Is Colorado Boxed Beef A Good Career Path?

We are aware of how intricate the food industry is. That is why Colorado Boxed Beef Company strives to keep things straightforward. Their skilled services in buying, distributing, selling, and marketing allow them to offer reliable protein goods and brands that delight customers and always go above and beyond your expectations. 

They put forth a lot of effort so you can concentrate on what’s most important to you: increasing your nutrition line. Thanks to the Colorado Boxed Beef Co., boxed beef is now a main entrée for contemporary people. The business sells meat in bulk and exports it to other countries. 

About a dozen processing and distribution facilities make up its business. With the majority of its products coming from Colorado, the company sells beef, hogs, veal, and lamb under the names Angus Ranch, Bridgewater Farms, New Generation, and Cedar Creek. Colorado Boxed Beef also sells cheese, chicken, fish, and other fresh, frozen, and dry goods in addition to beef.

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In addition to cruise ship companies and the US military, it provides services to shops, food service providers, restaurant chains, and lodging establishments. Richard and Edith Saterbo launched the family-run company in 1975.

What does colorado beef company do?

They are able to deliver any product in the meat, deli, seafood, specialty, or packaged meat categories thanks to our vendor partners, which range from the biggest protein supplier in the world to small family-owned specialist craft processors. they take pleasure in customizing their services to meet your individual demands.

Richard (Dick) Saterbo created Colorado Boxed Beef Co. in 1975. The privately held business is run by approximately 440 devoted team members, including Co-Chairmen Bryan Saterbo and John Saterbo, President and CEO John Rattigan, and Co-Chairman John Saterbo. 

The greatest Purchasing, Sales, Marketing, Distribution, and Logistics Solutions in the market are CBBC’s areas of expertise. Their customers are their first concern. The commodity markets, particularly those for beef, pork, poultry, lamb, veal, seafood, cheese, lunch meat, and a range of fresh, frozen, and dry goods, regard us as market leaders. supplying our customers with food products and other things on schedule and with the integrity they want.

Is colorado boxed beef a good career path?

yes. With more than 6,000 dispatches each week, their priority is giving every client the greatest level of service.  Colorado Boxed Beef Company’s typical employee earns $38,276 annually. Colorado Boxed Beef Company, a small hospitality business with only 400 workers and a $707.3M yearly revenue, is based in Florida.

their promise to always provide the highest-quality products and services; however, in order to provide quality and perfection, we continuously explore advancements in the products, services, and technology they utilize. 

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The causes of their growth are their employees, their community investments, and their dedication to transparent and ethical business practices.

Salary Breakdown for Colorado Boxed Beef Company

Depending on the division or organizational function they work in, Colorado Boxed Beef Company employees are paid differently. With an average yearly salary of $49,172, workers in the accounting organizational function are likewise compensated well. The warehousing and customer service departments at Colorado Boxed Beef Company have the lowest salaries. These departments pay their employees $34,205 and $34,329, respectively.

  • Diver $70,000 per year
  • Grocery Merchandiser $32,404 per year
  • Checker     $67,626 per year
  • Meat Cutter $42,018 per year
  • Inventory Manager  $49,870 per year
  • Transport Manager $54,774 per year
  • Logistic Coordinator $44,853 per year
  • Lead Dispatcher $24,477per year
  • Dispatcher $61,448 per year
  • purchasing specialist $52,441 per year
  • Maintenance Technician $42,432 per year
  • Accounts Specialist $40,323 per year
  • Accounts Payable Clerk $39,581 per year
  • Manager $88,999 per year
  • Shipping And Receiving Supervisor $37,646 per year
  • Customer Relations Specialist $37,223 per year
  • Warehouse keeper $35,956 per year
  • Order Selector $35,791 per year
  • Administrative Assistant $35,307 per year
  • Load Planner $34,872 per year
  • Shift Leader $34,155 per year


Is Colorado Boxed Beef Company’s pay competitive?

Yes, Colorado Boxed Beef Company pays well. The average yearly compensation at Colorado Boxed Beef Company is $38,276, which is 3.36% more than the $37,033 industry average.

What Does Colorado Boxed Beef Company’s Starting Pay Look Like?

At Colorado Boxed Beef Company, the beginning salary is $22,000 per year or $10.58 per hour.

How Much Does Mackey’s Seafood And Meats Pay In Comparison To Colorado Boxed Beef Company?

Compared to Mackey’s Seafood and Meats, which pays $43,779 a year on average, Colorado Boxed Beef Company only pays $38,276. At Colorado Boxed Beef Company, that equates to $18.40 per hour, while Mackey’s Seafood and Meats charge $21.05.

How do I apply for a position with Colorado Boxed Beef?

Browse the available openings at Colorado Boxed Beef and apply for one that’s local to you to get a job there. Once you receive a favorable response, be sure to learn more about Colorado Boxed Beef’s interview procedure and get ready for challenging questions.

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