Essay Writing Tips: Seven & Half Ways To Write A Better Essay

How can students exempt themselves from essay writing? This is practically impossible throughout one’s academic calendar in life, there could be a time you will be asked to write an essay on a particular topic.

Most of the time some students are even asked to choose any suitable essay topic to write on, this could be very daunting for the majority of the students who are not familiar with essay writing tips that will enable them to have a better essay.

Recently we were asked to write two essays: The first was an essay on Surviving abroad as an international student about 2000 words essay and the other one was on Reading without sleeping.

These essay topics might sound simple, but I bet it’s going to be very difficult for a non-essay writer or a beginner.

It happened that I was able to find out the look on the faces of many students when the essay was given and how many laments over it. This is what happens in the society they dwell in, they talk about it on a daily but putting it in writing is a challenging factor.

Here, I’m going to show you a great approach to writing a better essay, beginner writers will enjoy it the most as all the tips mentioned here are very self-explanatory to the core.

How to write a better essay

After reading this post, you will stop searching for college essay writing services as you’re going to learn how to make your own custom essay.

  1. Choose a topic

Like I mentioned earlier, sometimes students could be assigned some essay topics to write about or given the freedom to decide for themselves which topic they would like to write on.

If you are given a topic to write on, you have to make a pretty analysis in finding out the scope which the examiner wants you to cover as you write your essay.

A little more work is required when you are asked to choose a topic for yourself, as you would need to define your purpose, getting to know if you’re choosing a topic because you have a passion for it or because it is a popular essay topic.

  1. Understanding the essay

Before you should start writing on any essay topic, make sure you have a better or proper understanding of the essay topic.

As it is going to be difficult for you to write on a topic that is totally strange to you, it will be almost like a sudden landing in a strange country.

Conduct research about the essay; let it be something worth reading and what people will see you. You have to exist in the essay you have chosen to write, let it be you, and not sound totally like it’s written by an alien.


  1. Do a quick essay outline sketch

After you’re done finding out what to write about, the next wise thing to do is to make a sketch of points you want to cover in your essay.

…why do I even need an outline for my essay?

Outlines will help you to arrange and order your essay in a logical flow so as not to miss any point while writing.

We all are humans, and it’s possible you can forget some points at a certain stage as you write.

  1. Write the Introduction

It is time to keep your reader wanting to read more….

Essay introduction is where the attention grabbers you know should be, let it be what will keep anyone reading it at balance and wanting to read more.

If your introduction is not well cooked, it will make your essay an unattractive one and this is very capable of throwing your reader off the page.

  • Fire up a captivating discussion
  • Introduce the theses
  • Indicate the possible ways the question will be answered
  • Engage your readers to stay connected with your idea.
  1. Write the body.

Craft the body of your essay…

As you write your essay, each item you outlined in your sketch should always be a separate section (paragraph).

You should also try much as to make sure that each paragraph in your essay, maintains the same basic structure. Feel free to always start your paragraphs with the main keyword as the introduction.

While writing the body of your essay, if you get short of words to use, you may have to leave at least 3-4 blank lines and continue, so you can then refill them later when the ideas come up again.

  1. Before you drop the pen

…write the conclusion

This is another opportunity to collectively present your ideas. The summary part of an essay gives the writer the flexibility to sum his/her ideas to further give the reader a recap of all that has been said by the writer.

The sentences in the conclusion should be strong ones; you can leave it at 3 or more sentences before you drop the pen.

  1. Add footnotes/bibliography

Yes, you should feel free to do so…

Most of the essays have footnotes included, you should only do this when it is required. If you are to include a footnote in your essay, make it be clean and well presented.

Essay writing Bonus.

You’re not done yet.

Below are what I call the half, take them seriously, it can make your work a half-baked one if omitted…

For effective essay writing, I expect you to do the following

Recheck your essay for the following errors

  • Essay writing Error due to spelling (This is a dangerous factor to consider)
  • Writing error due to grammar (both native and non-native English writers are liable to grammatical errors in writing essays, you can always use dictionaries to correct such errors or an online grammar and error correction tool “Grammarly”)
  • Error in paragraphing (different faculties or schools of studies have different paragraphing styles used in writing. Knowing the type your field uses and checking your essay to know if it is properly formatted will earn your more points)

Once you’re done checking your essay for possible errors, you can read the essay over and over again to make sure you’re having a clean final copy. You can consider asking friends or someone with a higher academic level to help check your essay writings.

At this point, I should rest assured this post help you learn many essay writing tips to become a better essay writer.

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