How To Find Landscaping Jobs Near Me

Landscapers carry out some outside jobs on and in landscapes. They may work in rural settings, such as state parks or other green areas, or in our urban green spaces, which include both public and private property. They must be healthy and strong because their employment requires a lot of physical exertion. 

Their duties range from planting and weeding to setting up water features, changing the slope of the land, making drainage improvements, laying new turf or paving, and other enhancements and regular upkeep. 

They will have comparable but distinct functions from foresters. They must understand how to operate specific equipment safely. Workers might have to use a chainsaw and other dangerous tools to cut down fallen trees and clear away thick vegetation.

Other typical tools include leaf blowers, mattocks, trowels, shovels, and spades. They occasionally work with landscape architects or designers, performing manual labor under their direction.

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Due to their ability to change, they can work almost anywhere, including state parks, state conservation sites, historic homes, and door-to-door service in residential areas. Landscapers are usually in demand during certain times of the year. For example, independent contractors who work for homeowners usually have more work during the warmer months than during the winter months.

What Does a Landscaper Make on Average?

A low-paying vocational occupation is landscaping. These specialists had a median pay of $32,220, which places them in the larger BLS category of grounds maintenance employees. Depending on the level of specialized talents, there is regional diversity and a range of pay.

Careers & Job Descriptions in Landscaping

A landscaper is in charge of improving the curb appeal of residences and businesses as well as doing routine upkeep on the outside areas at some locations, including golf courses, public spaces, and retirement homes. The following are the competencies needed for this position:

  • Ability to operate both independently and as a valuable team member
  • Capability to follow instructions and report to a supervisor
  • Go to different places and work at a range of job sites
  • The capacity to operate landscape tools including chainsaws, leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and snow blowers as needed to complete jobs
  • Exposure to harsh weather, temperatures, and environmental factors like dust, grit, and noise

Landscaping crew leaders or managers need the following skills.

  • Possess a landscaping diploma 
  • Have a lot of experience working in landscaping
  • Control a group of landscapers
  • As work is completed, advise the landscaping crew and make suggestions for the work plans.
  • Oversee landscaping projects to ensure they are completed on time and to the set goals.
  • Create landscape plans for construction sites.
  • Create spending plans for landscaping ideas.
  • Able to effectively communicate with clients and management to propose landscaping concepts and budgets
  • Verify that safety procedures are being followed by the work crews and that personal protective equipment is present and functioning properly.
  • Possess an understanding of numerous methods and ideas for landscaping and hardscaping

How Popular Are Landscaper Jobs?

Between 2020 and 2030, there will be an 8% growth in the need for people in this position. This represents the national average for all jobs. It is anticipated to remain steady because green spaces, whether they are owned by businesses, households, the government, or the public, will always need upkeep. 

Anyone healthy and fit can work in the position due to the low pay and lack of qualifications required for it. People will always require help mowing their lawns, sweeping their roads, and maintaining clear public walkways and other areas free of weeds. Green area maintenance will always be necessary for commercial buildings.

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Tips to find landscaping jobs near me

1. Check companies website

Websites of local landscaping companies should be checked to determine if any positions are available in the career or jobs section.

2. Ask for recommendations

See whether your friends, relatives, and acquaintances are aware of any work vacancies in landscaping near you.

3. Visit nearby landscaping businesses

Stop by nearby landscaping businesses in person and ask if they have any job openings. In case they have any upcoming job openings, provide your contact information.

4. Hiring firm

Ask around staffing firms to see if they have any openings for landscaping jobs. Then provide your contact and details so that they can match you with an opening.

5. Use social media platform

Numerous landscaping businesses post job openings on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. On these networks, you can look for jobs doing landscaping.

6. Websites for job searches

 To find landscaping opportunities in your area, use websites for job searches like Indeed, Glassdoor, Hired, and LinkedIn. To discover relevant job ads, enter your location and the kind of position you’re looking for.


When designing landscapes, putting ideas into practice, and working with clients, landscapers learn a variety of skills that are useful to them. While certain talents are specific to the occupation, some are transferable to other jobs or roles.

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