How To Get Weed Smell Out Of Car

The smell of weed is no different from any other odor. It is easy to attach to your clothing, furniture, and car interiors. You must have hit a blunt or taken a few puffs, but you’re wondering how to get rid of the scent so no one knows you smoked. Maybe someone has smoked pot in your car, and you don’t want to drive around with that smell, or you probably just want your car to smell good again. 

But before we go into that, you should never drive a car while high, even if you’re slightly high after taking a few puffs. According to a study done by McGill University in Canada, one should wait at least five hours after smoking weed before driving. Other studies say the time could be between four and six hours. 

Regardless of what your state’s laws require, driving when high is extremely risky and can result in an accident.

There are many quick and easy methods to use to get rid of the weed stench in your car, and in this article, you will find out just how to go about the situation.

This is how you can get the weed smell out of the car

1. Intense cleaning:

The easiest way to get rid of the cannabis smell from your car is to give it a thorough cleaning. By shampooing your carpets or washing your hard surface doormats, as well as by scrubbing your leather or cloth seats and the dashboard to get rid of any stains or odors. By doing this, you can eliminate the odor and enjoy the smell of a brand-new car.

2. Use an Odor Eliminator spray: 

Ever thought odor eliminator sprays are not useful? To remove the cannabis smell from your car, you will need this chemical to do the work. Instead of just temporarily masking the smell, use an odor-neutralizing spray to completely get rid of the smell. However, take caution when shopping as the majority of these items are highly toxic and packed with chemicals that can be extremely harmful to people.

3. Let the Air In:

To eliminate the smell of the weed, open the windows and leave them open for as long as you can. Weed smells disappear in a cool breeze. Even if you have weed hidden in your car, doing this will let the air in, and as the air circulates over the car interiors, the smell gradually escapes. So leave the car windows open and see whether the odor goes away, or you can drive with the windows open too. 

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4. Clean your air vent: 

You either slide a replacement filter designed for your vehicle into the slot or remove the old one. Or you clean the air vent. You’d be surprised at how much dust and other odor-causing dirt your filter accumulates over time. Simply clean it up and reposition it. To mask the smell, you can hang an air freshener from your rearview mirror or clip one to your vents.

5. Use Air Freshener: 

Try masking the smell with an air freshener to see if that works first before running out to buy a new product or starting a major odor removal project. Use an air freshener to help spread throughout the interior of your car, and then turn on the fan. Simply plug it into your heating vents or the AC.

6. An Oil diffuser: 

Diffusers can hide the smell of weed by dispersing molecules of essential oils. Put your preferred essential oil in the diffuser, attach it to your air vent, and turn on your fan. If you’re on a tight budget, putting fragrance or essential oils on cotton balls and putting them in cup holders is a good alternative that can also serve as an air freshener for the car. 

7. Use Baking Soda/Vinegar:

Many people are shocked to learn how well baking soda works to get rid of unpleasant odors. Due to its alkaline nature, baking soda can get rid of strong, acidic odors. Both baking soda and white vinegar can effectively remove odors. Simply sprinkle them on the car interiors, let them soak up the smell overnight, and then vacuum them up the following day. You can also spray the carpet, dashboard, and seats with vinegar and water. 

8. Activated charcoal: 

The smell of marijuana can be eliminated from your car using activated charcoal. You can just sprinkle some charcoal on your car’s cushions and seats and give it some time to soak in. Activated charcoal can absorb odors pretty quickly; the exact amount of time depends on how much you use. You can then vacuum up the charcoal.


Try to avoid smoking weed while driving, or if not driving, don’t smoke in your car. That way, you won’t have to put in extra effort to get rid of a weed smell. To keep weed from stinking up your car, keep it in an airtight container. Use one of the specialized anti-weed-smell sprays as a preventative measure before smoking. To ward off unpleasant odors of all kinds, replace the air filter in your car regularly, at least once every six months.

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