Best 4-week Medical Assistant Programs 2023

A four-week medical assistant program is a brief training course created to give students the fundamental abilities and information required to perform as a medical assistant in a healthcare environment. These courses frequently include material on anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, clinical procedures, medical office practices, and patient care.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that most medical assistant employment requires college qualifications and certification from a recognized program, even though a 4-week medical assistant initiative can be a quick method to pick up some fundamental information and abilities in this industry. Before enrolling in a program, it’s crucial to understand the criteria in your area as different states may have unique requirements for medical assistant training and certification.

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The fundamental abilities and information needed to perform as a medical assistant in a healthcare setting are often covered in a 4-week medical assistant program. Depending on the curriculum, the precise themes addressed may vary, but some typical topics that may be covered are:

  • Medical Terminology: Students will become familiar with the acronyms and terminology used often in medical contexts. 
  • Human Anatomy: The fundamental makeup and operations of the human systems, including the circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems, are covered in the subject of anatomy and physiology.
  • Clinical Techniques: Students will learn how to carry out fundamental clinical techniques like taking vital signs, giving injections, and getting patients ready for tests.
  • Medical Office Procedures: This topic includes administrative duties like handling patient records, scheduling appointments, and billing and coding.
  • Patient Care: Participants will discover how to offer fundamental patient care, such as helping with diet, hygiene, and mobility. Medical assistants must have excellent communication skills to work well with patients, healthcare professionals, and other staff members.

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It’s crucial to remember that a 4-week medical assistant program is a condensed training course meant to provide fundamental abilities and information. Formal training and accreditation from a recognized institution are typically requirements for medical assistant roles.

1. Century College Medical Assistant

Around 4 weeks are needed to complete the Medical Assistant program at Century College. You are only obligated to undertake 300 hours of unpaid on-site practice because the curriculum is entirely practical.

Once you have finished the program, you will be qualified to sit for the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA’s) certification exam and become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA).

Also, you’ll be qualified to take the American Medical Technologists certification test. After passing the test, you will be a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). Graduates and companies alike have expressed complete satisfaction with the medical assistant diploma program.

2. St. Augustine University Clinical Medical Assistant

A self-paced medical assistant curriculum is available from the St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants. The 4-week, 100% online medical assistant program can be finished. If you put in 16 hours per week of study, you can finish the course in 4 weeks. The program has no time restrictions, so you can finish it whenever you want. The following are some of the program’s topics:

  • Medication injections
  • Medical Law 
  • Medical Billing
  • Medical Law
  • Phlebotomy

It’s crucial to do your homework and pick a program that fits your requirements and objectives. Moreover, be sure the program has been accredited and is accepted by employers in the medical industry.

3. Metro Medical Training Center

21 hours are scheduled per week. Metro Medical Training Center is an organization that offers training on medical assistants at the price of $699.99. The Metro Medical Training Institute in Georgia offers a 4-week online medical assistant program called Assistant Quick Track. You can finish the courses in 4 weeks if you study for just approximately 3 hours per day.

Since it is an advanced program, only licensed medical professionals may apply to enroll in it. It is designed for licensed healthcare professionals who desire to specialize in or learn more about the medical discipline of pharmacy.

4. Tyler Junior College Medical Assistant Program

Tyler Junior College offers an online medical assistant curriculum called Clinical Medical Assistant Online Certification. It is an adaptable course, so depending on how quickly you study, you might finish it in 4 weeks.

You will learn in the program through online lessons and computer-based laboratories. You will acquire the abilities you need to work in many fields of medicine after you enroll in the program. You must be a high school graduate to apply for the program.

You will receive training in a variety of medical specialties when you participate in the program, including but not restricted to:

  • American Board of Opticianry
  • National Contact Lens Examiner 
  • National Paraoptometric Registry
  • Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology
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