Who Is The Poorest Person In The World?

Who is the poorest man in the world? Jérôme Kerviel is a man who is known as the poorest person in the world. Of the 689 million people who survive in extreme poverty on $1.90 or less per day, he is the poorest.

The €4.9 billion trading loss at Société Générale was caused by a French rogue trader named Jérôme Kerviel. In 2008, he was found guilty of breach of ethics, forgery, and unauthorized use of the bank’s systems and sent to prison.

In spite of the fact that there are many people competing for the same limited resources, calculated debt shows that Jerome Kerviel is the person who is truly the poorest person in the world.

Jerome Kerviel’s Biography And Facts

Jerome Kerviel is the poorest person on earth. His hometown was Pont-l’Abbé in Brittany. His father Charles worked as a blacksmith, and his mother Marie-Josée was previously a hairstylist. His older sibling’s name is Olivier. Kerviel and his wife separated in 2008 despite the fact that they were young lovers.

To prepare students for middle and back office positions in the trading divisions of financial organizations, the university’s finance program was established in the 1990s with assistance from France’s major banks.

With an emphasis on the management of financial markets, Kerviel graduated with a Master of Finance in 2000 from Lumière University Lyon 2. He had previously graduated from the University of Nantes with a bachelor’s in finance.

The poorest man in the world has abandoned his pursuit of wealth due to his transformation into the most dreadful example of a rich man who has become poor. Extremely unexpected and terrifying are both ways to describe Jerome Kerviel’s experience. 

Many people are baffled by the possibility that a billionaire could have lost all of their wealth at once. According to Gisèle Reynaud, Kerviel’s former professor at Lyon, “Kerviel was a genus student when compared to the others, a young star, and he didn’t differentiate himself from the rest.”

Thierry Mavic, the mayor of Pont l’Abbé, advised Kerviel to run for a position on the town council with the Union for a Popular Movement in 2001.

How did Jerome Kerviel become the poorest person in the world?

The majority of individuals believe that the reason the poorest person in the world is struggling is due to the harm he caused. He has debts of $6.3 billion after engaging in shady dealings, forgeries, and illegal contracts worth $73 billion. 

As a result, Jerome Kerviel has the highest level of debt, making him the poorest person in the world. The former Societe Generale trader was sentenced to three years in prison after turning himself in to French authorities.

How It All Started

The Delta One division of Jerome Kerviel’s bank, which deals in index futures, swaps, ETFs, program trading, and quantitative trading, employed him as a junior trader in 2005.

The Bank of France’s Governor, Christian Noyer, praised and dubbed him a “Computer Genius.” On the other hand, he acted rashly when using his computer skills to hack computers and commit $73 billion worth of illegal activities.

On the other hand, Jerome Kerviel paid US$7.2 billion to Societe Generale (SocGen) on January 9, 2008, to buy a stock index futures position with a value of US$73 billion. On January 19, 2008, his managers discovered illicit trading associated with him.

The world’s poorest man was using these enormous sums of money to engage in arbitrage trading, which involves making money when two stocks trade at different prices when they should be at the same price.

By the time the trick was discovered, he had racked up significant wins and losses. Having a $6.3 billion debt to the bank, he is unable to pay it in full.

How The World’s Poorest Man Was Arrested

According to reports, the world’s poorest man surrendered to French investigators in 2015 to begin a three-year prison sentence. On the evening that Jerome Kerviel turned himself to the Menton police, he was surrounded by a crowd of reporters and admirers.

Despite the fact that he admitted to engaging in illegal trading, he maintains that the bank ignored him when things were going well but took action against him when they weren’t. 

According to SocGen’s internal investigation, bank officials disregarded dozens of alarms regarding Kerviel’s behavior. Following a series of resignations, however, no further accusations were made.

His return home also serves as a sort of climax to a story that began with significant illegal trades just before the financial crisis and progressed to include a pilgrimage and a meeting with the pope.

What is Jerome Kerviel’s net worth?

How much money does the poorest person in the world have? With a net worth of -$6.7 billion, Jerome Kerviel is the poorest person in the world. If his debts to the French bank Societe Generale for dishonest trading were assets, Kerviel would have been one of the top 50 richest people in America.

Despite the fact that these transactions were quite small, Kerviel “began creating the false trades in late 2006 and early 2007,” according to SocGen. Kerviel was entrusted with determining disparities between the values of equity derivatives and cash equities.

SocGen sold these positions over the course of three trading days starting on January 21, 2008, causing the market’s equity indices to drop sharply. The ensuing losses are estimated to be €4.9 billion ($7 billion).


Despite the fact that the charges against him carry a maximum sentence of three years in prison, he was only imprisoned for less than five months before being let go on September 8, 2014. He works as an IT consultant at Lemaire’s consulting company right now.

The world’s poorest individual may be required to contribute a portion of his income to a bank for the rest of his life, but due to his massive debt, he will never, ever be able to finish paying.

however when contrasted with the plight of children in Asia, the Congo, or Cambodia. Neither adults nor children are immune to homelessness. people without access to shelter, clothing, food, or water who subsist on $1 per day.

Jerome Kerviel will never go without food, clothing, shelter, or water, so if you asked them if they would swap places with him, they would undoubtedly say yes.

Jerome Kerviel amassed more wealth in a single year than whole nations and regions will ever have. But he also has unpaid debts that he will never be able to pay off. Jerome Kerviel is the world’s poorest person, according to official records, but there are still billions of people who cannot afford even the most basic necessities.

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