Best Driving Schools In UK For Students (The Detailed Guide)

Do you really need to enroll in a driving school before you can obtain a driver’s license?

So long as we would want to drive on the road, we need to undergo training to ensure our safety and that of other road users.

One of the major causes of a road accident still remains lack of skilled drivers and ignorance of road signs and how to communicate better with vehicles in order to detect when something is wrong in the car engine or any other parts of the vehicle.

It is also shocking to find out that a majority of the road users do not undergo behind-the-wheel training from any recognized driving school before they start making use of the road including highways.

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Regardless of where you intend to drive a car, at the school, on private land, or on local routes, you seriously need to undergo training in a certified driving school near you.

Thank goodness that so many driving schools now exist, you can get one near you, today in this post I have decided to attend to the questions of some people in the United Kingdom asking “where can get a driving school near me” and “how can I get a female driving instructor?

Driving instructors are well trained and engage in Continued Professional Development (CPD) to always present the best they can, in making sure people they train are instructed in the right manner on what to do in order to make driving safe and enjoyable.

I remember learning how to drive for the very first time and obtaining a driver’s license at 18. In the beginning, I have got friends who know how to drive cars offered to help me, as they see enrolling into a driving school to undergo professional training as a waste of money and resources.

I almost got discouraged not to register with a nearby driving school but later decided to hold on my stand for if you want to become a professional driver, you have to pass through a professional, by enrolling into a certified behind-the-wheel training school.

In the driving school, I was able to see a different perspective as regards driving, which are totally different from what almost everyone uses to think as it doesn’t end with only changing of gear, making use of the brake pads, clutches, accelerator, and the steering wheel to control the car.

It burrows down to what all the road signs mean and how to study your vehicle to be able to detect a technical fault and maintain a good speed limit in relation to the type of road, weather, and climatic factors.

A bunch of things to learn about which am pretty sure my friends won’t have the time to teach me or aren’t even aware of driving a car.

I learned how to drive using a car that has a manual gear selector (gear stick)

After my driving tests, I was able to find out many reasons why you have to enroll into a driving school and get tested and trusted before you can start making use of the road as a driver. This will make you feel comfortable and also reduce accidents on the road.

I wouldn’t even attempt teaching anyone how to drive….

It is something I decided to leave for people specially trained in that…

Without the waste of time, I will begin to make mention of some driving schools near you which are student-friendly, so you can easily buy car driving training and get a friendly instructor that will make the learning process stress-free and enjoyable as you learn.

Buying a car driving instructor to teach you how to drive a car can be daunting as a student due to financial constraints. But don’t worry as we have researched to get a list of driving schools in the UK and their website addresses so you can enroll for car training at a cheaper rate while enjoying their discounts.

List Of Some Driving Schools In The United Kingdom

The below list is in no particular order and is compiled based on users’ reviews.

1. Red Driving School

Red Driving School is located in England with different locations in popular states, where you can access the services of a professional behind-the-wheel instructor at a cheaper price.

They provide: help with theory training, block booking discounts, booking lessons online, road Brain Training, helping to increase your chance of passing the practical test by 14%, Male and female instructors are also available.

Candidates can also undergo manual or automatic driving lessons with also the availability of foreign language learning options to minimize language barriers.

2. AA Driving school 

Students looking for a suitable driving school in the united kingdom should trust AA driving school to give them the best with a lot of discounts for both new and returning customers.

AA driving school will give you the comfort needed as it is said: “relax while you learn”.
Remember that you can book for AA driving service online, choosing a pack that suits your budget.

3. Intensive driving school 

With over 40 years of experience, Intensive Driving School has been offering intensive crash driving courses throughout the UK with quality DVSA registered & approved driving instructors.

According to Intensive Driving School, you can pass your first driving test in one week. This sounds amazing.

4. SafeWayUk 

At Safe Way Driving School, they offer a professional but understanding approach to driving nutrition which will enable to become a safe and confident driver.

You can pay for hourly lessons that will suit you, you can book your driving training online.

5. Pass Me Fast 

You can access Passmefast Instructors and enjoy their professionalism in teaching-intensive driving. Interested candidates can choose a driving course, pay their deposit and get booked for theory and start driving.

6. Clare’s Driving School 

Nervous drivers, as well as those looking to refresh their skills or upgrade their license from automatic to manual, can always trust Clare’s Driving School.

Clare’s Driving School also offers to refer a friend program to give you a one-hour reward for your referral. Yet still gives you access to a late cancellation booking site.

7. Elites school of motoring 

Elites School of Motoring is one of the driving schools that can pick you up where you want and also drop you off when you want.

