How To Pass WAEC In One Sitting – Trusted Tips

It is always the wish of every student to write and make A’s in WAEC, but unfortunately, many people still fail their WAEC exams.

The rate at which people fail their WAEC exams are beginning to give us serious concern and that’s why we are here to share with everyone the most trusted tips on how to write and make WAEC in one sitting.

Today in this article, we are going to unveil ways you can use to write and pass WAEC exams without stress. We wish to also let you know at this point in time that this post is not about how to cheat in WAEC exams and make good grades.

If that’s what you are looking for, you might have to stop here lol! Continue reading if you want to learn how to pass WAEC without cheating.

Every single tip contained in the post is well cooked to help every student study hard and pass their WAEC exams.

What is WAEC?

We don’t want to assume you already know what WAEC is, we shall explain in detail the meaning of WAEC.

WAEC stands for West African Examination Council, this is a standard body conducting exams for Senior Secondary Schools including the Junior sections too.

WAEC is considered to be one of the compulsory exams one has to pass before entering the tertiary institution. Candidates who fail WAEC are also allowed to rewrite it so they can obtain a good WAEC certificate.

WAEC results/certificates are considered eligible for admission into any tertiary institution in West Africa. WAEC exams usually take a couple of weeks to be completed after which the result is released and made available on the official WAEC website by the examination board.

Possible WAEC grades

WAEC grade students’ performances using the following categories:

  • The A series: A1 (Excellent)
  • The B series: B3 (Very good)
  • The C series: C4, C5, C6 (Credit)
  • The D series: D7 (Pass)
  • The E series: E8 (Pass)
  • The F series: F9 (Failed)

From the WAEC grades above, the A series to C series are accepted by many institutions for major subjects/courses where form the D series to F series are not considered eligible for admission less in cases where it is awarded to a subject that is not required for a particular course of study in the tertiary institution.

Here’s the brutal truth: Students with one sitting in WAEC are given priority over students with more than one sitting in WAEC, that is why it will interest you to learn these dependable tips to make good WAEC result in one sitting without cheating.

Examination malpractice in WAEC is a thing of the past, if you’re caught cheating, you will have to face the panel of judges against examination misconduct. This is not something you would like to experience, so keep reading to find out the best ways to write and pass WAEC exams once.

How To Pass WAEC Exams In One Sitting

1. Ask questions in the classroom

Don’t be shy to ask questions whenever there’s something not clear to you, we trust your teacher to be kind in explaining it in a way you will understand.

Asking questions in the classroom will help you understand the topic very well which if likely you see in WAEC, you will be able to answer it correctly without stress.

2. Engage in WAEC lessons

It is true that your school has qualified teachers who can handle WAEC subjects properly, there’s still a need to consider extra moral classes on WAEC where much attention is paid in solving WAEC past questions and attempting difficult mathematics that you probably was scared of.

3. Know your core WAEC subjects

Even if you should fail the WAEC exam, let it do not be on the core subjects that you need to gain admission into the university. Most tertiary institutions require that you have at least a credit score in 5 major subjects related to your area of study including the English language.

Pay attention to those subjects and study them very well, once you are able to apply all you have learned during the tutorials, you will be able to make your WAEC in one sitting.

Get outside the box Haven know your subjects, you can now focus on them, get the required materials needed to have a clear understanding of the subjects, and also read related textbooks. It will also interest you to know that studying textbooks from different authors also contributes to making you pass your WAEC exams once.

While studying different textbooks from different authors, you should not overlook the WAEC recommended textbooks too, they are very crucial in determining your exam success.

You can write a minimum of 7 subjects and a maximum of 9 subjects in WAEC, among which you are expected to at least score 5 credits in relevant subjects with the English Language inclusive.

4. Study WAEC past questions

According to research from past WAEC exams, it is seen that at least 45 – 60% of WAEC questions are repeated, the exam board is found repeating questions, the only difference to trick students is mixing past questions from different years.

Candidates who are familiar with such questions will make better grades in their WAEC exams and this will make them sit only once and come out with flying colors. We have a curation of WAEC past questions and answer for free, you can also download our WAEC past questions and answers on your phone if you have PDF reader app on your phone.

5. Find out when to read & memorize

Different things work for different people in a different way, knowing how your body system works in relation to studying for WAEC exams, will help you achieve a great score in WAEC.

6. Read for WAEC in a conducive place

We always recommend that candidates make use of the school library while studying for WAEC, but in cases where there’s no available school library for students, you should look for a calm place to read for your exams.

Studying under noise can affect the pace at which you understand what you are reading or make you unable to recall all you have read.

Remember to avoid sleeping while reading, using these effective tips on how to read without sleeping.

7. Get WAEC Syllabuses

Most students who are yet to sit for WAEC exams lack proper guides not knowing what is expected of them before and during exams, the WAEC syllabus is proper documentation to guide every student on what to pay attention to and what not to waste time on.

You can download WAEC syllabuses online for free and start being guided in the WAEC standards.

8. Avoid examination malpractice

You can make straight A’s in WAEC without cheating. Do not invest or spend your money trying to pay some scammers for the provision of WAEC answers a few hours to the exams, they call it WAEC exam solutions, help, and many other names.

Exam malpractice ruins, shun it, most students fail because of their dependencies on WAEC expo as they will always call it. Writing and passing WAEC isn’t as difficult as you think.

9. Don’t be afraid

Having a fear that you could fail your WAEC exam, will break you down. Believe in yourself, believe you can make straight a’s in WAEC.

Don’t be afraid, many other students have passed their WAEC exams using this guide, you shouldn’t have any fear since you already have this at your fingertip.

10. Don’t be late for exams

Getting to the exam center late can be frustrating as you could even be delayed further by the invigilator.

You already have your WAEC examination timetable with you, make sure you are keeping up with time, be there before time, and settle down to revise your books before the exam starts.


Passing the WAEC exam with straight a’s is possible to everyone, people who fail WAEC are actually people who fail to plan for their exams.

It is practically proven that students who make good use of this post always pass their WAEC exams in one sitting. We all know what it costs to register for WAEC exams, the stress and the number of days it takes to complete it, this is not something anyone would want to do the second time.

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