply you with software or an app to aid you in your work. 

Because you’ll be dealing with customers, you must be able to:

Communicate excellently with your written and spoken English which is essential, especially if you’ll be handling both voice and chat assistance.

The smarter and more efficient you are at your work the greater your chance of retaining your position especially if it is remote or virtual.

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