Is Electric Utilities Central A Good Career Path?

Consider working for an electric utility if you want a profession with lots of job opportunities. So, yes, working in electric utilities central is a good career choice. Another known fact is that in major countries, electricity is a major source of energy. Additionally, it is predicted that in the upcoming years, demand for electric utilities will increase. According to IBISWorld, they estimate that electric utilities in the United States will generate $962 billion in sales by 2023. 

Electricity is used by big companies all over the world, and everyone needs a reliable power supply. Depending on the part you choose, you can choose to be a technician, engineer, or power station operator, and that will fetch you a good salary. 

What is an electric utility? 

An electric utility is a company in the electric power sector that generates, transmits, and supplies power to society. Most times, people refer to electric utilities as “public utilities.” 

Electric utilities central are basically in charge of supplying power for society’s electric needs by generating electricity from the power station to the transmission lines of our homes and business services. 

This sector provides benefits, security, and adaptability. Also, the level of risk related to working in this industry must be taken into account. 

What skills are needed to work in the Electrical Utilities centre? 

These are the potential skills you should have if you are looking to have a career in the electric utility center. 

People skills

  1. People skills 
  2. Teamwork
  3. Respect 
  4. Communication skills and interpersonal communication

Personal skills  

  1. Integrity 
  2. Adaptability
  3. Reputation 
  4. Initiative 
  5. Self-development 

Workspace skills 

  1. Honesty and fairness 
  2. Problem-solving 
  3. Basic technical skill 
  4. Decision making
  5. Mathematics knowledge 

The leading US electric utility companies?

In terms of market value, these companies are the biggest:

Duke Energy (Charlotte, North Carolina) 

It provides 7.2 million customers with electricity. Market Cap $79 billion. 

NextEra Energy (North America)

In 17 states in the United States, and three provinces in Canada. It owns the largest solar energy generating system. (SEGS) Market Cap-$ 167 billion 

Southern Company

It distributes gas and electricity. As of December 23, 2022, the market was worth $78 billion. 


Electricity and gas service that more than six million people use in the United States. As of December 23, 2022- $496 billion. 

How to find updated salary averages of lucrative jobs in electrical utilities?

For the most recent salary averages for each job in the sector, consult the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Based on the results from the previous year, they update their numbers. 

List of highest paying jobs in electrical utility center 

1. Utility Manager

Utility managers provide vital services to people and companies at a reasonable cost. Their work is to oversee facilities that provide vital services to the residents of a city, or town, such as telecommunications companies, and electricity plants, and they are also in charge of managing the water systems, sewer, and other essential services for residents. 

Average annual salary: $47,000 to $115,500.

2. Gas controller 

They work for oil and gas companies and ensure that consumers receive gas or oil. Their other duties are to keep an eye on real-time pipeline pressure data, monitor and manage the flow of natural gas into pipelines and storage facilities, and control abnormal flow volumes to stop the flow of gas during an emergency.

Average annual salary: $77,000 to $120,000.

3. Electric engineering 

Electric engineering covers a wide range of subfields, making a wide variety of career choices and business opportunities possible.

Electric engineers design and maintain electrical systems. Systems like circuits and microprocessors. It is good to pursue a career in electrical engineering because there’s such a strong demand for them and many businesses need them and they make good salaries for them. 

Average annual salary: $100,830-$159,520.

4. Nuclear licensing engineer 

A nuclear licensing engineer must assume nuclear energy plants with licensing and regulatory requirements and also ensure all systems and equipment are operating as they should. 

Average annual salary: $76,000–$145,500.

5. Electrical project manager

They manage all the projects, even the construction projects. They cooperate with the staff and make sure that the project is moving smoothly. To ensure you succeed in this position, you must have outstanding leadership and project management skills.

Average annual salary: $79,737 to $99,249.

6. Power Plant operator

Power Plant operators are in charge of the operation of the plants and take absolute care of the equipment used in the power plants. They need to be capable of handling any problems that arise and also managing emergencies.

As a plant operator, you use a control room to operate various machinery and equipment. 

Average annual salary: $57,438-$84,341.

7. Regulatory compliance officer 

Regulatory compliance officers make sure that the company organization abides by all applicable laws, rules, and utility standards. Companies employ a compliance officer to ensure that all procedures follow the law. So the employee must possess a solid understanding of the laws in order to succeed in this position. 

Average annual salary: $110,000.

8. Power distribution engineer 

They plan, organize, and do the power distribution system maintenance for the electrical utility. They also carry out checks on the system’s performance and troubleshooting. While also providing staff with technical help.

Average annual salary: $72,079–$106,777.

9. Radiation engineer 

Radiation engineers are responsible for planning and carrying out experiments to assess the effects of radiation in various settings. 

Average annual salary: $72,500–$118,500.

10. Substation Engineer

They supervise and do daily maintenance of the electric power substation. Their major duty is to make sure the substation runs effectively.

Average annual salary: $68,000–$112,000.


Many are unaware of the potential value of having a career in electric utilities, while some don’t know and are unsure of what path to choose in this sector. 

This article did its best to make sure everyone sees and finds the job suitable for him or her in this industry. And if you already know, you’ll discover even more about why you should pursue that career choice of yours. 

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