Is Auto Manufacturing A Good Career Path?

The world’s second-largest and fastest-growing market is quickly becoming the auto manufacturing industry. Just under 10 million people nationwide work for the auto industry. Jobs in the auto manufacturing industry can be financially rewarding, creative, and very fulfilling, especially for people who like working with cars.

What is the Auto manufacturing industry?

You may be wondering: What do people working in auto manufacturing do?

The automotive industry is made up of many different kinds of businesses and organizations that plan, design, build, market, and sell cars, trucks, and their parts.

By revenue, it is among the greatest sectors in the world. Additionally, it is the sector where companies spend the most on R&D (Research and Development).

Is auto manufacturing a good career path?

Yes, the auto manufacturing industry is a good career path. Employment in the automobile industry is lucrative and in limited supply. There seem to be 75,000+ job opportunities in the US, a $42,000 median wage, and a 5%–9% job growth forecast for the following three years. So now is the ideal moment to pursue a career as an automobile technician.

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High paying jobs in auto manufacturing industry

What is the highest paying job in the automotive industry? Let’s take a look at the most earning positions in the auto manufacturing job industry.

1. General Manager of a dealership

General managers (GMs) of dealerships are in charge of managing all of the many departments inside the dealership. Salary range: $52,000 to $151,000 annually.

2. General Sales Manager 

An automotive general sales manager’s duties include managing the sales department or team at a car dealership. Range of salaries: $101,000 to $176,500 annually

3. Automotive Service Director

 At a car dealership or a retailer of auto components, the automotive service director oversees the service division. The service director might be able to identify a vehicle’s mechanical requirements. $122,500 to $163,000 per year in salary

4. Dimensional Engineer

A dimensional engineer employs statistical analysis to assist in the design of new or upgraded industrial processes in the manufacturing industries, principally the car industry. You’re responsible for creating parts for the assembly procedure to boost output. $75,500-$93,500 per year in salary

5. Diesel Engineer

A diesel engineer’s or mechanic’s responsibilities include maintaining, repairing, and inspecting diesel engines. They look at the parts and system equipment and run diagnostics on the engines to figure out what maintenance the vehicle needs. Payscale: $60,500–$93,500 per year

6. Powertrain Engineer

In the automotive sector, a powertrain engineer creates vehicles including cars, motorcycles, and commercial trucks. You concentrate on the appearance and technical performance of powertrain components in this line of work. range of wages: $71,500 to $92,500 annually

7. General Manager

Automotive general managers supervise numerous departments at auto dealerships to maintain the business’s profitability. In this position, you are in charge of the sales, service, and parts departments. Payscale: $60,000-$162,500 annually.

8. Automobile sales advisor

Since they are the ones interacting with clients, car sales consultants serve as the public face of an auto dealership. Customers’ needs must be considered while choosing the ideal vehicle, according to car sales consultants. Salary: $39,500 to $100,000 annually

9. Collision Center Manager

An automobile accident repair facility is led and managed by a collision center manager, who also ensures that overall customer objectives are met. You have tasks that include inspecting accident-damaged vehicles at the auto body shop. range of annual salaries: $67,500 to $96,000.

10. Used Car Manager 

A used automobile manager is responsible for overseeing the used car section. The pricing of each vehicle is typically one of your duties, along with inventory management for the automobile industry. range of salaries: $100,000 to $145,500 annually

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Manufacturing Industry

Has the automotive sector a future?

Prospects in the automotive sector appear to be almost limitless. But in the long run, electrification and connectivity are likely to help the auto industry move forward even more. Technology and changes in policy are the key forces behind these movements.

Will the auto sector be in trouble in 2023 and beyond?

The global automotive industry faced many obstacles in 2022, including high-interest rates, supply chain issues, and recessionary anxieties. It’s unlikely that such problems will be fixed right away.

Is automotive engineering in demand?

In the coming years, there will be 35.45 percent more jobs available nationwide, growing at an average rate of 2.22 percent annually. Automotive engineers should be able to find 34,750 new jobs by 2029, which shows that demand is going up.

What will the state of the automotive industry be in 2030?

In 2030, the percentage of electrified vehicles sold could range from 10% to 50%. The rate of adoption will be highest in developed, heavily populated areas with strict emission regulations and benefits for consumers. 

Is working in the car sector stressful?

Although it may not seem so, there is a strong correlation between the auto sector and bad mental health. The tasks in the car sector are among the most time-consuming and stress-intensive.


Employment in the automotive sector can help you learn new skills, offer you the chance to work in a cutting-edge setting with long-term job stability, and offer pay and benefits that are competitive

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