11 Best Paying Jobs In Business Services 

In business services, there’s something or somewhere for everyone, whether they specialize in accounting, financial management, or international marketing. All of these positions call for a combination of business acumen and leadership skills. Many of the best-paying jobs in business services require years of education, extensive work experience, and a record of accomplishment in a particular sector or specialty.

If you are looking to enter a profitable and great career, delving into a career in business will just be the best decision to make. First, you get a business degree which will aid you in building lasting skills and relationships that will deliver success. Those who have a business degree are in high demand across a broad range of industries

In this article with the list of best-paying jobs in business services, you can decide if the business described below is a suitable area for you, your objectives, and your talents.

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What is a business service? 

Business services are those that are mostly used by organizations. They are services that benefit organizations but may not directly lead to tangible goods. It can be run by a group of people or by an individual. For marketing, cost, production, and safety reasons, businesses rely on these service providers. 

What skills are needed in a business service?

Having these specific skills will aid you favorably and influence the effectiveness, productivity, and success of the company. Whether you are a business owner or an employee. 

  1. Communication and negotiation 
  1. Time management skill 
  1. Marketing sales and customers service
  1. Delegation skills 
  1. Analytical skills 
  1. Financial management skills
  1. Conflict resolution skill

The best-paying jobs in business services 

If you are considering a career in business services but want to know the best-paying jobs, this article will prepare you for it and you will know just the right one for you. 

1. Business Analyst 

Average Annual Salary- $80,000

A business analyst establishes objectives, creates best practices for data collection, analyzes data models, and creates budgets to make sure the cost doesn’t go over the budget. And also find productive strategies to increase organizational effectiveness.  

2. Marketing Assistant manager

Average Annual Salary- $114,604

The responsibility of a marketing assistant manager is to manage marketing operations, hit sales goals, and increase the brand name and recognition 

3. Accounting Clerk

Average Annual Salary- $42,405

They maintain financial records and keep them updated. Their duties include creating reports, balancing bank statements, managing cash and cash-related transactions, issuing receipts, and helping in the creation of financial accounts. 

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4. Product marketing manager  

Average Annual Salary- $121,000

Product marketing managers are in charge of creating efficient marketing strategies and plans to inform customers about the qualities and advantages of a new product. 

5. Human resources specialist 

Average Annual Salary- $114,762

The human resources specialist is in charge of hiring new staff members or processing termination papers, creating compensation packages by the company’s policies while promoting safe working conditions in all divisions. 

6. Financial examiner 

Average Annual Salary-$81,410 

They see if financial transactions and businesses adhere to the law. These examiners check balance sheets, examine bank management, and assess the riskiness of financial loans. 

7. Business Affair manager

Average Annual Salary-$83,000-187,500

A business affairs manager must oversee the employee’s performance, corporate operations, and budgetary recommendations. 

They also participate in decision-making by providing thorough reports on the organization’s operations. 

8. Business broker 

Average Annual Salary- $83,500- $147,000

A business broker’s job calls for evaluating the company and gathering current financial data and other information.  Assisting people in selling their business and also recommending a reasonable selling price range to the seller. 

9. Customer service advisor 

Average Annual Salary-$60,975

They strive to give their customers the finest support possible while they use their products. Since a customer service advisor is the first point of contact for the clients, they serve as a brand’s public face. 

10. Business development manager 

Average Annual Salary- $86,004, $134,466

They are in charge of directing how their company sales, marketing, and business development professionals accomplish corporate objectives. 

They have to compare current sales figures to target quotas, assign team members to sales and marketing responsibilities, and then meet with management to talk about their progress. 

11. IT director

Average Annual salary -$159,000

An IT director is in charge of managing an organization’s information technology infrastructure and guarantees that it satisfies user needs while being safe from online threats.


The majority of these jobs pay well and offer several chances for promotion. Although salaries vary greatly. However, keep in mind that you need to work hard. So instead of focusing solely on the salary, consider the areas that interest you. You know your talents and strengths will pay off. So you will have a big influence on a company’s success and also make money through promotions and raises. 

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