7 Free Online Beauty Courses With Certificates

You know how to hustle, whether you’re a self-employed makeup artist or you spend your days working in a salon and your nights daydreaming about opening your own company.

You likely spend a significant portion of your free time considering how to advance your abilities, attract more clients, and increase your knowledge. This industry is lovely because there are constantly new trends and research opportunities.

The reason we adore hair and beauty conferences so much and host so many webinars with beauty experts is because of this. It’s beneficial to continue learning in your line of work, quite literally.

But if you can’t attend an event in person or sign up for an on-site cosmetology course because the cost is simply too high, these free online makeup tutorials and cosmetology classes will satisfy your desire for self-improvement just fine.

The Benefits of Taking Beauty Courses Online

In addition to being financially rewarding, a career in beauty therapy can also be satisfying. Additionally, even during economic crises, it is an industry that demonstrates exceptional resilience.

Here are a few advantages of online beauty courses:

  • Job Safety

The size and value of the beauty industry are enormous, and it is growing and changing quickly. You can benefit from the potential for complete job security for the rest of your life with a career as a beautician.

  • Flexibility

The ability to choose their work schedules is completely unrestricted for independent beauticians. By reducing setup costs, complexity, and overhead, the flexibility can give you the time to even work as a mobile beautician.

  • Financial Rewards

In the field of beauty therapy, there is no end to the financial rewards that beauticians can receive, especially those who own and operate their businesses. Working by yourself or starting a salon both have lucrative income potential.

How do Online Beauty Courses Work?

You can sign up for online cosmetology classes if you don’t have the time or the availability to attend cosmetology classes at a local college or university. The majority of these courses provide the same instruction you would get at a local college or university with the flexibility of online learning.

Not all of your pre-license courses, though, will be available online, depending on your state. If you’re thinking about enrolling in an online beauty program, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

If your state permits online cosmetology education, you are free to enroll in any of the available accredited programs. But be ready to take the same fundamental classes you would in a university or college.

There are particular times when you are required to be in the online class for these beauty courses. You will nevertheless continue to study at your own pace and receive a certificate at the end of your course of study.

The management of reading, lessons, and assessments will all take place online, and monitoring will be done of some sort during assessments. Registration may be required for course components that cannot be taught to facilitate training in person, or online. Some training programs for this might be connected to a salon or beauty school, you might have to manage it yourself. 

How Much Does It Cost to Take Online Beauty Courses?

When it comes to online beauty courses, there isn’t really a set tuition rate. Your course may be expensive or reasonably priced, but there is a range of costs.

The length of the course and the range of topics you plan to cover in it are the two main aspects that determine how much an online makeup school will cost.

How to Sharpen Your Skills with Free Online Cosmetology Courses

1. Beauty Tips and Tricks: An Introduction to Applying Makeup (Skillshare)

If you’re considering starting your career as a makeup artist for the first time, this is a really good class to take. Skillshare offers a free trial to get you started, letting you try out discovering the foundations of beauty. This is a really good class to take if you’re thinking about becoming a professional makeup artist for the first time. To get you started, Skillshare gives you a risk-free opportunity to try out learning the foundational principles of beauty.

In case this class motivates you to start your own freelance makeup business, here is our list of the supplies every makeup artist’s kit must contain.

2. Beauty Therapy Course (Shaw Academy)

A comprehensive course on topics like skin care, body treatments, and hair removal is promised, along with “practical training in performing treatments.” You’ll start with the fundamentals, move on to advanced skincare, and then jump right into using professional makeup. Shaw claims that you can finish this course in four weeks, which is exactly how long Shaw’s free trial is.

3. Makeup and Nails Certification Course (Shaw Academy)

Do you want to go even further? You will be certified in advanced techniques after completing this sixteen-week course (please note that after Shaw’s free four-week trial, learning will cost $69.99 per month). While intended for newcomers, this cosmetology certification could also serve as a refresher for seasoned makeup artists. I am glad I took this program, as one reviewer put it, “because it has educated me on so many things I normally take for granted when applying makeup.”

4. Beyond Black Friday Holiday Sales Course (Schedulicity)

Yep, us! A 4-week online course on increasing sales during the busy holiday season is available as a result of our collaboration with Nina Tulio, an expert in the beauty industry.

All service providers are welcome! Our classes are sent directly to your inbox so you can watch them whenever it’s convenient for you. They were created with the hair and beauty industry in mind. Additionally, one lucky participant will receive a $1,000 business grant in addition to free access to Nina’s Make That Money course. Make sure you RSVP, stat.

5. Empire beauty course

The Empire Beauty School’s online cosmetology program is not like other courses, Some of the most skilled makeup artists out there are self-taught, or at least self-taught in part, and even many licensed makeup artists to rely on YouTube to learn all the new techniques that emerge regularly.

Remember, this free online education is valuable. If your objective is to keep up with the times and learn the odd skill in between client sessions, this Empire Beauty channel is a great place to start.

6. Hair Color Industry Classes with Shannon Fleet (YouTube)

Another treasure that is accessible on YouTube without charge. If we’ve persuaded you to learn through adherence, then there is more to this. coaching session on YouTube. At the end of the program, if you subscribe to the channel, you get a free certificate as her student.

7. Get Free Cosmetology School Education via UChicago Financial Aid

Don’t assume that attending a true cosmetology school will make you indebted if you’re looking for a fulfilling educational experience. If you look closely and get in touch with the right people, you can find many programs that offer financial assistance. Additionally, many of these courses have moved online as of 2021. Searching for “cosmetology programs near me” online is advised before visiting the Financial Aid page to see what results are returned.

Need evidence? Through artfulness and a few meetings with TCAT’s financial aid office, Peach Phillips obtained a free cosmetology degree. Hence, the institution accepted by the financial grant office will offer you a certificate Like the University of Chicago.


The economic industry offers many opportunities and has high earning potential. Jobs in the beauty and cosmetic industry are consistently in demand, even during economic downturns. This consistency is most likely caused by the need for businesses and individuals to track their money even during difficult economic times. flow more closely than ever, creating a demand for qualified experts in the field. Beauty professionals are always in demand, even in the most difficult economic conditions.

We found a ton of options while researching the top free beauty courses available online. However, we have developed some strong offerings using our unique methodology. You’ll find something here for all skill levels because the options are arranged in descending order, with the best choices at the top of the list. 

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