Best 7 Motivational Movies For Every Student You Have Never Seen

Many people we know today, want to see themselves in the tertiary institution because it is a place for further studies. Unfortunately, this requires daily motivation to keep every student in balance.

There are many challenges every student faces in the course of his or her studies, these challenges could be very quantum and random in nature requiring different approaches to be handled some might require students loan while a motivational movie can help even more.

I’m also a student who undergoes several challenges trying to pursue academic excellence without compromising moral rectitude.

So long as there are challenging factors in the educational systems, there will always be certain inspirational or motivational factors that will make every student see greatness in them and believe in their achievement of it.

Today, I decided to make a compilation of 7 motivational movies that will inspire every student that watches them.

Apart from watching movies online for fun, a great way to overcome challenges that may weigh you down in school is by watching motivational movies.

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How often does one need motivation? so long as life exists, a successful person will always need daily motivation because he/she encounters different challenges on a daily.

It could be somehow if I’m the only person who got inspired watching motivational movies and decided to do some self-adjustments. If you haven’t witnessed it, then you must have heard about many others who got inspired after watching a movie.

I got more inspired after watching the movie titled “The Secrets”  a movie from a book based on the law of attraction focusing on thoughts as a veritable tool to change the world. I do watch that particular movie repeatedly and even before I started writing this post in my draft.

7 Inspirational Movies Every Student Must Watch.

Make movies your inspiration and daily motivation, don’t just be a student who watches movies for fun but to learn a bunch of things that will help you overcome challenges as a student.

1. Nightcrawler (2014)

The Nightcrawler is a movie for every aspiring great person.

What captured my interest in this very movie, was the acts of Jake Gyllenhaal. A guy who walk around looking for a job and is unable to find any with ease. Yet he found a means through a crime scene he witnessed and later decided to be a crime journalist.

Even if I was unable to learn any other thing from the Nightcrawler movie, I can beat to my chest that I was able to figure out that we don’t really have to quit after several attempts as even a little more push can bring a frat to turn around in one’s life.

There’s no way you will watch this movie and complain of not being inspired.


2. The Social Network (2010)

Ever thought about the  Hollywood blockbuster? Then you must be talking about The Social Network.

Though a fairy-tale, it presents a picture of Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook.

It is a movie that will help motivate every single student to work towards making their dreams a reality

People who want to learn how to turn their dreams into reality will always find this movie helpful.

The movie will also let you know that your rate of success in life has less or nothing to do with the available resource you have at hand then. Take, for instance, the development of Facebook in a dorm room.

3. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

The pursuit for happyness is a core movie on never giving up

Will Smith’s portrayal of Chris Gardner will leave you with a wow! Feeling

The story on Chris’s memoirs was a best-selling book and then became a blockbuster movie.

It adds in a gripping sense of reality that you don’t find in a lot of cheesy Hollywood movies.

Never give up is a powerful word featured in the movie.


4. Forrest Gump (1994)

This particular movie will draw you closer to knowing that you don’t have to be a genius to achieve something in life.

A movie revolving around the life story of Tom Hanks who was a ping-pong player and now owns a big shipping company, using it to inspire.


5. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

If you want to watch success stories behind the tech giants Bill Gates’s Microsoft and Steve Jobs’s Apple. The Pirates of Silicon Valley is a must-watch.

The movie details them as great pirates” depicting the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates from the very early days.

In the movie, Noah Wyle portrayed young Steve Jobs in this made-for-television movie.

While Anthony Michale Hall happens to be Bill Gates.

6. The Godfather (1972)

The Godfather became one of IMDB’s top movies, it is filled with a story about the growth of a small family business and working against the opposition. The changes in business through time until it finally becomes the largest organized crime syndicate in New York City.

The pioneers of the business “Father and son” who anchored the business were able to prove their brevity in getting to the top.

Don’t involve yourself in illegal activities but always draw out positive points from the movie that will keep inspiring you every day.

7. Something Ventured (2011)

This movie documentary release in 2011 has the up and downs it takes in building a technology company in the twentieth century.

A great insight into the venture capitalist who built world’s most revolutionary companies, they see opportunities where others did not.

This is a great movie to help you know that there’s always a great opportunity where everyone complains and taking a bold step can land you the next most successful person on earth.


We all need to watch motivational movies, to keep us inspired and filled with a lot of positives, not just students.

I’m a die-hard fan of TED Talks, where I watch most of these great motivational movies and I believe the movie trailers I added to this post will help you have a good insight into every single movie mentioned. You can always download the complete movies online and watch them whenever you’re free to do so.

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