How To Find Driver Jobs Near Me In Uk

UK is one of the places popular for drivers’ jobs. So, how many temporary and part-time Driver jobs are available?

Due to the high demand for drivers in the United States, many people are interested in working as drivers. But are you worried that getting a driving job will require you to have certain experience? 

Although it is preferred, experience in the field is not a must. If you only have a valid permit to operate the required vehicle, you can still drive a truck and make a respectable living.

Here, we’ll go over a few strategies for getting a beginner’s license and starting your driving career. Let’s discuss these clear methods as well as the prerequisites and needs needed to begin with each of them.

First, you must obtain a driver’s license for the kind of vehicle you intend to use for delivery work. If you plan to use a light goods transport truck to make deliveries, you will need a regular driver’s license that is still valid. If you intend to drive a heavy-goods vehicle truck, however, you must have a commercial driver’s license.

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Once you have your license, you can begin doing the following to improve your chances of finding work as a delivery or truck driver without any prior experience:

1. Fill out a reservation application

Start submitting your applications to the eCommerce stores or haulage companies you’ve shortlisted. The goal of your endeavor should be to make money and advance your professional network. Since you may always switch to greater possibilities once you’ve gained experience as a truck or delivery driver.

Send your applications to the major players or mega carriers in the market. The market for delivery drivers is greatest among the major carriers. You might be able to secure the greatest trucking employment in your region or nation.

2. Submit applications for various delivery jobs.

If you had a commercial driver’s license, you undoubtedly planned to operate a tanker, tractor-trailer, or truck to complete your intricate delivery tasks and earn more money. But low-intensity deliveries also give you more options. You’ll be able to make decent money by taking on more driving gigs.

3. Look for a self-employed owner/operator.

You can hunt for a sole proprietor who takes on delivery driving assignments. If you’re fortunate enough, you’ll find one.

Given that they have already established a clientele, they can provide you with several driving assignments. All they’ll ask for is a current license and a spotless driving record. Due to their independence, they may require you to provide your own vehicle for the job.

4. Look for businesses that send delivery workers along with the vehicle.

Some businesses take on younger drivers but are hesitant to send them out on solo hauls. Therefore, they deploy rookie drivers in a team with experienced personnel to help and understand the entire procedure during the first several months of probation.

5. Do not limit yourself.

It’s possible that your first employment in the trucking or delivery industry won’t meet your needs or expectations. But without experience, it’s tough to get the job you want right away. There is no reason to be disheartened by it. The hardest part is just getting started. Your chances of getting your desired job will rise after you have the experience.

6. Enroll in apprenticeship schemes

After receiving a license, a delivery driver can enroll in an apprenticeship program. You are given a good stipend and on-the-job instruction by an experienced delivery driver. To train new drivers, certain delivery or trucking businesses also have apprenticeship programs.

You will be able to apply for all types of driving jobs once you have earned your apprenticeship qualification, which will improve your employment prospects.

7. Make use of job prospects offered by major companies.

Inexperienced drivers with basic qualifications and competitive pay scales rarely find employment. Some of these companies may require you to bring your own vehicle. People who want to drive delivery trucks for FedEx Ground, UPS, Purolator, and Amazon Flex can send in an application in case there are any openings. 

  • Transport driver

Transport drivers are in charge of driving passenger vans and tractor-trailers to transport people and cargo to their destinations. Their salary is $35,699 annually

  • Shuttle driver

Transporting large groups of people to a predetermined location is the responsibility of shuttle drivers. Driving multiple potential routes while following a schedule is part of this profession. Your earnings are $38,219 annually

  • Courier driver

The delivery of packages to the intended recipients is the responsibility of the courier drivers. They frequently finish their work by driving to homes, companies, and other sites to drop off products. annual salary: $42,481

  • Dump truck driver

At construction sites, dump truck drivers are in charge of operating trucks to transport materials for loading and unloading. Sand, dirt, or gravel are loaded and unloaded by these drivers using the equipment. $48,150 annual salary.

  • Parts driver

Components drivers are in charge of delivering and transporting parts to various locations, such as automobiles or construction equipment. annual salary: $48,638

  • Bus driver

Buses carrying a large number of passengers must be driven by bus drivers. Candidates may complete a bus driving course and get a corporate driver’s license in order to be hired. salary: $40,939 annually.

  • Taxi driver

Transporting customers within a city or urban area and to their destinations is the responsibility of taxi drivers. Taxi drivers may first acquire a certain license in order to attain the job. salary: $41,074 annually


If you want to work in a driving-related field, you have a lot of options. Many of these vocations entail swiftly transporting both people and things to their destinations. You may be able to select the employment that is the best fit for you by learning about the differences in the responsibilities and pay that different professions offer.

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