Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

If you want to become a natural gas distributor, this post is specially baked for you.

Natural gas distribution is an important part of the energy industry, and there are a number of job opportunities in this field. The average yearly salary for a distributor of natural gas workers is $89,661, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That being said, how many jobs are there in natural gas distribution, and should you try it?

A total of 8940 jobs, ranging from entry-level positions to managerial positions, are available in the distribution of natural gas. If you’re considering a career in natural gas distribution, this is an area where there is a high demand for qualified personnel, so now’s a wonderful time to get started.

What is natural gas distribution industry?

career in natural gas

The firms and organizations that handle the transportation, storage, and distribution of natural gas make up the natural gas distribution industry. This includes things like running and maintaining pipelines, selling and trading natural gas, and storing and moving it. 

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The sector is essential to the economy because it serves as a major conduit between natural gas producers, consumers, and consumer services. Having a reliable source of fuel for making electricity and other important things is also a big part of making sure the energy supply is secure.

Is Natural Gas Distribution A Good Career Path?

The distribution of natural gas is a rewarding career. Natural gas is a basic need for people because it is used to power many homes and businesses. There are a lot of high-paying career choices available in this field as well. When you experience some of the highest-paid positions in the natural gas distribution sector, you will be able to decide whether this is a good career path.

10 Highest paying jobs in natural gas distribution

1. Gas Service Managers ($135,018 – $173,553)

The management of the use and upkeep of gas service equipment falls under your purview as a gas service manager. This means being in charge of a group of people who work in gas service, making sure all the equipment is in good shape, and working with other sections to make sure the gas distribution system works well.

2. Gas technician ($43,460 – $90,740)

Gas technicians who work in natural gas distribution usually make between $43,460 and $90,740 per year. They are in charge of setting up, maintaining, and fixing gas pipelines and related machinery.

3. Plumbers and pipefitters ($36,700-$99,920)

Pipefitters and plumbers work in the natural gas distribution industry. Their job is to build and fix natural gas pipelines. They normally make $59,880 a year on average. Plumbers and pipefitters must be able to read and comprehend pipeline specifications and designs.

4. Boiler operators and stationary engineers ($44,260 – $100,690)

Natural gas distribution stationary engineers and boiler operators work in a range of sectors, including utility, production, and commercial and institutional buildings. They run and maintain equipment that produces and distributes steam from a power plant or electricity.

5. Cutters and Welder Fitters ($31,350 – $63,660)

The installation, upkeep, and repair of natural gas pipes are within the purview of welders, cutters, and welder fitters in the natural gas distribution industry. Additionally, they might work on building new pipelines.

6. Steamfitters and plumbers ($36,700 – $99,920)

In the natural gas distribution industry, pipelayers and steamfitters are in charge of putting in and taking care of natural gas pipelines. Usually, they operate in groups under the direction of a project director or foreman.

7. Machinery Maintenance Workers ($35,010 – $76,110)

In the natural gas distribution industry, maintenance workers are in charge of the piping systems that bring natural gas to homes and businesses. In addition to the meters and other machinery used to control the flow of gas, they also install and repair pipes.

8. Material Movers, Laborers ($23,560 – $46,930)

To keep things operating well, laborers and freight, stock, and material movers often perform a number of activities. They might maneuver products throughout storage facilities, load and unload trucks, or fix pipelines.

9. Forklift Operators ($23,560 – $46,930)

Operators of forklifts have to move and transport a lot of natural gas through pipelines. They frequently work for gas firms and may be in charge of running and caring for the machinery used to transport the gas.

10. Distribution expert ($24,000 to $52,000)

The distribution specialist is in charge of managing the natural gas distribution in a given region. This entails making sure that the gas is supplied to clients safely and working with other departments to guarantee sure that every step of the distribution process is going according to plan.


As an increasing number of people and organizations transition from using other sources of energy to utilizing this natural gas, more effective fuel is used hence the consumption of natural gas is constantly rising. The natural gas sector offers a wide range of professions and employment opportunities. 

Working in this field can be a wise career decision due to the high salaries offered for accessible roles as well as the hands-on experience this employment can provide. This indicates that there are many job openings in the distribution of natural gas. You can find a nice job in this profession if you have the appropriate education and experience.

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