Is Business Services A Good Career Path?

Technological advancement, architecture, construction, legislation, branding, promotion, recruitment, consultancy, infrastructure, environmental services, shipping, and security are just a few of the many professions that fall under the umbrella of “business services.” 

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of a career in commercial services thoroughly before deciding if it is the best choice for you. It can be challenging to fully grasp the specifications and whether it would be a good fit for you because the commercial services industry includes such a diverse range of occupations.

What Are Business Services?

According to Dun & Bradstreet First Research, the U.S. business services industry comprises around 420,000 single-location or multi-site businesses with a total annual revenue of about $950 billion.

Business services have a variety of companies, making it a viable career path with many opportunities to put your degree and abilities to use.

Business service workers typically support other companies that provide products and services rather than producing their own goods.

Business services specialists are frequently the individuals who come up with original fixes and assist companies in saving time and money,

Is business services a good career path

Yes, it is. There is a variety of jobs available in business services which results in a wide range of occupations. For instance, according to the employment review website Glassdoor, the maximum annual salary for a safety officer is $50,858. 

According to, a high-level advertising professional typically earns $225,341 per year. It’s challenging to determine the average salary for a worker in the business services industry because there are so many available positions. 

Anyone interested in a career in business services has a wide range of options given the diversity of the business services industry. For instance, if you excel at providing excellent customer service, you may want to choose a job in human resources.

Highest paying jobs in business service

1. Director of human resources – $142,970

The Hr Department Director will organize, manage, supervise, develop, and coordinate the operations, personnel, and policies of the HR department in order to guarantee legal compliance, effective execution of the organization’s mission, and development of its talent strategy.

2. Human resource manager – $135,000

A human resources manager oversees and carries out everyday tasks like hiring, application reviewing, and applicant interviews. The Manager improves, integrates, and assists the HR director

3. Advertising account executive – $77,400

An advertising account executive acts as a point of contact for the clients of an advertising or multi-service firm. You’ll be in charge of planning marketing campaigns and, consequently, coordinating interactions with all parties concerned. The title of an account administrator may be used.

4. Media aid- $46,000

You can work in media by earning a degree in journalism, commerce, or telecommunication. By accumulating the necessary professional experience, you can progress into this position. International organizations tend to favor graduates.

5. Event coordinator- $63,221

Job growth for a meeting, conference, and event planner is predicted to grow by 18% between 2021 and 2031, which is significantly faster than the national average. Event planners can even earn up to $90,000 a year, depending on their area of specialization.

6. Sales consultant- $59,235

A professional in charge of developing a product’s or service’s marketing and sales strategy is known as a sales consultant. Being a successful sales consultant is a challenging career that requires a lot of effort and long hours.

7. Digital Marketing Specialist – $54,523

A digital marketing specialist is a person in charge of developing and managing plans and programs for digital marketing. In order to attract recruiters who best meet your requirements, it is essential that you fully understand the job description for the position of digital marketing specialist that you are seeking.

8. Personal Financial Advisor- $52,000

These professionals offer solutions that are tailored to the requirements of their clients, avoiding costly errors and reducing risk.

9. Financial Analyst- $60,000

To find undiscovered company prospects or suggest investments, financial analysts sift over data.

10. Translator & Interpreter -$41,000

Information is translated from one culture to another by interpreters and translators. While linguists work in written language, interpreters assist through spoken or sign language.


As of 2022, the business service sector will have more than 500,000 opportunities for new employees, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With these advantages of business services, the sector has seen a sharp increase in the number of job searchers and numbers of people selecting a career in business services. As a result, the unpleasant prospect of massive unemployment that threatened to harm the economy has been lessened.

Given these various advantages, it is safe to claim that working in business service is a smart career choice and that it should be an industry that job seekers consider. According to the BLS’s data on employee benefits, professional and business services gave full-time employees access to paid vacation days that climbed from 63% to 93%.

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