How To Find Security Jobs Near Me

When something bad happens, it’s the job of a security officer to protect a person, a business, or an asset. During their shifts, they have to do things like watch over a certain area, get rid of people who aren’t supposed to be there, and write down any problems that happen.

Duties and obligations of a security personnel

The main job of a security guard is to keep a business’s property, staff, and customers safe. You can see the following as some of their typical daily duties in a job description:

  • Continuous patrolling and observation of activity on the business’s grounds to deter thieves and ensure a safe and secure environment.
  • Before the proper authorities arrive to take over, evict intruders and offenders and detain them while adhering to the legal process.
  • Regulating the arrival and departure of personnel, guests, and vehicles following the protocol
  • Keeping an eye on security cameras to look out for any disruptions or illegal activity.
  • Giving management thorough information on daily operations and any mishaps that may have happened.
  • Checking security measures and, if necessary, running metal detectors and X-ray machines
  • Straightforward and concise use of provided communication tools, such as two-way radios as necessary, giving CPR or first aid.

What is the duty of a security guard?

Security guards are frequently used by organizations and private individuals to safeguard assets, property, and people. Depending on the needs of their employer, their daily tasks can vary from job to job, but they are often asked to physically patrol or watch an area and make sure the people inside a house or business are safe.

While some security officers operate separately, others function as a team. Security guards can be self-employed, work for a security company, or work for themselves.

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Qualifications and skills for security guards

To protect a business and its assets, a security guard needs to have the following skills and certifications:

  • Excellent understanding of security procedures
  • Being able to use emergency devices and security systems
  • Outstanding interpersonal abilities
  • Advanced communication abilities in both writing and speaking
  • The capacity to work independently or as a team
  • The capacity to address issues as they emerge
  • Sensitivity to detail
  • The capacity to respond effectively in demanding circumstances

Salary ranges for security guards

Security makes $12.92 an hour on average. Depending on criteria including experience, education, certifications, and extra talents, this compensation rate may change.

Criteria for security guard education and training

In contrast to many other professional roles, the best person for a job doesn’t have to have a degree. The majority of firms will take applicants with a GED or high school education into consideration. 

Candidates with a certification, a security guard license, or security training are frequently given preference by employers. Applicants must have first aid and self-defense training as well. For higher-level jobs, employers may prefer candidates with a four-year bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related field.

How to find a security job near me

1. Internet job search engines

There are job listings for security positions on websites like Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn. By entering your location and pertinent keywords like “security,” “security guard,” “security officer,” or “security analyst” in the search field, you can look for security jobs in your neighborhood.

2. Local job fair 

Visit local job fairs where hiring for security positions is taking place. This might provide you with the chance to speak with recruiters in person, ask them questions, and find out more about employment possibilities.

3. Browse the internet

Browse the websites of the businesses that offer security services in your area. Many businesses offer careers pages that provide job prospects or advertise job openings on their websites.

4. Networking

Share your interest in a security position with your friends, family, and acquaintances. They might know of job openings in the industry or be able to put you in touch with someone who does.

5. Personnel Agencies

Security-related positions are the focus of some staffing firms. These organizations collaborate with numerous businesses to provide them with security personnel. To learn more about open employment, get in touch with a staffing company in your neighborhood. Keep in mind to update your resume and cover letter, make it unique for each position you apply for, and submit your application for jobs that fit your qualifications.

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