How Do You Write An Acceptance Letter For A Scholarship?

Have you been awarded a scholarship but are unsure how to write a scholarship acceptance letter? Here’s how to create a decent scholarship acceptance letter, step by step.

You’ve finally been awarded the scholarship for which you spent hours writing a letter and getting it read by your instructors and friends. Congratulations!

You received the scholarship as a result of your captivating scholarship application essay, and you are now one step closer to studying that master’s, Ph.D., or undergraduate program in that topic that you have always wanted to.

What’s next now that you’ve received the scholarship?

Before you go off to celebrate, the ethical thing for you to do is sit down and start drafting a scholarship acceptance letter. While you may have received the scholarship, you must remember that your scholarship acceptance letter must be just as moving as your scholarship application letter. 

So, how do you go about composing such a letter? You’re in luck since this article will teach you everything you need to know about writing a scholarship acceptance letter.

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What Is A Letter Of Scholarship Acceptance?

An offer that has been accepted for an award is a thank you letter that you submit to a scholarship awarding company or a school to show that you accept a scholarship after you have been awarded/given one, as the name implies.

You have written this letter to recognize that you have been awarded the scholarship and that you are willing to accept the scholarship’s standing offer to study at the school of your choice in the program of your choice.

When Is It Appropriate To Send A Scholarship Acceptance Letter?

You should write a scholarship letter as soon as you receive an official letter awarding you the scholarship and urging you to accept it.

  • You should not get too excited and send a thank you letter right after you apply, without first allowing for the school to officially consider you for the scholarship opportunity since you believe that such a letter will compel the school to award you the scholarship.
  • Another factor why it is preferable to write a scholarship acceptance letter is When you receive the scholarship, you will have the best opportunity to decide if you still want to accept or reject it.

Your letter reassures the granting organization that you still desire the position and that it should not be handed to another applicant on the waiting list for last-minute scholarship consideration.

What Is The Best Way To Write A Scholarship Acceptance Letter?

There are several steps you should take to guarantee that your heartfelt acceptance response for an award to the nonprofit foundation whose kindness has just gotten you one inch closer to reaching your dreams expresses all of your happiness and thankfulness.

If you’re still stumped, here’s how to (really) write a sound scholarship acceptance letter. Take a look at our best advice below:

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1. Type your letter

The acceptance letter should be typed and properly formatted before being delivered to the scholarship giver.

You can handwrite the letter on a piece of paper and then read it before typing it into a computer to ensure that it conveys the proper feelings and sounds good enough.

2. Write a letter to the scholarship funder.

The letter should be addressed correctly to the scholarship awarding entity or bodies that were in charge of the financing.

You can address it with the salutation “Dear Scholarship Donor.”

even better “Dear (name of scholarship benefactor),” the letter begins.

3. State the name of the scholarship you were awarded.

It’s critical to specify the name of the scholarship you’ve been given in your scholarship acceptance letter so that they know which of their scholarship programs you took advantage of.

Including the scholarship name in your “thank you letter” informs the organization that the letter was written by a dedicated applicant and isn’t just a random email delivered to their inbox.

4. Explain why you value the scholarship.

You can include your reason for requesting the scholarship in your acceptance letter, even if you mentioned it in your application letter and how the financing will help you get closer to your goal.

This time, however, you will not be discussing your reasons for requesting financial assistance; rather, you will be stating it to inform the donors that their sponsorship has assisted you in having a chance at attaining it. 

5. Gratitude should be expressed in your letter.

If you’ve recently been awarded a scholarship to further your education, the tone of your acceptance letter should reflect your joy and appreciation.

Remember that scholarships aren’t only given to the most eligible students; they’re also given to students who are in desperate need of help and who the donors believe would be most grateful to receive it.

As a result, compose a thank you letter from the heart to demonstrate that you are the type of student who is deserving of the opportunity.

6. Write a sincere letter.

When drafting your acceptance letter, express your gratitude sincerely; don’t do so unwillingly, especially if you believe you should have received a bigger sum of money.

Obtaining a scholarship to study is a dream come true for many students; be grateful when you receive one.

7. Double-check your letter for errors.

Before sending your letter to the organization or institution that awarded you the scholarship, get it proofread by someone else.

You might also have a teacher or guidance counselor read your letter to ensure that it is written in a grateful tone. If possible, the person who wrote you a scholarship recommendation letter can also assist you it the acceptance letter.

8. In an Official Approach, Submit The Acceptance Letter

For the donors’ recognition, your acceptance letter must be well and sent to the relevant email address or postal address in an official manner.

Example of a Scholarship Acceptance Letter

A sample of a scholarship acceptance letter is provided below to give you an idea of what it should look like.

Acceptance Letter Sample 1

Lisa, Johnson

House 24, Morrison Street

New York.

United States of America

September 17th, 2020.

The Channel Hill Foundation,

500 Fifth Avenue North, Seattle, 

WA 98109, USA

Greetings, Diana and Bob Hill

My name is Lisa Johnson, and I’m writing to express my gratitude for your support of the Channel Hill Foundation scholarship. I am ecstatic to have been chosen for this honor.

I am now a senior in high school and plan to get a bachelor’s degree in Health Psychology. And it’s always been a fantasy of mine. After my high school education, I plan to attend Yale University and pursue a job in this field.

I went on field excursions and volunteered at famous psychological clinics in my state while in high school to prepare myself for this course and to make a greater influence in my society. 

With the support of some of my dedicated friends, I also conduct a study group for youngsters who are behind in their academics every Friday at the local library in my region.

Receiving this scholarship has provided me with the incentive I need to maintain my great academic record, complete my degree, and work hard to guarantee that every other child in the world has the same opportunity to pursue higher education as I have.

Once I start my job as a Health Psychologist, I plan to support society. Thank you for having faith in me and entrusting me with the duty of representing the Channel Hill Foundation well.


Lisa Johnson 

Use this scholarship acceptance letter sample while drafting your thank you letter to your funding benefactors.

Letter of acceptance of scholarship sample 2 


James Brown 

Brown Solutions


date of writing the letter


Tina Grey

23, Mount Park


Acceptance of Scholarship

Respectfully, Sir,

I’m writing to convey my gratefulness for the generous scholarship you’ve given me. I was ecstatic to learn that I had been selected as the beneficiary of your scholarship.

I am primarily a microbiological science major with an emphasis on Medical and Environmental Microbiology. After graduating from Harvard University, I intend to pursue a pharmaceutical degree and put it to good use. I’m one step closer to achieving that objective thanks to you.

You have relieved my financial burden by awarding me the scholarship, allowing me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning.

Your kindness has inspired me to assist others and contribute to the world. I hope that one day, like you, I will be able to assist kids in achieving their goals.

Thank you very much,

Tina Grey

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