51 Best Skills To Learn Online – Most Lucrative Skills To Learn In 2023

Learning a new skill is one of the finest ways to make the most of your free time in the coming year. Consider the world’s most successful individuals. When you are ready to acquire a skill, learning any of the most demanding online skills can bring about a lot of positive changes in your life.

Those who are the most adept at picking up new talents are the ones that continuously succeed. Successful people commit to devoting their spare time to learning (instead of vegging out in front of the television.) They also keep their word about learning online skills to make money.

With that in mind, there are a plethora of in-demand skills for online jobs for you to pick up in your spare time. This list gives you the 51 most profitable skills to learn in 2023, that will help you better your life both personally and professionally.

It will not be difficult to locate new abilities to acquire using this list; but, narrowing down your list of what you want to study will be difficult.

Best online skills to learn 2023

1. Learn to code.

The Odin Initiative is an open-source project that draws on curricula from all around the web to provide you with the tools you’ll need to get a job as a web developer, including a Github portfolio of projects. 

In Norse mythology, the enterprise is known as the father of the gods, whose defining feature was, above all, a thirst for fresh knowledge. This program claims to get you from one side (unemployed)to the other in roughly 1000 hours if you’re keen on a computing profession.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO) 

Believe something from me: a lot of people now make their job blogging for the web, so everything you create for the internet must consider search engine rankings, which is a field that is ALWAYS changing.

Reading a blog that writes frequently on the issue is an excellent method to remain up to date on current best practices. Such a blog is Search Engine Journal. They also host regular webinars on new topics and support the Search Engine Nerds, a weekly podcast.

3. Writing Resumes and cover letters

Linkedin Learning is a digital learning provider that provides free access to a variety of courses for 30 days. The class we’re interested in is in the section Writing Resumes and Cover Letters. Although this course is geared for college graduates, many of the principles may be applied to different stages of a career. 

The class’s work includes a focus on networking and developing a personal brand. The video course lasts about 90 minutes and is part of the wider “Job Hunting for College Grads” component.

4. Microsoft Excel 

The obstructive design of numerous otherwise perfectly usable materials proved to be an unanticipated stumbling block while seeking online Excel courses. 

Being confronted with unranked grids of data while attempting to enhance my skills to learn how to use grids of data is a recipe for frustration. Chandoo.org is one site that avoids this issue because the content is well-organized and, for the most part, free. For individuals who want to become “great” at Excel, there are paid components available.

5. Study Chinese.

You’re well aware of the strong reasons to learn this language, which is spoken by over a billion prospective customers. You’re one step closer to expanding your horizons and consumer base with Domino Chinese’s adjustable price plans, which start at just $2 per month. 

Domino Chinese balances video, audio, and text, as is typical of modern online language learning. Brief lectures and live conversational exercises are best understood in the context of Felix, a famous Chinese television presenter who acts as your language coach.

6. Podcasting

Who doesn’t have an idea for a podcast in the back of their mind? If you’ve settled on a podcast format, the next step is to buy the highest-quality equipment that your restricted budget (and all budgets are limited) will allow. 

Podcastconsultant.com includes a comprehensive list of required equipment, with several price ranges for each item. Many sources advise having at least one co-host, and the more chemistry you share, the better your final product will be.

7. YouTube 

The Creator Academy at YouTube is a great place to start learning about what YouTube is and how you can use it to make money. It’s a 31-lesson course that starts with the fundamentals and progresses to subjects such as how to avoid burnout.

Of course, the lectures are delivered in YouTube video format, along with multiple-choice questions that help you set your goals for using this online platform.

8. Photographic Skills

You found a great deal on a beautiful DSLR on Facebook and are ready to launch your side business. All you need now are some abilities to learn. Fortunately, the internet is on your side. In this regard, YouTube is a fantastic resource. 

The popular website FStoppers recently opened a YouTube channel, and both the stream and the website are great places to learn basic photography skills and socialize with other photography enthusiasts.

They contain tutorials, equipment reviews, and a regular video feature where professional photographers constructively critique novice images.

