10 Highest Paying Part-Time Summer Jobs

The warmest time of year is in the summer. They are the months of June, July, and August. In addition to tanning, wearing adorable sundresses, and letting the sand run through your toes, you’ll want to make money while enjoying the best summer of your life. What better way to do this than to look for a part-time summer job that pays well?

No matter what level of education you have, there are many summer jobs that might be perfect for you. There’s a job for everyone, both adults and young adults, whether you are already employed or simply looking to make some extra money over the summer. The question is, what are the highest-paying part-time summer jobs?

This article will answer the question and provide you with salary information for the jobs listed. 

The Benefits of Summer Jobs 

  • Having a summer job can improve a variety of habits and skills that can be used throughout a career.
  • Time management abilities and networking capacity are two skills that a summer job may help you develop.
  • You get the chance to fully comprehend what particular roles entail in various industries. While you discover your strengths and potential career paths. Once you graduate, this will help direct your job search.
  • Employers are constantly seeking applicants who will require few training sessions. Your competitive edge comes from references. Ask for references from supervisors with whom you have a close relationship or colleagues with whom you have received training, or even a direct report if you have held a supervisory position. This will ensure that you have a solid pool of references to draw from once you begin your job search after graduation.
  • A teen’s confidence may be boosted by landing a summer job because it will allow them to experience success during the application, training, and working processes.

10 highest paying part-time jobs

1. Lifeguard: 

Lifeguards are expert swimmers who can perform quick water rescues, instruct patrons on water safety, and, if necessary, maintain order. Summer is the busiest season for the local pools. So, a lifeguard job is one of the best and easiest ways to make money during the summer.

A lifeguard typically makes $11.44 per hour

2. Bartender: 

Bartenders interact directly with customers, by blending and handing out drink orders. They are in charge of making sure customers are of legal age, knowing how to pair and taste the alcohol, making traditional but classy drinks, greeting customers, finding out what they like, answering questions, suggesting menu items, collecting payments, controlling inventory, keeping bar supplies stocked, making and serving drinks and meals, and making sure customers are happy.

A bartender makes $12.74 an hour.

3. Event planner: 

Often known as “convention and meeting planners,” they choose the sites for these events and work with caterers, performers, and other vendors to ensure everything runs smoothly. An event planner organizes the details of the event and ensures that everyone has a wonderful time. They might also make travel and accommodation arrangements for attendees.

An Event planner earns $20.69 an hour.

4. Construction worker: 

In addition to moving building materials by hand, construction workers use heavy machinery, power tools, and hand tools. Depending on the business and industry they work for, construction workers may have a variety of tasks and obligations. Assisting on building sites, unloading and loading goods, mixing and pouring materials like concrete, helping with drilling, and other tasks are some of their responsibilities.

A construction worker makes $18.63 an hour. 

5. Tutor:

A tutor is a person who offers aid or guidance to one or more people on particular topic areas or skills. This person is also known as an academic tutor. From June to August, when schools are off, a summer tutor teaches students. While assisting a specific student or group of students in remembering what they learned the previous year, you also prepare them for the classes they will take the following year, or work with them on skills they typically find difficult.

A tutor makes $19.36 an hour.

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6. Virtual assistant: 

A virtual assistant is a person who works from a remote location, usually their home office, to help customers with administrative tasks. A virtual assistant’s duties can include monitoring email accounts, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, and managing social media.

A virtual assistant makes $21 per hour

7. Fitness instructor : 

The fitness instructor will train or coach individuals, teams, or groups in exercise activities, display proper form and techniques, monitor participants’ performance, and explain to them how to develop their skills. This is a good summer job. 

A fitness instructor makes $20 per hour.

8. Tour guide: 

Tour guides are in charge of guiding groups through various sites, attractions, and activities. They give a detailed account of the sights they pass while traveling, frequently including historical or cultural context to enhance the experience of the tourists.

A Tour guide makes $15.54 per hour

9. Camp counselors:

You will plan and oversee camp activities in your capacity as a camp counselor. Also, you’ll keep an eye out for any events, behavioral issues, or accidents that might arise while the camp is open and assess them. It is crucial to make sure campers have a good time and an unforgettable experience. 

Tennis, golf, hiking, bicycling, bowling, scavenger hunts, yoga, gymnastics, dance and music, theater, arts and crafts, and other activities may be available to summer camp counselors.

A camp counselor makes $11.38 an hour. 

10. Customer service representative:

Customer service representatives provide excellent customer care by responding to inquiries, managing returns and exchanges, and handling other customer service-related tasks. They’re in particularly high demand right now, and lots of businesses provide part-time work-from-home opportunities for people who can’t or don’t want to commute to an office every day.

Customer service representative earns $ 17.75 an hour. 


Summertime is a great time to earn some extra money, learn important life lessons about responsibility and hard work, and enjoy some summertime romance.

We hope that this article has aided you in selecting the job that is best for you. The jobs mentioned above provide flexible work options, including part-time schedules and flexible hours.

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