They have very distinctive black cars with white writings for training their customers, when you visit their official website, you can choose a driving course that suits your individual need.

8. Passion For Driving 

At Passion for Driving, you don’t just pass a test, but learn how to drive for safety. You can take advantage of their professional instructors for different driving courses offered for both novices, partly trained, pass plus motorway, and refresher courses for full license holders who have not driven for a while and just want to regain confidence or improve their driving skills.

9.  Steve’s Driving School 

This school is based in South East London, with a great discount for persons booking up to 10 lessons in advance.

Steve’s Driving School also provides training on Saturdays. They have tons of DSA approved male and female driving instructors.

10. Apple driving school 

Ever asked the question “where can I get Apple driving school near me?” then here you are. At Apple Driving School, you will get value for your money.

You will learn to put safety first, develop a build-up skillful driving, hazard awareness and planning skills, and how to apply for the principles of Highway Code and Driving essentials skills.

11. Driving’s Kool Academy 

If you’re searching for female driving instructors, then you have to consider Driving’skool Academy for your quick driver’s license.

People living in South Birmingham can easily access the services of this female driving school in school.

12. JW Driver Training 

If you’re in the Cambridge area and looking for a driving school, JW Driver Training has got you covered.

Nervous drivers can get individual training at a pace that suits them.

13. Susan’s Driving School 

For people in the London area, you can always contact Susan’s Driving school if you are looking for a female instructor.

From the customer’s review, Susan’s Driving School is patient and has a high driving test pass rate etc.

14. Learn Driving UK 

This is one of the best and award-winning driving schools situated in Harrogate, England is “Learn Driving UK“. It provides highly qualified and professional driving instructors that are CRB checked.

15. Chilled Driving Tuition 

This is another one of the best and most trusted driving schools in the United Kingdom that deliver their services in places like Norwich, Norfolk, and North Suffolk.

Chilled Driving Tuition also offers both male and female instructors that are qualified and experienced.

16. Andy1st Driving School 

Andy1st driving school is situated in Birmingham, England. It provides fully qualified and registered instructors. It also provides the best driving lesson at a very affordable price.

17. BSM 

This is one of the most popular car driving schools in the UK.

At BSM, three months before your 17th birthday, you can apply for your provisional license – or as soon as you’re 16 if you’re disabled and receiving a mobility allowance. Then once you’re 17, you can legally drive a car on public roads in the UK.

It’s okay to start practicing on private land, as long as the site is gated and far away from public highways. But remember, supermarket car parks are classed as public roads, so don’t use these

A driver should be able to compensate for other road users’ errors; know enough about motoring education as it relates to road traffic laws, rules, regulations, signs, signals, and markings; and be able to perceive hazards. It takes all of that and more to prevent accidents in our kind of environment, flooded with peculiar hazards.

What are the benefits of going to driving school?

Several many people have asked to know the benefits attached to one learning how to drive in a driving school whereas one can do so learning from a friend for free.

The above has landed me into several arguments with people who don’t consider the driving school as an option to enroll for.

Below are some benefits of driving school and why you should always enroll and undergo drivers training before making use of the road.

Remember, in driving, safety first…

Benefits of good driving school:


  • Reduces road risk: If a driver is well trained, he will know how to handle the car and also possible measures to put in place in order to ensure his safety and that of other road users.
  • Cheap insurance quote: When going for auto insurance, you will have a great discount by presenting your driver training certificate.
  • Valuable experience: As a car driver, you will gain more experience undergoing a driving course.
  • Traffic signs awareness: Candidates who enroll in a driving school will always have a better understanding of what the road is all about, the rules and regulations governing the road and, understand road signs and obey traffic rules.
  • Risk Management: the Driving school will expose you to how to manage risks, prevent them from happening, or measures to take if eventually, anything goes wrong.
  • Makes you more comfortable: You will become more comfortable and confident behind the wheel. You will feel more safe driving and therefore won’t be afraid to drive when you need to

Young drivers who undergo car driving training will always have access to cheap car insurance and a good driving record simply because they know very well the rules out of the experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Behind The Wheel Training School

Driving school has been around for decades, teaching both old and young people how to drive cars, safety management, and making the road safer.

The above does not contradict the fact that so many people still have a lot of questions to ask about driving schools and why they should enroll for a professional driving course.

I will try to answer some of the most frequent questions below:

Question 1: What is Driving school like?