9. Technical Writing 

Study.com offers English 305, an online course that covers the fundamentals of professional writing and progresses through writing guidelines, publications, and ideas. 

This course will not earn you college credit, but it will prepare you to use their paid proctored testing program for college credit. For $29.99 per month, you get basic access to this and hundreds of other courses, including educational videos, evaluated assignments, and the referenced college credit tests.

10. PhotoShop

TUTS+ is our pick for the best free online resource for learning the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop. They do have paid stuff, but the freebies here will have you well enough on your path to being Photoshop-savvy. 

This website will keep you up to date on best practices and standards of photo alteration with how-to lessons and evaluations of new software packages.

11. Project Management

Alison.com provides free information, but you must pay if you want to get a diploma after your homework. Their project management credential is a fantastic starting point for understanding vocabulary, technique, and the “project life cycle.” 

The coursework takes six to ten hours to complete, and the final exam is not an easy A. You are still qualified for Student Performance Validation on the site’s homepage if you do not want to purchase your certificate.

12. Microsoft Word

LinkedIn offers a free 30-day trial of their 10,000+ classes delivered by industry professionals. They provide a variety of Microsoft Word classes that will teach you how to insert charts and use macros, regardless of the version of Word you are using.

After the first 30 days, access costs $24.99 a month, with an annual payment saving of up to 20%. Many businesses consider this a valuable resource and will pay you for spending in this area, according to LinkedIn. For a limited time, you may try Linkedin Learning for free.

13. Public Speaking 

This course is part of a four-unit Public Speaking Specialization provided by the University of Washington through the Coursera platform. The 100% online course takes about sixteen hours to complete and has customizable deadlines to fit your schedule. 

The coursework includes one hour of lecture per week, as well as readings and quizzes. Confidence and presentation planning are two skills that students will gain in class. A paid membership is required for full access to the course, but completing the four courses unlocks a specialty that can be added to your LinkedIn profile or CV.

14. Wealth Management 

Forget about traditional budgeting. Most individuals find this activity stressful, and it wastes time tracking things that are already tracked if they use a credit or debit card. 

According to a recent study, three crucial factors might help alleviate most financial concerns. 1) Know what your monthly and annual financial responsibilities are. 2) Automate as many invoices as possible to avoid missing payments and spending money before you need it to pay the bill. 3) Determine how much money you need to spend each month (excluding costs and debt repayment) and STICK TO IT. 

If you notice that your non-essential spending dollars are depleting quicker than the number of days left in the month, make cuts where you can and let the savings accumulate.

15 . Mac Expertise

If you want to master Apple IT skills, the firm offers online seminars and tutorials intended for educators, although many of the concepts apply to everyone. To contribute or see past content, you must first register, however it is free to do so. 

The Lion Server Documentation Guide is also available on the site, which can be useful for learning about other Apple ideas. Apple, as a firm, lays a specific emphasis on the education sector as it expands its user base and distributes its goods

16. Human Resources 

Essentials to Personnel Management is a free web course from Udemy that lasts about 75 minutes. It’s an excellent place to start for anyone interested in general business administration who is unsure about the HR department’s objective or skill set.

Human resource departments’ unique management requirements are also addressed. A Certificate of Completion is included with the course. The course concludes with suggestions for efficient HR management.

17. Microsoft Access 

Microsoft Access education for Microsoft.com offers a well-organized overview of the system’s datasets, records, and connections. Hint: Because this course presumes you understand your way around Excel, you might skip over the materials at #4 on this list if you aren’t familiar with it. Microsoft provides a series of introductory films followed by several decision trees to help you figure out what you need from the application.

18. Mathematical Reasoning

Stanford University’s Introduction to Mathematical Thinking teaches you how to think like a mathematician. This is a 39-hour intermediate course that takes approximately 3-5 hours per week. 

You’ll study number theory and how to think logically. Attempt this Guide to Arithmetic Reasoning if you’re interested in critical thinking and “thinking outside the box” as a professional mathematician.

19. Culinary Expertise

Learning new culinary skills improves the range of dishes you can prepare, making eating at home more interesting and potentially saving you money by preventing you from dining out. 

