How Much Does Lizzo Weigh?

It is believed that Lizzo weighs 118 kilograms (260 lbs). She is most known for her work in the plus-size industry.

Lizzo is an American singer, rapper, and flutist who was born Melissa Viviane Jefferson. She is known for her unique sound and empowering message of self-love and body positivity. One topic that has been of interest to many of her fans is her weight, and in this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how much Lizzo weighs as well as what she has to say about body image and weight in general.

First, let’s address the question of Lizzo’s weight. The singer has been open about her size in the past and has often spoken out about the importance of loving and accepting one’s body, regardless of its size. However, she has never publicly disclosed her exact weight.

It’s worth noting that weight can be a sensitive subject for many people and shouldn’t be used to define someone, which Lizzo has been vocal about.

How big is Lizzo in photo?


Instead of talking about weight, Lizzo often focuses on promoting body positivity and self-love, encouraging her fans to celebrate their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. She has often used her platform to speak out against the societal pressure to conform to a certain body type and to advocate for self-acceptance.

In an interview with NPR, Lizzo said, “I just want people to love themselves no matter what size they are. And I just want people to know that my body type is just as worthy as the next person’s and that it’s not just about what you look like on the outside, but it’s also about how you feel on the inside.”

Lizzo also often shares photos and videos of herself on social media, showing off her curves and proving that you can be happy and healthy at any size. She regularly shares her fitness journey and routine with her fans, encouraging them to focus on self-care, rather than societal expectations.


Lizzo’s weight was not publicly disclosed by her, it’s not the point of her message, what Lizzo wants to convey is the idea of self-love and body positivity.

Honestly, she encourages everyone to love their bodies and feel confident in their own skin. Lizzo, by embracing her body size, and being vocal about her journey, she is helping to break down the societal norms of what beauty should look like and promoting body inclusivity.

She also encourages her fans to focus on self-care and being healthy, regardless of what that looks like for each individual.

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