10 Physical Therapy In Spanish Jobs

The goal of physical therapy is to help a person be as mobile as possible so that they can live a better life. A Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree is needed to be a physical therapist, but there are other types of physical therapy jobs, like physical therapist assistant and physical therapy aide. 

The preponderance of physical therapists don’t work in hospitals; rather, they practice in settings including schools, outpatient clinics, workplaces, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and a number of other places.

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Physical Therapist Duties

Physical therapists evaluate patients and create a therapy plan with specific exercises meant to enhance mobility, lessen or eliminate pain, regain function, and avoid disability. Physical therapists are skilled but are frequently connected to the therapy and recuperation stage of patient care. The primary duties of a physical therapist include:

  • To both identify and correct problems with movement.
  • Examining patients to determine diagnoses, outlooks, and treatment options.
  • Executing the patient care interventions that are required.
  • Reevaluating patients and making necessary adjustments to care regimens.
  • Creating and carrying out discharge plans.
  • Exercise, patient and family education, as well as other treatment methods, are used by physical therapists who collaborate closely with their patients.

Out of all the physical therapy jobs we’ve talked about so far, a physical therapist needs the most education. Usually, they need three years of postgraduate study.

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Physical Therapist Assistant Duties

A physical therapist is in charge and oversees the work of a physical therapist assistant. They carry out certain components of patient care, gather information about treatments, and alter care as instructed by the supervising physical therapist.

These are some tasks that physical therapy assistants might carry out:

  • guiding patients through activities that increase their mobility, strength, and coordination.
  • teaching patients how to appropriately use walkers, canes, and crutches.
  • administering electrotherapy or massage.

Although a physical therapist assistant must practice under the guidance and supervision of a physical therapist in order to maintain their own license (DPT). 

The physical therapy assistant works under the supervision of a DPT and assists in carrying out patient treatment plans; unlike physical therapists, they cannot diagnose patients or make plans on their own. 

You must pass a national licensing exam and get an associate degree from a two-year school authorized by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) in order to work as a physical therapist assistant.

1. University of Utah College of Health

Physical therapists are needed to assist in a study investigating telehealth therapy for people with persistent back pain, which is being conducted by the University of Utah College of Health and the Department of Physical Therapy & Athletic Training. Those in these roles are mostly responsible for following research protocols and setting up telemedicine sessions for people with chronic back pain.

2. Young Interventions, Inc

Young Interventions, Inc. is now looking for a pediatric physical therapist in the cities of San Jose, Milpitas, and the surrounding areas in North Santa Clara County. Young Interventions is the organization for you if you’re looking to join one whose aim is to improve the quality of life for infants and toddlers who have developmental disorders or who are at risk of developing them.

3. Providence School

In compliance with IEPs and 504 plans, offer direct physiotherapy services to learners enrolled in Providence Schools and carry out necessary exams. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in the relevant subject of study. Experience gained in schools is recommended. The RI Department of Health requires a license, and Spanish fluency is essential.

4. Natividad hospital

In the Acute Rehabilitation Unit, Natividad is looking to fill a permanent post for a physical therapist assistant. In this area, unlicensed workers help licensed physical therapists treat patients by doing both tasks related to the patients and tasks that have nothing to do with the patients. Before the helper performs any patient-related work, each patient is evaluated by registered physical therapy personnel, who closely monitor the incumbents.

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5. St. Rose Dominican 

In order to achieve the objectives of the care plan, the physical therapist is in charge of evaluating and treating patients who are receiving physical therapy at the hospital and satellite clinics. They oversee workers as directed by St. Rose Dominican Siena’s Manager/Director of Rehabilitation Services. This individual is responsible for making sure that the patient’s and their family’s rights are upheld.

6. Loma Linda University East Campus Hospital

Our goal is to carry on Jesus Christ’s healing and teaching work. Compassion, excellence, teamwork, and completeness are our guiding principles.

The physical therapist evaluates, organizes, executes, and monitors the care of each individual patient. independently offers high-quality services in a hospital setting. helps patients avoid disability and works to encourage the most active involvement possible from both patients and caregivers.

7. Sevita Family 

Community-based behavioral health care provider Sevita Family provides a range of services, such as early childhood services, adult behavioral health, drug and alcohol counseling, and children’s behavioral health. Offer assistance to families and children Develop customized programs and diverse services for assigned clients in consultation with the team.

8. Saint Anthony Hospital

Saint Anthony Hospital, an independent, nonprofit, religiously affiliated hospital that specializes in acute care, is committed to enhancing the health and well-being of the families on Chicago’s West and Southwest sides. uses physical therapy principles and techniques to assess and treat patients in line with their age, developmental stage, and diagnosis.

9. Mee Memorial Hospital 

The administration, reporting, and assessment of tests and measurements fall under the purview of the physical therapist. The PT designs and adjusts therapy regimens as necessary for clinically competent adult patients. Direct patient care is given using modern physical therapy techniques, and the treatment plan is modified in response to the patient’s response.

10. Southwest Physical & Sports Therapy

We’re interested in speaking with you if you have a passion for helping out in rural areas, enjoy inspiring and assisting people in overcoming obstacles, and are the kind of therapist that wants to take part in running your own clinic. Give tours of the clinic to prospective patients during meetings. comprehensive treatment and care programs, and new patient evaluations.

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