Ordering a weekly food box (such as Blue Apron’s Hello Fresh) is a great way to try new recipes and automate some of your food spendings. Food box deals abound, and you may quickly switch from one meal box provider to the next as the special rates expire.

The Stuff Box is an excellent fit for saving money while trying new things, but you should also obtain feedback so you don’t waste money on food you won’t eat.

20. Caring for Animals

If you’re low on this crucial natural resource, Rover is a wonderful place to start looking for a side business and get some quality doggo time. The signup process is simple, and you can use their app to keep track of your appointments and designate your availability on your schedule. 

You choose which services you wish to offer, from in-home dog/cat watching (the best paying option) to doggy daycare or simple dog walking, according to the website, and you may earn up to $1000 per month.

21. WordPress 

WP101 offers only those permits to their Wp and related plugins such as Yoast and Jetpack for a monthly or yearly fee. WordPress began as a blogging platform, but it has now expanded to include entire websites, online stores, and a variety of other applications. 

WP101’s website also offers special savings to firms that provide WordPress web hosting and themes. The site also has a partnership with Codeable, which offers WordPress expertise for hire for $60 per hour. This just goes to show how profitable it can be to improve your WordPress game.

22. Bookkeeping

The Open University provides a wealth of online accounting information that is free, in keeping with their objective. They begin with the fundamentals, such as an introduction to bookkeeping, before moving on to more advanced topics, such as liquidity management. 

If you want to work as an accountant, you’ll need to enroll in a more formal degree at a community college or university. The open university, on the other hand, can get you up to speed quickly, and you’ll receive a digital badge or certificate of participation for finishing your courses.

23. Microsoft PowerPoint

According to a current promotion, Skillshare.com’s Presentation Design for Smart People class can be accessed for three months for just 99 cents.

You earn points as you progress through the curriculum, and when you reach a particular number of points, you’ll receive a free 60-day membership to Morningstar.com, allowing you to put your newfound knowledge to use by accessing analyst reports and stock buy and sell recommendations.

24. Digital Marketing 

The Google Digital Marketing Competition is a program that allows any young person to achieve international market knowledge by supporting a participating charity with their digital advertising strategies. Google offers teams of two to five students a Google Ad Grant of up to $10,000 per month to spend on Google advertisements for the NGO. 

Students work under the supervision of a faculty member and are expected to develop a relationship with the client as well as deliver a Post-Campaign Analysis after the program.

25. Ethical Hacking 

BoingBoing’s complete ethical hacking bundle is an eight-course bundle that requires you to pay what you wish, in keeping with Boing Boing’s ethics. They’re serious about it. 

“Learn Website Hacking and Penetration Testing From Scratch,” “From Zero to Hero in Web, Network, and WiFi Hacking,” and “Hack People Systems and Mobile Devices” are just a few of the courses available. 

Keep in mind that white hat/ethical hacking is intended to test and increase system security, as well as to make us more knowledgeable consumers and producers of electronic content.

26. Copywriting 

Any type of writing should be clear and succinct, with a powerful voice. Copy Hackers can assist you in taking the writing you write for a living to the next level. Joanna Wiebe, one of the company’s co-founders, defines their approach as “not crass direct-selling,” but rather “identifying each client’s voice that draws readers and, perhaps, clients.”

They offer free booklets on how to write newsletters that get read and a guide for “Conversion Marketers” to achieve marketable text on their welcome page.

27. Finance and Economics 

MIT offers dozens of graduate and undergraduate course elements in economics, ranging from Principles of Microeconomics to Microeconomic Theory and Public Policy to Advanced Macroeconomics if you are of a certain, self-directed mindset and ready to take advantage of sophisticated–and free–course materials in economics from a model research technical institution. 

Since 2001, MIT Open CourseWare has provided access to previously run courses that have ended in 2018. Supporting textbooks in PDF, syllabi, properly organized topic units, tests, and other supplementals are frequently included in these courses. 

Most courses also offer a single webpage where you can download all of the course materials as well as links to recorded lectures.

