How Many Jobs Are Available In Investment Managers?

If you have a degree in finance, you might be wondering how many jobs there are for investment managers. not sure which investment manager positions offer the highest salaries? Everyone wants to choose a professional path today that is sustainable and enables them to advance significantly both now and in the future. 

People are now interested in many other and varied fields besides medicine and engineering. people are drawn to these numerous industries because there is less market saturation, more opportunity for advancement, long-lasting jobs, and diversity in different fields.

Employment in investment management is one such sector that requires a tremendous amount of expertise and experience but has significant growth potential.

What is investment management?

On behalf of their clients, investment managers or asset managing firms make financial decisions. they also advise their clients on where to invest, how to assist them, and whether or not a particular investment would be successful.

Additionally, an investment manager manages all daily activities such as purchasing, selling, monitoring the portfolio, managing rewards, settling transactions, and guaranteeing the security and reliability of all transactions.

Financial consultants and advisers are also categorized as investment managers because there are typically various sorts of investment managers.

Is investment managers a good career path?

Given the outstanding pay scale, it is safe to claim that investment management is a fantastic career choice due to the numerous perks and benefits outlined below. one of the main benefits of becoming an investment manager is the wide range of career opportunities available due to the wide variety of clients.

Investment managers have tremendous financial returns, making them a desirable job choice. investment banking offers a variety of positions with excellent salaries and rewards. the job of an investment manager requires intellectual stimulation and engagement, which is ideal for analytical brains.

10 Top paying jobs in investment management

1. Portfolio Assistant – $56,000/yr

Portfolio assistants hold one of the investment managers’ higher compensated positions. they assist with documentation and create reports that are reflective of your portfolio. every investment firm needs a partner investment manager.

2. Financial analyst – $66,000/yr

A financial analyst has one of the highest salaries among investment managers. The financial analyst keeps an eye out for trends and the state of the market before giving informed suggestions to help with decision-making.

3. Investment bankers -$76,000/yr

Investment bankers provide financial assistance and financial advice to a variety of banks, government agencies, and other organizations. investment bankers give their employers or subordinates advice on how to make profitable financial decisions and what positions to adopt.

4. Financial traders – $45,000/yr

In stock markets, financial traders are frequently hired. here, they discuss several approaches to trading and their associated securities. a bachelor’s degree is required for this post as a minimum, and a master’s degree is required for progression

5. Risk manager – $60,000/yr

The primary responsibility of a risk manager is to minimize financial losses caused by inflation or increases in the price of commodities. a bachelor’s degree is required for this employment, with a master’s degree preferred for promotion.

6. Financial manager – $55,000/yr

The financial manager’s primary duties include supervising mergers and acquisitions and providing advice to businesses looking to issue stocks and bonds. bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for this position, and a master’s degree is required for progression.

7. Financial advisor – $62,000/yr

The job of a financial adviser includes advising and consulting on the best investments to make inside a business. additionally, they participate in stimulating intellectual activity, which is excellent for analytical minds.

8. Financial research assistant – $66,000/yr 

A research associate gathers and arranges information important for any investment in the research unit of an investment company, asset management company, or other monetary services company.

9. Investment analyst – $55,000/yr

An investment analyst is a specialist at assessing financial data, often in order to recommend whether to purchase, sell, or hold assets.

10. Wealth manager -$56,000/yr

they offer a variety of services and give private, high-net-worth people and wealthy families advice on how to manage their money and plan their investments to achieve their financial objectives.


You now know that “investment management” is a broad term. That means finance professionals have a ton of possibilities! in addition to working their way up to be an investment manager, someone seeking a career in finance can be happy with one of the job descriptions that come along the route.

Additionally, there are a ton of lateral paths that their career may take. You can choose to work with investment companies, insurance providers, banks, and other lending companies that hire finance analysts in addition to consultancy or freelancers as finance specialists.

However, your work should be interesting and demanding. that’s the perfect balance between intense and tired. your capacity for invention is constantly tested when it comes to investment management.

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