Top 10 Part Time Jobs In Canada For International Students

Why Work In Canada? With numerous part-time jobs for international students available in Canada, you have a wide range of employment opportunities to choose from. The Canadian government is also incredibly family-oriented and is focused on creating an environment where international students are able to adjust to life in the country.

Part-time jobs in Canada for international students will help you make the most of your valuable visa in Canada. You can use this opportunity to earn some money without jeopardizing your long-term goal, which is to study and get proper credentials.

Looking for a part-time job in Canada? We have part-time jobs from across the country listed below, from customer service to tutoring, and much more. Browse through our listing of part-time jobs for international students in Canada, and find one that suits your needs.

Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs In Canada For International Students

As an international student, you may find yourself requiring a part-time job whether it be to pay for living expenses or to supplement your income from your education program. A part-time job in Canada is a great way to gain experience in the Canadian workplace and can also provide you with valuable references and networking contacts that will prove useful in your career after the completion of your studies.

1. Tutoring


Tutoring has many benefits that are growing more and more appealing to students and those who want flexible schedules. Working online provides many benefits including -Make your own hours -Taking the jobs wherever you go -Working from home, saving on living expenses.

It’s easy to make a difference in the lives of others while supplementing your income by teaching English or other courses to students of all ages in a country or across the globe online.

Other than that, there are some other unique tutoring opportunities unique to international students that may be a great fit for someone who has a degree in a subject they enjoy teaching to others.

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