Motivation Letter For Scholarship Samples

Your motivation letter distinguishes you from other scholarship hopefuls when applying for a scholarship. With the help of a winning motivation letter, we have won scholarships (both academic and professional) and been hired by significant corporations. 

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about creating a scholarship motivation letter. You’ll learn how to create your template so you can apply to many calls and improve your chances of getting an international scholarship.

Your scholarship motivation letter should contain your academic achievements. Why do you believe you’re the most qualified candidate? What skills and abilities do you have that benefit the university or the country? Demonstrate an eagerness to learn and provide fresh information.

This isn’t to say that academic achievement, experience, or recognition aren’t important, or that a well-written and beautiful motivation letter will suffice. Because of your achievements and skills, you are a great candidate for the scholarship, as you said in your motivation letter.

Before you start writing your scholarship motivation letter, be sure to:

Examine the institution and the country where you want to study. Are they seeking a specific type of person? Examine the areas of the official website, such as About, Our Culture, and Philosophy, and examine the institution. Is leadership or teamwork more important to them? 

Do they value environmental stewardship and social responsibility? What exactly is the point of ethics? Are numbers and concrete achievements more important to them?

Analysis of faculty profiles and a review of the institution’s goal and vision are the first two strategies to consider. Use synonyms to describe their motivation.

The second technique is to assess the testimonials of former students (scholars or not) or institution staff members. They’ve done it before. You can also look at the ratings to see if you like the show.

How do you compose a successful scholarship motivation letter?

After you’ve completed the analysis, you should compose a winning scholarship motivation letter. The following items must be included in the motivation letter:

1. Header and title:

The letter’s title is “Letter of Motivation for [scholarship for the one you’re pursuing].”

  • Header:
  • Name in full
  • Postal code + address
  • Phone
  • e-mail
  • Skype and social media are optional.

Position of the header: I propose the top right, however, the upper left can also be used.

2. A Brief Overview:

Begin with a polite greeting and then go right to the point by stating the purpose of the letter. I’d like to use this to… apply for the scholarship… published in… ” Briefly explain why you are applying for this scholarship and what encouraged you to do so. 

This will enable you to briefly describe what you admire about the institution and/or country to which you are applying. Remember to include your goals in your application, as well as how they correspond to the program’s goals. 

“…for a lengthy moment, I’ve been seeking an opportunity to tour worldwide…,” for example. And I am certain that the school’s X course of study will be beneficial.

3. What is your name?

You should write the following in the second paragraph of your motivation letter:

4. What distinguishes you as the ideal candidate?

Whatever your accomplishments are, make sure to write them out in a way that shows how important they are to the institution or country to which you are applying.

5. What are your contributions?

How can you contribute your skills and abilities to the institution or country if you wish to learn and travel? You can include things like “improve colleagues’ awareness of my nation,” “participate in sports or artistic activities,” and so on.

Demonstrate that you know who you’re talking to (institution and/or nation) ahead of time:  You expressed your motivation in your introduction, but you must build on it now. Why does the program matter so much to you, according to the prior study? 

Would you be able to achieve your objectives using your institution’s and country’s research initiatives and facilities?

6. Last words:

As we both know, you’re serious about accomplishing this, so show it to us! Don’t be hesitant to learn new things and contribute what you’ve learned. Words like “I am greatly driven by…” or “it would be an honor and the start of a long journey full of…” are used here.

7. Appreciation and dismissal:

We must appreciate the reader for their time and make them know that you look forward to working with them because their time is so valuable. “Cordially” or “Cordial Greetings” would suffice.

Examples of a Motivation Letter for Scholarship

I’m writing to express my interest in receiving a scholarship for my bachelor’s degree studies.

Most of the time when I’ve decided to apply for a bachelor’s degree program at a university, there’s one thing that holds me back: the cost of a bachelor’s degree program. I grew up in a middle-class home, and my parents have always been my only source of financial assistance. They’ve been funding me and my siblings since we were in elementary school. They are hell-bent on ensuring that we receive an education that was previously unavailable due to the challenging circumstances.

I finished high school with honors and am one of the best students in my class because of my persistence and hard work.

Nonetheless, my family is unable to get a bachelor’s degree abroad. My father has resigned from work because he was unable to return to work following his limb amputation operation, and my mother works as a teller in a local branch office. In these difficult times, studying abroad without a scholarship will almost certainly remain a pipe dream.

My family and parents are unable to support my bachelor’s degree because nearly all of our family income is used to pay for medicine, care for my father, and food. And I’m currently working a part-time job that I’ve had for several years. However, the little money I’d been able to save over the prior two years was just enough to cover the university’s application cost.

I am unable to pay the first installment of the tuition cost, and my admission remains pending, even though I have been accepted for bachelor’s degree studies.

