How To Find Housekeeping Jobs Near Me

Housekeeping includes all tasks related to sweeping, polishing, vacuuming, preserving order, eliminating garbage (such as paper and cardboard) from hotels and other properties, and keeping them free of various fire dangers. 

In the case of hotels, housekeeping duties include keeping the establishment in the finest possible condition with regard to cleanliness and maintaining a highly attractive ambiance. It necessitates paying close attention to small aspects like the design of the entire workspace, aisle marking, the suitability of storage options, and upkeep. An average housekeeper job is $49,000/yr although some hotels or homes might pay more.

Housekeeping’s goal

  • to maintain the house or hotel’s upscale interior design.
  • to handle the linen and washing.
  • to maintain all of the hotel’s furnishings, fittings, and fixtures.
  • must constantly keep the house or hotel’s general cleanliness up to par.
  • to carry out cleaning responsibilities in the best possible way.

The housekeeping staff’s workspace and division

In the hospitality sector, the housekeeping department is in charge of maintaining cleanliness in the following locations:

  • Public spaces such as the lobby and elevators
  • Admin & Sales Offices
  • Conference & Banquet Facilities
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Guests’ restrooms
  • a laundry room
  • Rooms for uniforms, linens, and tailoring
  • Cleaning supply stores Parking Garden Room

The hospitality industry classification of housekeeping employees: The overall layout of housekeeping staff is as follows:

  • Executive maid/housekeeping supervisor
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Room Attendants/Housekeeping Staff

Executive Housekeeper: 

The Executive Housekeeper is in charge of the cleaning crew. He is subordinate to the housekeeping supervisor. Their obligations include:

  • handling staff training, promotions, and transfers, as well as performance evaluation.
  • ensuring the hotel’s general comfort, sanitary conditions, and ambiance.
  • keeping an eye on hotel equipment and property.
  • Prepare floral displays for events.
  • Educating new hires and inspiring current workers.
  • keeping regular track of guest property and supplies.
  • presenting the hotel’s general manager with an estimate of the necessary budget.

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Housekeeping Supervisor: 

The assistant housekeeper is subordinate to the supervisors. Their roles and obligations each bear include…

  • Manager of the linen room:
  • inspecting the linen that the tailor had fixed.
  • suggesting alternatives to linen
  • sending the laundry after inspecting the linen.

Skills and Characteristics of Housekeeping Staff:

  • Speak clearly and with a voice that is noticeable but not too high.
  • Possess a tidy and appealing appearance.
  • Have excellent personal hygiene and keep yourself well-groomed.
  • Speak in a cordial but genuine manner.
  • They behave in a collaborative manner.
  • possess the ability to hold onto and pursue the guest’s demand until it is met.
  • Each hotel visitor should be treated with respect. They must act in a poised and respectful manner.
  • When talking with the hotel guests, make sure to make nice eye contact.
  • Put the team first.
  • Be a good listener to prevent misunderstandings.
  • Put the team first.
  • Be truthful and in good health.

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Housekeeping jobs titles and descriptions

1. Hotel Housekeeping Supervisor

To offer our hotel guests outstanding hygienic care and customer service, we are employing a housekeeping manager. You’ll be in charge of overseeing the housekeeping team, making sure everyone meets our high expectations for performance, and ensuring that the cleaning supplies are always available in the housekeeping area.

2. Full-time Housekeeper

A full-time Housekeeper is needed by Sodexo at the British Airways lounge at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. The Environmental Care Worker is permitted to work anywhere on the client’s property. This person maintains the cleanliness and orderliness of buildings or sites in the commercial, healthcare, educational, or other sectors of the enterprises. However, Sodexo may specify additional duties for the role.

3. MaidPro Lombard and MaidPro Roselle Housekeeper Jobs

Searching right now for a fantastic job? Vacancies at MaidPro Lombard and MaidPro Roselle! We provide home service in Lombard. Our business has a wonderful culture where everyone is recognized and valued. if you enjoy cleaning (no prior cleaning experience necessary. We practice! dependable and diligent. Excellent, professional, and upbeat attitude

4. Housekeeper jobs at Maid Brigade

We Make Our People Shine at Maid Brigade. Join our welcoming team of upbeat individuals that provide excellent service to our consumers in the neighborhood. Your responsibilities as a part of our housekeeping teams will include interior house cleaning, which will not only make clients’ homes cleaner but also nicer places to live.

5. Housekeeper at Hyatt Inc

The appointed housekeeper is in charge of keeping the assigned guest rooms clean. The capacity to interact with visitors and previous cleaning expertise is preferred. After having finished 90 days of employment, the new hire will get $500, and after successfully executing 180 days of employment, they will receive the remaining $500.

6. The housekeeping manager at Aimbridge Hospitality

The Housekeeping Manager is in charge of overseeing the complete Housekeeping Department, including rooms, front/back of house public areas, and laundry, and making sure that it runs efficiently and in compliance with Aimbridge Hospitality standards. Exempt colleagues are expected to put in as much time at work each day as is required to finish their tasks.

7. Executive maid at Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC. 

With over 900 hotels around the country, HSS Hospitality Staffing Solutions is acknowledged as the biggest national hospitality staffing organization today. The finest hotel brands in the industry have trusted and respected HSS because of our dedication to providing high-quality service to clients in the hospitality industry. An Executive Housekeeper (EH) is needed by HSS right now for our operation in the Chicago, Illinois, area.

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