How Long Is Barber School?

Do you have a passion for barbing? Do you take pleasure in trimming your friends’ hair? Barbering could be the ideal career for you if you have a talent for clippers and an eye for detail. You can start making money as a barber and begin to love your work in a year. 

You will develop the ability to coordinate client appointments and acquire the knowledge required for a legitimate profession in barbering during your time in barbering school.

How much time does it take to finish barber school?

How long does it take to become a good barber? When students attend full-time, it only takes 12 months to complete barber school. The majority of the education takes place in the lab, giving you practical barbering practice. It’s crucial to gain practical experience to secure a job.

Many schools provide career counseling to their graduates once they complete a barbering degree. A job search workshop on networking, résumé writing, and practice interviews is offered by savannah technical college.

What is taught in a barber school?

What qualifications do I need to be a barber? The principles of hair structure, hair and scalp problems, standard men’s haircuts, a step-by-step chemical procedure for ponytails and flips, and hair coloring theories are all covered in savannah technical college curriculum. 

The fundamentals of barbering also cover US legislation and infection control practices. Microbiology, realistic disease management, disinfection and inspection, chemical antiseptics, asepsis, bacterial infections, OSHA requirements, and first aid are the main topics covered by infection control experts.

Design ideas and elements are another area of emphasis in barbering training. The improvement of practical haircutting abilities is taught in this course. How to trim a man’s hair in many ways, including how to part thin layers, contour, uplift, finger, and shear, shear over a comb, and use a clipper. 

This course will instruct you about texture, maintenance, distribution, color, and development with a focus on hair composition. Additionally, you’ll discover how to style your beard, mustache, and face shave.

Barber School & The Trade’s Skills

You will pick up a lot of skills while attending barber school. The most crucial abilities you’ll acquire are open communication, effective listening, sales, and customer service, attention to detail, problem-solving skills, manual dexterity, and endurance.

1. Open communication 

You’ll interact with a range of customers, coworkers, supervisors, and barbershop owners. It’s crucial that you convey your message concisely and precisely to avoid any misunderstandings. When conversing with others, make sure you are using the same verbal cues. 

Avoiding eye contact and crossing your arms can suggest that you are defensive and disinterested. Your success as a barber depends on effective communication.

2. Listening intent

Effective listening is the most crucial component of any communication. You must comprehend what a client is requesting in terms of a haircut as well as what they are stating. Make sure you are listening and participating in the conversation. When you pay attention to a client, you can offer them any other services or hair care items they might require.

3. Consumer services

Being a good customer service provider is a requirement for a barber. Recurring customers are a result of good customer service. Maintaining a devoted customer is significantly less expensive than continually paying to bring in new ones. 

Additionally, these devoted consumers will purchase more hair products and services to take care of their hair at home. They might even brag about your great barbering abilities to their pals. In order to give everyone who enters the barbershop a nice experience, make sure you are positively portraying your neighborhood business.

4. Perception of details

You will develop your attention to detail during a barbering curriculum. While you are working with students, You will hone your barbering talents with students, faculty staff, and visitors at the school’s barbershop. When a haircut error is made, it is obvious, therefore pay close attention when cutting a client’s hair. The entire event can be ruined by one slip-up.

5. Solving issues

It’s inevitable that problems will arise in a barbershop. A specific hair treatment may be out of stock, a client may have to wait further than anticipated, or you may have scheduled two clients for the same time period. It’s crucial to have strong problem-solving skills. Take your customer’s time seriously and do your best to solve any issues that may arise. To create pleased customers, make the barber shop encounter as enjoyable as you can.


A job as a barber may be the best fit for you if you want to specialize in an industry that is always in demand because hair never stops growing. Start by enrolling in a barbering course at the technical college in your area to get ready for a lifetime profession. We hope that you find this post helpful for how long is 1,500 hours in barber school and other related questions you might have. Feel free to share this post on social media with your friends.

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