How Tall Is Lord Farquaad?

When converted, Lord Farquaad’s height is 4 feet, 6 inches, which is equivalent to 137 centimeters. In addition, he weighs 95 pounds, which is equivalent to 43 kilos. His blood type is red, which was to be expected.

Why is Lord Farquaad short?

However, the height of Lord Farquaad might change depending on the function he plays. One may state without a shadow of a doubt that there is no official measurement of Lord Farquaad’s height.

Lord Farquaad is a fictional character in the 2001 animated film “Shrek.” He is voiced by actor John Lithgow and is depicted as a short, stocky man with a large head and a scraggly beard.

According to the movie’s production notes, Lord Farquaad is “a little guy with a big ego” and is only seen from the waist up in the film, to emphasize his short stature. The character’s height is not explicitly stated in the movie, but it is clear that he is significantly shorter than the other characters.

In the film, Lord Farquaad is portrayed as the ruthless, power-hungry, and vain ruler of Duloc and he wants to be known as a real king and he will do anything to achieve it.

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How old is Farquaad from Shrek?

He was born on the 28th of January 1451 and hails from Orinion.


It’s important to note that, Lord Farquaad’s height serves as a comedic element in the film and it is used to emphasize his insecurities and desire for power and control.

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