How Many Jobs Are Available In Diversified Commercial Services?

There are over 2.8m jobs in the diversified commercial services industry.

However, it can be challenging to stay on top of the most recent trends when the job market is continually changing. Consider working in the diverse commercial services sector if you’re looking for a solid career with good pay. The firms in this sector range widely, from cleaning and security services to garbage management and event organizing. 

It’s also one of the greatest professions in the nation, according to recent figures. We’ll examine 10 of the highest-paying positions in diverse commercial services in this article. We’ll also provide you with a general summary of the sector so you can determine whether it aligns well with your interests and skill set.

What are diverse commercial services?

Commercial services that are more varied can help you grow your company. They provide a range of services that can assist you in both meeting the needs of your clients and expanding your business.

For many reasons, a career in diversified commercial services is excellent. 

There are jobs available for practically everyone. From graduates of high schools to Ph.D. candidates, extroverts to introverts, the industry seems to have something for you. Additionally, there is the opportunity for a lot of job security because it is such a large industry that is tightly connected with the American economy. 

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Growth comes from opportunity, and there are many people who operate in diverse commercial services who can achieve enormous professional success with issues that require solutions. There is always going to be an issue whenever a business offers a new service, thus problem solvers are always in demand.

Is a career in diverse commercial services worthwhile?

Yes, organizations have indeed been exploring ways to expand their product offerings as they have begun to recognize how important it is to do so. It might be challenging to decide which commercial service is appropriate for your company given the wide variety available. 

10 Top-paying jobs in commercial services.

1. Research and Development Scientist

Most businesses first look to research and development scientists when they want to diversify their commercial offerings. Scientists in research and development apply their knowledge to create new products and enhance those already on the market. $87,000 in salary annually. 

2. Corporate Lawyers

There is a ton of legal labor involved with diversifying into a new product or business. A business providing broad commercial services has to have a strong team of corporate lawyers on hand to manage the bureaucracy, from rules to rival buyouts. Annual Salary for Corporate Lawyers: $133,000. 

3. Data Scientist

A data scientist gathers and analyzes data for their business or client’s usage in making business decisions. To determine whether diversity is effective in commercial companies, a data scientist is required. $102,000 in salary annually. 

4. Software engineer 

Computer programmers who specialize in creating and enhancing software applications are known as software engineers. A software engineer will contribute to the development and upkeep of any software-related products or services the business offers. $95,000 annually.

5. Marketing

On average, $107,000 is the marketing manager’s yearly salary. Marketing is crucial in educating customers when a business launches a new commercial service. Managers of marketing must balance creativity and reason. They need to make sure they are following the appropriate procedures while yet coming up with an engaging campaign.

6. Project manager

There are numerous projects that come with diverse business services. It is the responsibility of project managers to see that these projects are completed. Project managers are skilled at organizing and working with people. $96,000 is the project manager’s yearly salary.

7. Distribution Director

Many widely varied commercial companies branch out into goods that need to be distributed with care. The director of distribution is responsible for this. They ensure that their goods are delivered to customers from their point of origin, which may be a factory. $126,000 in salary annually. 

8. Business Consultant

Not all companies are certain they want to expand their range of commercial services. Or even if they do, the business might require advice on the appropriate course of action. This explains why there are so many business consultants. Annual Salary for a Business Consultant: $94,000.

9. Accounting Manager

Commercial service managers who are corporate accountants keep track of the money flow, which is constant. A group of accountants will be under the management of a corporate accountant. Annual Salary for a Corporate Accounting Manager: $102,000. 

10. Sales Manager

Naturally, a business must sell a new product or service to a customer as it expands and offers it. The director of sales will see to it that this is completed. To establish a consistent pitch for customers, they will collaborate with marketing and their sales team. They make $139,000 in salary annually. 


It can be challenging to decide which commercial services are ideal for a given company. Because of this, it is even more crucial for businesses to think about diversifying the services they provide in order to lower the probability of losing clients or passing up business possibilities. Organizations can tap into new industries and draw in new clients who might be searching for something special by providing a variety of commercial entities.

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