Is Oilfield Services/Equipment A Good Career Path?

First, you need to know that oilfield services provide a variety of job options in the oil and gas industry. Experts in biology, engineering physics, and chemistry will do well in this field.  

This industry requires a variety of abilities and duties, their primary responsibility is operating machinery, from transporting drilling equipment to assisting with the setup of oilfield wellheads.

The term “oilfield services” refers to a wide range of businesses that all have a role in the efficient extraction of oil.

What are oilfield services/equipment? 

Oil services are the business that offers the equipment, knowledge, and assistance needed for extraction and other extraction-related things. They supply equipment and employ staff to use and maintain them while keeping the operations running smoothly. 

They assist oil and gas exploration and production companies. It includes companies like oil discovery companies, energy data management companies, drilling companies, and well construction companies. 

What are some examples of oilfield equipment?

  1. Oil field lighting 
  2. Mud vacuums 
  3. Drive overs 
  4. Drilling or workover rig components 
  5. Oilfield trucks and machinery 
  6. Pump containment 
  7. Equipment for solid and well control
  8. Premix tanks 
  9. Pipe holder 
  10. Manifolds 
  11. Pipe racks

Some of the Good Companies in the Oilfield

1. Exxon Mobil company 

Exxonmobil sells fuels, lubricants, and chemicals globally under four brands; Esson, Exxon, Mobil, and Exxon Mobil. 

They have developed to be one of the largest publicly traded energy companies in the world. They are dedicated to responsibly supplying the energy demands of the world, and developing more effective fuels. 

2. Shell company 

Shell is a global energy business with competence in the production, marketing, and refining of natural gas and oil as well as the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals. Shell’s net worth is $209.72B as of February 3, 2023. 

3. Chevron company

Chevron has not stopped working to give millions of people across the globe energy that is dependable, affordable, and even cleaner. They sell high-quality refined products, including diesel, aviation, fuels, gasoline, fuel oil, and premium base oil. Owning five US fuel refineries. 

Benefits of working in the Oilfield service/equipment industry

  1. A lucrative career path that can lead to a well-paying job. You can earn up to $100,000 a year and a lot more if you work overtime.
  2. Their salaries are incomparable to other industry salaries. 
  3. This Job can allow you to take several weeks off after working hard for a while. 
  4. Each job in oilfield services and equipment offers different prospects for professional growth. You can always participate in brand new courses and attend training sessions to advance your job and gain knowledge as it expands your skill set. 
  5. A career in the Oilfield services/equipment industry will give you too many chances to travel the globe while earning a living.  

10 best-paying jobs in Oilfield Services/Equipment.

Jobs available in Oilfield Service/Equipment

1. Director of operations: $92,542

All business operations such as sales, budgets, and purchases are managed by a director of operations. They carry out policies and procedures that will aid to improve daily activities. They also ensure that they are achieving the objectives set by departmental and corporate executives. 

2. Oil tester:$55,570

During the development phase, the oil testers periodically analyze and evaluate pipelines to ascertain the stability and level of risk associated with each drilling site. 

3. Director of safety: 

The director of safety monitors the organization’s general health and safety policies. 

As a safety director, you conduct programs that guarantee a safe working environment such as safety orientations, skill development, and the use of protective gear.

4. Drilling engineer:$7,770

Drilling engineers plan and oversee drilling operations on oil rigs. They monitor and manage the drilling process to guarantee its effectiveness and safety and also manage and conduct maintenance on various drilling equipment. 

5. Oilfield equipment Technician:$73,000

Oilfield equipment Technicians operate equipment that helps increase the flow of oil and the productivity of the operation. 

 They also could be engaged in other areas of the industry, such as well construction maintenance. 

6. Executive Account Manager: $71,520

The executive plans and oversees all activities related to a company’s account. As an executive account manager, you serve as the main point of contact for clients. They also look for ways to boost revenue and reduce expenses for their business. 

7. Chemical Engineering: $93,503

They are in charge and in control of the operations that turn crude oil and natural gas into fuels, diesel, kerosene, and many more that can be used at homes and workplaces. 

8. Vessel manager: $72,125

The vessel manager is ultimately responsible to supervise and ensure that all drilling operations with the drill ships done on the water are done safely and efficiently.

9. Crude oil driver: $76,874

Crude oil drivers transport oil by road. They transport the oil to a secure gas station or a client’s location. 

10. Technical director: $100,323

Technical directors are in charge of technical expertise across teams, clients, and sales and marketing organizations. while supervising drilling teams, project managers, and consultants. And also providing advice and strategic guidance. 


This will be a good choice for you if you are looking for a demanding job with lots of room for advancement. It does have some difficulties though, these include the lengthy hours, the strenuous activities at work, and the danger of accidents at the workplace. These are the cons. 

Remember that if you want to go higher in this field, you need a degree in petroleum engineering and all the necessary certifications. Additionally, keep an open mind and attend professional training sessions.

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