Best Ways To Download YouTube Video On Your Phone

When it comes to online video streaming, everyone thinks of YouTube. This is the largest video website on the internet, where students and nonstudents stream a variety of videos online.

The best part is that you can watch videos online on your smartphone or computer.

We noticed so many students use their mobile phones to watch tutorial videos on YouTube or even the latest release of their favorite artist’s song on YouTube.

It is obvious that the country is experiencing a high rate of network problems, which will most likely prevent you from accessing YouTube to watch videos online depending on your geolocation.

Have you ever wondered how I can download YouTube videos to my mobile device? will reveal to everyone reading this article, the best ways to download Youtube videos on any device.

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YouTube allows users to watch videos on their sites only, but you might be busy with studies at the main time and would like to download and watch later.

Is it legal to download YouTube videos?

Note: Downloading videos from Youtube, is considered an infringement on their terms less in a case where you own the copyright to the video or are permitted to do so by the copyright holder.

I know for students who buy data bundles, you can’t afford the cost of subscribing to keep watching your favorite video series on YouTube repeatedly, and I promise to show you ways to download YouTube videos on Android, iPhone, iPad, and any other your devices without installing a single app.

Download YouTube Video Free (Online YouTube Video Downloader Free Download)

I will introduce you guys to a popular online YouTube downloader tool that I use to download motivational movies from Youtube. is a website that lets you download videos from youtube and watch them offline. allows MP4 free saving any video and even more. 

  1. Visit the official website of Savefrom copy the YouTube Video link and paste it into the search box on and tap go or hit enter to locate the video and render it ready for download.
  2. From the drop-down arrow, select the video quality you want 
  3. Tap on download now to download the Youtube video for free.

Further YouTube trick

You can also use the following YouTube hack to get your video downloaded ASAP.

1. Locate your video on YouTube and append “SS” to the beginning of the video link immediately after “www.” see the screenshot below:

2. When you hit enter, it takes you to a page where you can download the video, probably to the website. 

3. Select the video quality and tap on download, to get your video saved for offline use.

How to download Youtube Videos on iPhone or iPad

Apple is very strict when it comes to downloading videos on iPhones and iPad. At this point, we will do a little iPhone hack so we can be able to download YouTube Videos on Apple devices (iPhone and iPad)

Follow the steps below:

Get document 5 from the App Store, it has a built-in browser that can enable you to download videos from Facebook and YouTube.

Launch the Document 5 app and tap on ‘Browser’. type Open the link and paste the URL of the youtube video in the space provided. Select the video quality you want to download.

You can get the Youtube video link by opening the Youtube app on your iOS device, searching and opening the video you want to download, clicking the share icon, and clicking the copy link.

At this point, I should rest assured you have been able to learn how to download YouTube videos on your devices so you can watch them later.

Feel free to share your experience with others, using the comment box below.

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