10 Best Fashion Magazines For Students

Fashion magazines, whether in physical or digital format, are a great source of news and insights for creations and business models in the fashion world, depending on what you read and how. There are publications around the world and no one has time to read everything, so it is important to have pre-selected lists of websites specialized in the fashion market.

The fashion market is very dynamic. And to be aware of all the news, even more so with the bombardment in the feed from Google and social networks, is a little complicated. That’s why going straight to the best fashion magazines for students saves you time and guarantees you quality information.

Not all students have the habit of following the news, in any area. Fortunately or not, reading fashion magazines frequently is trendy among students and regardless of what you do or study, you still need to be on track.

However, this is the only way you can stay up to date with trends, news, commercial opportunities, inspirations, zeitgeist, important events, etc. And you need to know all this first-hand! The best fashion magazines for students, which can be seen later, have a lot of history in the market and have become great references. From catwalk innovations to celebrity and anonymous look analysis, many types of knowledge are obtained. Of course, not counting other publications that are important, such as makeup, music, movies, etc. What does this have to do with fashion? Everything. Because they point to behavioral and stylistic trends of an era or at least a social group.

Furthermore, making this selection on your own is not always easy. To help you open the way, I made a list of the 10 fashion magazines that are best for students.

While these magazines are good ways to keep up with the news, some lessons are timeless and most beneficial to the student

10 Best Fashion Magazines For Student

1.  Vogue

It is impossible not to start a list of fashion magazines without mentioning Vogue. Without a doubt, it is the most important source of information in the world about the fashion market. She has been the leading fashion guide, especially since the 1980s when Anna Wintour took the lead.

The launch of Vogue took place in the United States in 1892. It was the first American publication that managed to conquer Europe. It usually has an online version, expanding its scope, which in physical media reaches 90 countries. It’s pure glamour and elegance on paper.

2. Elle

Elle is also an international fashion magazine, but it also shows national trends in the countries in which it is published. The target audience of this publication is wide since it focuses on women 20 year’s who are students. Many generations in a magazine!

Elle had its origin in France, in the 1940s, but today it reaches more than 50 countries. Oh, and of course, it is also present in the Spanish-speaking world and on the Internet. It is the ideal magazine for those who like striking publishers and consult news from the segment.

3.  Harper’s Bazaar

“The source of style for women and well-dressed minds” is the free translation of the slogan of Harper’s Bazaar, one of the oldest fashion magazines in the world, which was launched back in 1867.

This magazine combines fashion with artistic references and has its versions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, and more Latin American countries. This fashion magazine is a guide for students especially those who live in the world of fashion. Harper’s also has an online version, where it also shows current trends and novelties with great luxury.

4. L’Officiel

This magazine also has French origins and its versions in the Spanish-speaking market. However, it is interesting to mention that the magazine, back in France, has a much larger name, which is “L’Officiel de la couture et de la mode de Paris”.

The translation, in general terms, is “The Parisian culture and fashion official.” That is, it is one of those that is powerful in the market and, well, it is not out of the mouth, since it has a lot of impact on the market. In addition, the magazine also talks about culture, cosmetics, and lifestyle. It brings interviews and covers fashion shows and trends.

Beyond France, it has 30 foreign editions, including versions for Latin America and Spain.

In 2005, the magazine launched a men’s edition L’Officiel Hommes, quarterly published by a stylist and not by a journalist.

5.  V Magazine

V Magazine is an alternative fashion magazine option. It represents American pop culture. If you can read in English, it is worth paying attention to it.

6. Mannequin

It is Brazil’s reference fashion magazine. Its origin is from the Tupiniquim land itself.

It is edited by Editorial Caras (in partnership with Argentina Perfil), talks about fashion, trends, decoration, and beauty, and even has a DIY proposal (do it yourself) of clothes. This is the reason for the name of the magazine, and this way it enlightens students and keeps the best

The editions bring molders of pieces for people to make their clothes or ask a seamstress to make them. If you have a study, why not be inspired by these ideas? Oh, and Manequim also has an online page.

7. W Magazine

This magazine is only for students with intention of professionalism and fashion lovers who like disruptive images. W Magazine is a perfect inspiration for anyone who loves photographic essays that are as controversial as they are impeccable.

Even so, he installs in his articles the “who, what, where, when, and why” of all movements in the fashion market. Oh, and like V, it doesn’t have a Spanish edition, you should read it in English.

8. Grazia

Neither French nor North American. Grazia is an Italian magazine that has editions in different parts of the planet, in Latin America and Spain.

The magazine that was born in 1938 still brings street looks and catwalk garments, talking about provocative collections and not just luxury. It addresses the settlement at prices above the bank account of the common reader.

Talk about shoes, bags, and accessories along with clothes and, in addition to presenting trends, it helps to find the best ways to wear them, stores to buy them, and how to put together looks.

9. Marie Claire

This French magazine, which was created in 1937, talks about fashion, trends, culture, society, and news of the main brands. But he also likes to deal with related topics such as beauty, lifestyle, trends, relationships, and sex.

Therefore, it is a magazine that does not have an exclusive fashion approach, being somewhat more varied with topics in general that may interest professionals in related areas.

10. Glamour

Glamour is a magazine that brings articles aimed at women and young fashion, even addressing the lives of bloggers who about a year and a half became the central article of the magazine. The origin is American, it has Mexican, Spanish, and also Brazilian versions. And it addresses not only fashion.

He also talks about beauty, celebrities, sex, behavior, and lifestyle. All this in a lighter and more relaxed way. In short, it is a variety magazine for women.

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