What Does Fully Funded Scholarship Mean?

Recently, we have been facing a lot of queries about the meaning of the phrase fully funded scholarship or fully-funded Ph.D.  As far as I remember, many people think that it is a free ride for life.  In this article, I will explain what does fully funded scholarship means. I hope this article will clarify your doubts and you will be able to find the answers to your questions, i.e., what does a fully funded scholarship mean and what do you understand by a fully funded scholarship?

What does fully funded mean for a student?

In case you are wondering “What does it mean to get a 100% scholarship?” or “What is meant by fully funded?”, you will find the explanations below very helpful.

Fully funded scholarships are something that students with excellent academic backgrounds usually get for their higher education. Fully funded scholarships are not just about financial support, but also academic assistance to the student. In other words, the student gets full support throughout his studies in college.

In other words, a fully funded scholarship is a scholarship provided by universities to prospective and current international students. Fully funded means that you do not need to pay the tuition fee during your study program.

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How does a fully funded scholarship work?

A fully funded scholarship covers all expenses that your college life entitles you to and the funds may not be utilized otherwise. The scholarships are typically offered by colleges and universities or private organizations with generous benefactors.

A fully-funded scholarship is a form of financial aid given to students that does not need to be paid back. It comes in two general forms: 1) direct scholarship and 2) indirect scholarship.

Types of fully funded scholarships to study abroad

There are various categories of fully-funded scholarships today, some of which are; Fully funded scholarships for undergraduate international students, fully funded scholarships for citizens of a country, and Fully funded scholarships for international students (those who want to do their master’s or Ph.D. abroad).

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