10 Highest Paying Massage Therapist Jobs In Lake Charles

A massage therapist works one-on-one with clients, applying pressure to soft tissues using a range of techniques. Massage can be used for relaxation, pain treatment, healing, and rehabilitation. Massage therapists can work in offices, clinics that treat injuries, or at the homes of their clients.

Working as a massage therapist

  • Determine the clients’ current degree of functioning while taking illness or injury into account.
  • Discuss the client’s medical history and connect them with appropriate therapy services.
  • Always act with a cheerful, professional attitude.
  • Use manual manipulation methods to aid clients in their recovery from illness or injury.
  • Use trigger point release or Swedish massage during 45-minute sessions.

What is the future of the massage therapy profession?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for massage therapists will increase during the coming ten years. Between 2018 and 2028, job growth is anticipated to be 22%, which is substantially higher growth than the majority of other occupations.

Where do massage therapists find employment?

There are numerous situations in which massage therapists can work. Most frequently, massage therapists are employed by personal care companies. All around the nation, these firms provide cosmetology and skin care services. A lot of massage therapists work at health centers that focus on chiropractic care or massage therapy. More and more massage therapists are doing their practice in clients’ homes.

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Are there any alternative routes to becoming a massage therapist?

Yes. There are different ways to become licensed to practice massage therapy, based on where you live. The most common requirement is to pass the Aromatherapy and Bodywork Certification Test, but not all states make this a rule. In some states, like Kansas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Vermont, and Wyoming, a massage therapist does not need a license. Depending on the region, there can be additional clinical criteria, such as doing an internship; it’s best to check local laws.

How can massage therapists determine whether they are getting paid fairly?

Visit Indeed’s Salary Analyzer to get a free, customized pay range based on your region, industry, and experience if you’re unclear about what a massage therapist should be paid

Are there chances for a massage therapist to advance?

There are prospects for career progression for massage therapists. Progress can happen in two different ways. In spas, massage therapists frequently start providing massages and aesthetic treatments. They progress into managerial positions over the course of time and experience. The second form entails opening an individual clinic and acquiring specialized massage techniques like acupuncture.

Which massage techniques should I learn to perform?

According to WebMD, the Swedish massage is the massage that people most frequently request. During a Swedish massage, light pressure is usually used all over the body to help the person feel calm. In settings that emphasize sports medicine, sports massage, trigger point therapy, and active release therapy are frequent.

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1. Massage Therapy Tech

Lake Charles Memorial Health System

The massage therapist assistant sets up patients and therapy equipment, including getting materials from the storage area and setting them up roughly for use. helps therapists monitor the proper execution of massage and assists with modalities as instructed.

2. Aegis Massage Therapy Assistant

You’ll be a wonderful fit for a profession in a skilled nursing facility if you truly care about people. Working with seniors, some of our community’s most priceless citizens require devotion. You must adore interacting with knowledgeable, giving individuals who have a lifetime of experiences to share. those who desire to maximize their elderly years.

3. Assistant massage Therapist Fast Pace Health

In every engagement, Fast Pace Health aims to offer patients the greatest possible patient experience. To join our expanding team, we are looking for a highly qualified and experienced massage therapy assistant. The ideal applicant will be completely dedicated to fostering our Fast Pace vision of collaboration, empowerment, and high-quality care in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

4. Massage Therapy Assistant 

Synergy Care has an open full-time position and is seeking a skilled massage therapy assistant. We’re seeking a team player that will deliver high-quality patient care.

Benefits with Synergy Care are excellent, and they include up to 14 PTO days, a 401(k), full medical coverage, and possible relocation.

5. Massage Therapist Assistant 

Lagniappe Rehabilitation Services: massage Therapist Assistant (PTA)

to work under the supervision of a professional or registered massage therapist to support the delivery of high-quality patient care while maintaining favorable levels of interaction with facilities and clients. respects the relevant state regulations for massage treatment.

6. Christus Health Massage Therapy

The massage therapist is in charge of evaluating, planning, implementing, and monitoring the care of patients who have been assigned to massage therapy. When delivering technical therapy services, supplies, equipment, and interventions to a specified patient population, the massage therapist is accountable for complying with all massage Therapy Practice Act standards.

7. Massage Therapists

New massage therapists who are prepared to become a part of something bigger than just a business and who will make giving back the center of everything they do are welcomed. This devotion we have also extends to how we treat our team members at Therapeutic Management Corporation. By assisting you in developing new skills, staying up to date on laws and technology,

8. Massage Therapist

Because our patients deserve the best inpatient rehabilitation care, Resolute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, situated in Dallas, Texas, offers it. At Resolute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, we gauge our performance based on how much better the lives of our staff, patients, and residents have improved their quality of life. Join us to contribute to the patient-deserved resolution.

9. Massage Therapist Elite Home Rehab

We’re here to support you in finding a work-life balance and getting the credit you deserve. Your ideas will be taken into account by a group of skilled medical experts who are committed to giving patients the best care possible. Check patients for functional and massage deficiencies. Create a care plan with the patient’s doctor and nursing team to help the patient get back to the level of function you want.

10. Invo Healthcare’s massage therapist

Are you a massage therapist looking for a job where you can use your skills and knowledge to help kids do well in school and in life? Look no further! The Invo-Progressus Team is now recruiting for a part-time massage therapist to work in a K–12 setting in the Lake Charles, Louisiana, area.

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