When Is Nurses Week This Year?

Nurses, who work in a diverse range of settings including hospitals, care homes, and the community, are dedicated to providing a wide range of healthcare services for the public.

Nurses are some of the most important people in our society. They work hard to keep us healthy and raise the next generation of leaders. There was a time when they didn’t get the respect they deserved and were even barred from certain hospitals because they were thought of as mere cleaners. Thankfully, times have changed since then and nurses now get paid a lot more, enjoy better job security, and don’t have to deal with quite as much discrimination.

National Nurses Week provides a time for nurses and their supporters to express gratitude for all that nurses do. Physicians and other healthcare professionals also have their own week – named National Doctors Week and National Medical Assistants Week respectively. Together, this is a triple celebration of healthcare professionals: Nurses, Doctors, and Medical Assistants.

This is an extra week of celebration for a career that is imperative in keeping people healthy. These health professionals who work to promote and support good health and treat illness throughout the world are a very special group of individuals. The National Institute of Health (NIH) describes nursing as “one of America’s most valuable resources” on this page which facilitates a plethora of meaningful statistics based on the impact nurses have had in our lives.

When Is Nurses Week 2022

May 12, 2022, marks the commencement date for this year’s Nurses Week, a time set aside to thank and appreciate nurses for their profession. Although I wanted to write about the beginning of this special week, I thought it would be best to speak with a nurse that I know, and wrapping a special nurses gift for a number of nurses in your life is a nice way of showing gratitude.

Nurses are unsung heroes. Nurses are champions. Nurses are the guardians of health and wellness, advocates of the underserved, and caretakers of those who can’t care for themselves. And they’re being honored this week. It’s a special opportunity to recognize the contributions nurses make as well as their impact on society and our lives every day. Here’s why nonprofits should celebrate Nurses Week in 2022 by recognizing and investing in the value they receive from their team of nurses!

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