Best Paying Miscellaneous Jobs 2023

“Miscellaneous” or “odd jobs” are not your typical employment opportunities. However, they can offer high pay. If you’re looking to diversify your work experience or boost your savings, there are many options available, such as becoming an embalmer, undertaker, professional mourner, soil scientist, bed warmer, bingo manager, podiatrist, or even an online dating ghostwriter.

On average, miscellaneous jobs pay $60,200 per year. It’s important to note that these numbers are based on national averages. Actual salaries can vary depending on where you work, who you work for, and how much experience you have, among other things. Also, the jobs on this list aren’t all of them, but they are some of the best-paying jobs in the “other” category.

17 Best paying jobs in miscellaneous and their job descriptions

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These are jobs that most people wouldn’t want to get themselves into, but the salaries are high. There is usually no specific amount of payment; the salaries vary from one company to the next and are also dependent on the worker’s skills and experience.

Take a look at the examples of the most in-demand miscellaneous jobs below.

  1. Billboard Installers are responsible for erecting and maintaining large outdoor advertising signs. This job requires physical labor and may involve working at heights. It can pay well due to the skilled nature of the work and the potential danger involved.
  2. Algae Scientists study the biology, biochemistry, and cultivation of algae. Algae has many potential uses, including as a source of biofuels and food. This field is growing and can offer high pay for those with the right expertise.
  3. Elevator inspectors make sure that elevators and other systems that move people up and down are safe and follow government rules. Because this is a specialized job, you need to know about mechanical systems and safety codes to do it well.
  4. Hot Dog Cart Vendors operate street food carts and sell hot dogs, sausages, and other street food. This job can be physically demanding and requires a strong work ethic. Some vendors are able to earn a high income from the sales of their products.
  5. Content Creators develop and produce written, visual, or audio content for various platforms. This job can include writing blog posts, creating videos, or recording podcasts. It can pay well for those with strong writing, video, or audio production skills.
  6. Bingo Managers are responsible for overseeing the operation of bingo games. This job can involve managing staff, enforcing rules, and ensuring that the games are run smoothly. It can pay well due to the potential for high revenue from the games.
  7. Bereavement Coordinators provide support and assistance to the families of the deceased. This job requires compassion and strong communication skills. It can pay well due to the specialized nature of the work.
  8. Flavorists are scientists who create and develop flavors for food and beverages. This job requires knowledge of chemistry and taste science and can pay well for those with the right expertise.
  9. Embalmers prepare deceased bodies for funerals and burial. This job requires knowledge of anatomy and embalming techniques. It can pay well due to the specialized nature of the work.
  10. Soap Boilers create and manufacture soap using various ingredients and techniques. This job can be physically demanding and requires knowledge of chemical processes and safety protocols. It can pay well for those with the right skills and experience.
  11. Master Marijuana Extractors use specialized techniques to extract various compounds from marijuana plants. This job requires knowledge of chemistry and marijuana cultivation and can pay well for those with the right expertise.
  12. Crystallographers study the atomic and molecular structure of crystals. This job requires knowledge of physics and mathematics and can pay well for those with the right expertise.
  13. Costume Assistants work with costume designers and wardrobe supervisors to create, maintain, and organize costumes for theater, film, and television productions. This job requires creativity and attention to detail and can pay well for those with the right skills.
  14. Stenocaptioners produce captions for live events, such as news broadcasts and court proceedings. This job requires knowledge of stenography and captioning software, and can pay well for those with the right skills.
  15. Private Investigators gather information for clients through observation, interviews, and other means. This job requires strong analytical skills and the ability to work independently. It can pay well for those with the right experience and qualifications.
  16. Hearing Aid Specialists fit and adjust hearing aids for individuals with hearing loss. This job requires knowledge of audiology and hearing aid technology and can pay well for those with the right expertise.
  17. Braille Proofreaders review and proofread Braille documents to ensure that they are accurate and error-free. This job requires knowledge of Brailler.

The list of available miscellaneous jobs is endless, but we know that the top 17 will be satisfactory to you in getting started.

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How to apply for miscellaneous jobs

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  • Research potential employers: Look for companies or organizations that are hiring for miscellaneous positions near you.
  • Tailor your resume: Make sure your resume is specific to the type of miscellaneous job you are applying for. Highlight any relevant skills or experience you have.
  • Prepare a cover letter: Write a cover letter that highlights your qualifications and explains why you are a good fit for the position.
  • Submit your application: Submit your resume, cover letter, and any other required application materials to the employer.
  • Follow up: After submitting your application, follow up with the employer to ensure they received your application and to inquire about the status of the position.
  • Network: Reach out to people in your network who may know of any miscellaneous job opportunities or might be able to refer you to potential employers.
  • Look for online job postings: Many companies and organizations post job openings on their websites or on online job boards like LinkedIn, and Upwork.
  • Check with temp agencies: Temporary staffing agencies often have a variety of miscellaneous jobs available.
  • Utilize social media: Use social media platforms to find job opportunities and connect with potential employers.
  • Be open to different types of work: Be open to different types of miscellaneous jobs and industries. Be prepared to take on different roles and responsibilities.

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How to succeed as a miscellaneous worker

  • Be punctual and reliable: Show up on time and ready to work.
  • Be willing to learn: Be open to learning new skills and tasks.
  • Be adaptable: Be able to adjust to changing situations and work well under pressure.
  • Be a team player: Work well with others and be willing to help out where needed.
  • Be proactive: Take initiative and be self-motivated to complete tasks without being prompted.
  • Be organized: Keep a clean and organized work area.
  • Communicate effectively: Communicate clearly and effectively with supervisors and colleagues.
  • Be detail-oriented: Pay attention to details and follow instructions carefully.
  • Be safety conscious: Follow all safety protocols and procedures.
  • Be positive: Maintaining a positive attitude towards work and colleagues.

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