The driving school comprises of a structured syllabus which includes everything you have to learn about driving such as:

  • Vehicle control (this includes proper posture, steering, accelerating, the use of the clutch and brake, and shifting gears)
  • The correct driving distance between vehicles
  • Driver courtesy
  • Driving in school zones and around pedestrian crossings
  • Hazard perception and prevent car accidents
  • Merging, changing lanes, and dealing with blind spots
  • Parking techniques such as reverse and parallel parking
  •  Point turns and U-turns
  • Preparing for unexpected driving scenarios
  • Proper speed
  • Road positioning
  • Roundabouts, traffic lights, and road signs
  • Safe driving habits
  • Simple reversing
  • The use of mirrors to scan the road

Question 2: What are the phases of learning in a driving school?

Different driving schools might have slight differences in phase or steps adapted in teaching their clients. Yet it won’t be any far from the phases listed below.

Phase 1: The Classes

The first driving phase has to do with many theories, this either takes place in a classroom with a teacher. This particular phase can also be completed online (Online driving training)

Most of the time, people in this phase are provided with driving handouts, containing small diagrams or drawings that will help you relate your ideas to the road in real life before you put the key into the ignition.

Phase 2: The Written Test

Before you could obtain a license from a driving school, you will have to undergo a written test.
The driver’s written test is based on what you have learned in the first phase at a driving school.

Phase 3: The Driving Lessons

Time to get behind the wheel…

This probably will be the first time you are allowed to enter into the front seat of the car at the student side while your instructor directs you on what to do and safety tips while driving.

Phase 4: The Driving Test

Time to show what you have learned so far…

You will be required to carry out a driving test to check the level of professionalism you have and the skills you are able to acquire during the car driving training phases.

Question 3: How do I choose a good driving school?

There are various factors to consider while choosing a driving school, which include the following;

  • Verify that the training vehicles are insured and properly plated
  • Ensure that it is a licensed driving school
  • Verify the instructor’s credentials and class size requirements
  • Get feedback from former students
  • Conduct information research on the internet

Question 4: Does driving school really teach how to drive?

This is a question that several ask especially when they have learned the skills from their parents, siblings or friends and feel that enrolling in a driving school is a complete waste of time.

There is a lot that goes into making a person a skilled driver and you can only get that from a driving school.

Question 5: Can someone learn how to drive online?

There are few approaches to learning how to drive online, the online learning process will usually include the theory part of it as learning how to drive is more practical.

To get a complete car driving certificate, you will need to complete a physical car training exercise.

Question 6: How can I find a driving school near me?

Apart from registering for car training online or at the training school, many people are faced with the challenges of finding a motor driver school in their neighborhood. The below tips will help you find a car training school near you.

  • Make use of the internet
  • Make use of Google Map to find driving schools around
  • Ask your friends.

Question 7: Do fake driving schools exist?

Due to the need for everyone to undergo driving training, many people have decided to venture into opening a driving school business.

This has opened ways for different scammers to rip people off their money. If you’re about to book driving training in both underdeveloped and developed countries, you should be keen not to fall victim to these fake driving schools/instructors.

Always make sure they are licensed and have a good record and proper years of experience in the business.

Question 8: What is the price of a driving lesson?

The amount for enrolling in a driving school varies, depending on your location and the school you wish to register with. Yet most of the driving schools have affordable driving courses that will suit your personal needs.

A driver should be able to compensate for other road users’ errors; know enough about motoring education as it relates to road traffic laws, rules, regulations, signs, signals, and markings; and be able to perceive hazards. It takes all of that and more to prevent accidents in our kind of environment, flooded with peculiar hazards.

Question 9: How many driving lessons do I need to pass a test?

This is usually dependent on the individual, but research has it that women need more driving lessons to pass a test while men can pass a test with less number of driving lessons.

Challenges of enrolling in a driving school

Enrolling in a driving school just like other things has its own challenges that will make a lot of people dread enrolling to be trained by an instructor.

The challenges are depended on individuals and location…

In some developing countries, they do not buy the idea of enrolling in a car driving education.
Some people have a bad experience due to unskilled or unmannered car driving instructors and as such will not allow any of their relations to enroll in-car driving training.

Lack of money, the issue of not having money can restrict one access to enroll for professional training.
The inability to decide on a good car driving school, most of the time has always been a challenging factor for people looking for such services.

They are always looking for certified driving schools in their neighborhood.

Final words

In driving, everyone needs to put safety first that is even a more reason to pay take driving education more seriously.

What to become a professional driver? Then it is very easy, here’s what to do, simply enroll for a driving course in a driving school and learn from a professional

I hope I’m able to present to you places you can enroll for car driving training, feel free to share your thoughts on this topic with others through comments.

Do not hesitate to also let us know about other reputable and student affordable behind the wheel training schools where students in the United Kingdom can enroll and learn how to become a professional driver.

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