I sincerely hope and wish to receive the scholarship since it will allow me to study at a good university and pave the road for my future profession as well as the achievement of my personal and academic goals. It will also allow me to study without worrying about future financial obligations, relieving my parents of the mental strain of not being able to fund my academic pursuits. This opportunity, in my opinion, is exceptional since it allows me to contact students and academics from various cultural and professional backgrounds from all over the world.

This is the type of network that is critical for integrating various thoughts and perspectives on a variety of global challenges.

Finally, I’d want to emphasize that I am a highly motivated individual who will make the most of this scholarship opportunity. I am convinced that being a student at a reputable university will not only help me advance in my job but will also provide me with the tools I need to realize my full potential. I appreciate your time and concern in considering my scholarship application, and I eagerly await your response.

Letter of motivation for scholarship sample 2

I’m writing to express my interest in working for Great Strategy Consulting Firm as an Associate. I am a Harvard Extension School Master of Liberal Arts candidate specializing in Information Technology. I have a strong technical background, as well as a great interest in marketing and a desire to learn more about strategy. My interests and areas of focus range from statistical analysis to project risk management. From a good program of study that is not only analytical and technical in character, but also serves to develop leadership and team-building skills, I have maintained a 3.95 GPA. Great Strategy’s approach to strategy consulting, particularly in the areas of business development and innovation, has left me quite impressed. My academic background, business knowledge, and industry experience, I believe, have equipped me with the qualifications necessary to succeed as an Associate.

Before joining Cambridge, I worked as a technology consultant, especially handling strategic issues with technology process optimization. While working for Fortune 500 organizations, I developed strong research, analytical, and problem-solving skills. My experience in coming up with new ideas and ways to improve processes has given me a better grasp of the various issues that businesses confront daily Furthermore, as a result of my job experiences, I am well aware of the importance of strong team relations in today’s multi-disciplinary corporate environment.

My time as an IT professional has been tremendously satisfying and fruitful thus far. However, strategy consulting allows me to fully utilize my analytical acumen and creative problem-solving skills. I am convinced that consulting is a discipline that will drive me to look at challenges not only from the client’s perspective, but also from the perspective of the “Looking beyond the box,” the industry, and industry standards

I would love to have the opportunity to join for the Associate post at Great Strategy Consulting Firm. Please kindly find my résumé attached for your consideration. I can be contacted at [email protected] or (617) 555-3456 by email or phone. I eagerly await your response as soon as possible.

Please accept my sincere gratitude for taking the time to read this.


Rum, Jace N

Letter of motivation for scholarship sample 3

Diane jack bell is my name. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. I enjoy aiding clients with their investments in the stock market and real estate. My academic background and professional experience attest to the smooth career route I am attempting to establish. As a result, I’m applying for the Masters in Investment Management scholarship.

I’ve been serving as an investment banker for one of the state’s top asset management firms. My responsibilities include creating various sorts of financial models to evaluate debt capital, developing specific recommendations, and creating presentations for client portfolios. Over time, I’ve been able to hone my computing and collaboration abilities.

I had the opportunity to perform flawless research and quantitative analysis as an intern at a commercial bank, and I learned to explain market happenings. My bosses were all impressed with my abilities to manage and keep track of multiple jobs and assignments.

As previously said, I majored in Accounting and Finance. To evaluate a business’s financial status, I learned to analyze and use financial data throughout my training. Basic bookkeeping skills, such as maintaining and managing balance sheets and income statements, were taught to me. But I want to push my career to the next level. That is why I want to study investment management because I will be able to evaluate the best approach for reaching a client’s goal, manage a portfolio of bonds and equities, and make buy and sell recommendations properly

St’ Hectors University’s ideals, I understand, are continuity, devotion, and effectiveness.

One of the main reasons I applied is because of this. Your basic beliefs have guided me throughout my academic career and job experience, and they resonate with me. I am confident that I can contribute to the institution’s objective being fulfilled. I’m looking forward to hearing about how the Department of Investment Management encourages student learning and aims to research in the field of investment management.

Motivation letter for scholarship: a sample Word document, free download

If you are wondering how to start a motivation letter for a scholarship application, here is a free Word document format you can simply download and edit to your taste. This, of course, makes the whole scholarship application process easier for applicants.

Click here to download the motivation letter for the scholarship MS Word document sample.


You’re more of a doer than a talker, and you’ve completed all of the items on your resume that pertain to everything there is to know about you, so that should be plenty, right? That, however, is incorrect!

Almost every organization in the world is searching for people who are truly engaged in working there and who are enthusiastic about what they do. Your Intent should be your driving force!

Coming up with a strong motivational letter can be a game-changer; it boosts your resume and also covers up any skills gaps that are required. To assist you, we have included a nice motivation letter sample.

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