How Tall Is CoryxKenshin?

Cory “CoryxKenshin” Williams is a popular YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and social media influencer known for his gaming content and vlogs. One of the most common questions fans have about Cory is: “How tall is CoryxKenshin?”

CoryxKenshin Height And Weight

According to his social media accounts and various interviews, CoryxKenshin’s height is around 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) and he weighs approximately 70kg. While this may seem shorter than some of the other popular gaming content creators, it is important to remember that height is not a determining factor in someone’s ability to succeed on YouTube or Twitch.

CoryxKenshin has been able to build a large and dedicated fan base by consistently creating entertaining and high-quality content. He is well-known for his engaging and charismatic personality, as well as his ability to connect with his audience. He is always doing something interesting, like playing games, live streaming, creating vlogs, and even doing stand-up comedy, All these things make him a rising star and one of the most loved personalities on the internet.

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Despite his relatively short height, CoryxKenshin is a dedicated and hardworking individual who has built a successful career as a content creator. He continues to produce new and exciting content for his fans, and his popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

It is also worth noting that height can also be affected by other factors like footwear, camera angles, posture, etc, that might give an illusion of someone’s height being taller or shorter, so it is always best to take into account multiple sources, rather than just a single statement or video.


CoryxKenshin may not be the tallest content creator out there, but that hasn’t stopped him from building a successful career and a dedicated fan base. His height is not a determining factor in his success, but rather his talent, dedication, and ability to connect with his audience.

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