Is Massage Therapist A Good Career Path?

The majority of massage therapists—roughly 70%—are independent individuals. In this group below, 50% of them work at clients’ homes, places of business, or corporate settings. 25% work in the medical field, 24% work in spa sectors, and 29% work from home. 

In this article, you will learn if massage therapy is a good career path, the pros and cons involved in this sector, and the professional careers in massage therapy. 

Who is a massage therapist?

A massage therapist gives therapeutic massage to clients to increase circulation, and relaxation and reduce pain, tension, and Injuries. To help with treatments, massage therapists work along with other healthcare providers like chiropractors, doctors, physiotherapists, and psychologists. 

Is massage therapy a good career path? 

Massage therapy is a health care service that is more than massaging arms or legs. One who wants to be a massage therapist must have the desire to help people in recovering from various ailments and improve the client’s general wellness. For people looking for a rewarding job in the health sector, which is quickly growing and becoming more popular, a career in massage therapy will be a good shot. 

The demand for massage therapists is on the rise, they are extremely enjoyable. There are numerous possibilities for development, and you can choose the type of environment you want to work in. 

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Massage therapy is a good career path not just for the awesome rewards but also offers chances you being your boss, enabling a more flexible work schedule, less stress, and more earnings. 

The pros of being a massage therapist.


You can choose your own time and create your own schedule as a massage therapist. Most massage therapists have part-time jobs.

A massage therapist career will help you whether you’re young or going through a life change. A career in massage therapy can support you as you go to school, learn another job, or take time to explore your interests. 

You are well paid

You receive numerous job offers and earn a lot. It is possible to make lots of money working as a massage therapist. In the United States, a massage therapist makes an average hourly wage of $36.75.

Multiple areas of specialty 

Hotel chains constantly seek experienced therapists with licenses. You can work on cruise ships, and the pay is awesome. Spas and even hospitals. 


You have the right to choose your payment price. If you decide to work for yourself. For a one-hour session, massage therapists typically charge between $50 and $100 

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The Cons

The physical toll on your body

Having to work with your hands all hours. Overworking your body might cause physical burnout.

Inconsistent income

The job satisfaction rate is very high in massage therapy. The drawbacks of this job are that you may treat a variety of clients and patients, which implies that your pay may occasionally be inconsistent. 

You might deal with difficult clients

In this working environment, often you will get easygoing clients, difficult ones, and demanding clients. Most massage therapists find ways to overcome any difficulties with customers and still manage to build a fulfilling career. 

Professional careers in massage therapy.

Massage therapist: 

A massage therapist uses a range of therapeutic massage techniques to relieve clients’  aches and pains, promote relaxation or extend their range of motion. They can work in a variety of settings. With a salary of $73,905 per year.


They are in charge of diagnosing and treating patients with back or neck pain as well as other joint or muscle discomfort. Additionally, chiropractors can help their patients adopt a healthy lifestyle through yoga and exercise. 

Physical therapist: 

Physical therapists may work in schools, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities. They are responsible for treating patients who have physical illnesses or injuries, including arthritis, back pain, or stroke. 

Top ten states in the United States that pay massage therapists the most:

The average wage for massage therapists can vary widely based on the state in which you work, just like it does for most professions. 

We’ve examined and compiled a breakdown of the typical massage therapist salary by state in the United States using occupational data from the BLS

  1. Alaska’s average massage therapist salary: is $77,080
  1. Washington average massage therapist salary: $65,770
  1. Oregon average massage therapist salary: $62,130
  1. Hawaii average massage therapist salary: $59,770
  1. Massachusetts average massage therapist salary: $57,530
  1. Maine average massage therapist salary: $53,540
  1. New York average massage therapist salary: $52,700
  1. Nebraska average massage therapist salary: $52,320
  1. Texas average massage therapist salary: $51,790
  1. Idaho average massage therapist salary: $51,630

Faqs about career in massage therapy.

Where can a massage therapist work? 

Massage therapists can work in places like; 

  • Spas and resorts 
  • Hospitals 
  • Massage office 
  • Hotels 
  • Chiropractic offices 
  • Salons 
  • Office in home 
  • Physician clinics 
  • Fitness centers 

Is massage therapy a good career for a man?

Yes, the massage business is becoming to be viewed as a good career for men as it’s becoming a more popular and fulfilling career. Today a lot of males work in the massage industry, among them are men who practice at spas where therapeutic massage, facials, pedicures, and manicures go on.  

What is the public opinion of massage as a career? 

The general public opinion of massage has shifted from the idea that it is only a relaxing form of pleasure. Massage therapy today enjoys the respect it deserves as a useful healthcare profession as a result of an increase in the educational system for massage therapists. 

Do I need a license to work as a massage therapist?

Only a small number of States do not require a license or registration for massage therapists. You typically must complete several training hours which vary from state to state, to get a state license to practice as a massage therapist. 


Consider massage therapy. If you love helping people stay fit, your abilities will not only be in high demand, but you will also play a part in helping others heal from injuries, relieve stress, and stay in good health. This career path in massage therapy also has good earning potential and reliable employment. 

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