28. Construction of a chatbot

Because of the prevalence of social media platforms, you might want to learn how to create a chatbot. A chatbot is a software program that simulates a discussion with a user using artificial intelligence. You may learn how to construct and optimize chatbots with the help of how-to articles and video tutorials that don’t require you to know how to code.

29. Budgeting

Budgeting is a valuable skill that can be applied both personally and professionally. If you want to qualify for a management position where you’ll be in charge of allocating resources for a department, you’ll need budgeting skills. There are a variety of websites and apps available to help you improve your budgeting skills.

30. Computer keyboarding

If you’ve gotten this far in life solely by hunting and pecking, a) congrats, and b) it’s past time you mastered the proper approach. Speedtyping.com provides free tutorials to help you learn the fundamentals, and once you’ve mastered them, life should provide you with ample practice to keep your skills fresh. 

If opportunities to use the keyboard become scarce, the site provides games to keep your newly acquired skills sharp until they are needed again. This ability to master may not immediately add bucks to your pocket, but it will (eventually) boost your productivity at work and thus make you a more valuable employee, which can lead to increases and promotions down the road.

31. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of marketing that involves sending emails to

Email marketing is still going strong. It’s one of the most reliable ways to make a lot of money on the internet right now.

 You may nearly skyrocket your sales and income if you master the skill of email marketing and understand how to design an effective sales funnel.

It’s not just about creating great sales letters; it’s also about figuring out what kinds of emails get opened and result in active interests and purchases. Email marketing is a skill that can be learned quickly online, but it will take a lot of effort on your part to master.

32. Human behavior and psychology.

Since I can remember, I’ve had a passing interest in psychology and human behavior. My knowledge of why people do what they do has been shaped by my curiosity. This extends to contract negotiations, settlement discussions, purchasing patterns, and a variety of other areas. 

What colors do people respond to the most, where should you sit at a table during negotiations or meetings, and how can you tell if someone is lying by the way they hold their head or look? This single ability could provide you with significant advantages in both life and career.

33. Analyzing statistical data.

Statistical data analysis is another excellent skill to master online. We all know that to attain our objectives, we must become experts at data analysis. Statistical analysis and regression analysis are two methods for identifying correlations between variables, which may then be tweaked and fine-tuned to assist us to reach our objectives.

In a variety of settings, statistical data analysis is a valuable talent to have. We may utilize it to better understand website traffic and determine whether our marketing efforts are paying off. It may also be employed in a variety of other scenarios, and the more you know about it, the better you will be at just about any task.

34. Investing

Investopedia not only has a stock simulator that allows you to invest false resources in real settings, but it also has a resource hub for all forms of investment expertise. You can begin by investing $100,000 in stocks to test your theory before risking your hard-earned money in the stock market.

35. Leadership 

MindTools is a good place to start.MindTools is an online learning platform that teaches you all you need to know about leadership, team management, strategy, stress management, and more.

If you’re a young professional, a business owner, or a manager, MindTools can help you improve your talents right now. This is a paid platform where you’ll have to pay $27 every month

36. Digital Marketing.

This isn’t simply about search engine optimization. This is about the key ideas that drive traffic via social media and advertisements. If you understand the mechanics of online marketing, you’ll be able to drive a lot of traffic and scale-up whatever business you start.

This will also assist you in earning money online, whether through passive or active revenue activities. There is a lot of diverse stuff to absorb and comprehend here, but it is well worth the effort.

37. Blogging 

Blogging can be incredibly gratifying and entertaining, and virtually anyone can do it! There’s even a blog for dogs! (By the way, it was a fantastic show. Consider what you like, dislike, find amusing, or what makes you distinctive when it comes to the topic.

Then, on your website, write, film, and upload images about it. Readers will begin to flock to your site to see what you’re up to.

38. Screenplay Writing

All of the enjoyable movies you see on the big screen began as a concept in someone’s head. Then they wrote down their thoughts on paper. Writing a screenplay is difficult, and you’ll need to go through several drafts and careful readings, but it’s also a lot of fun since you get to say exactly what you want to say and introduce characters who are engaging and entertaining.

After a horrible breakup, I wrote my first screenplay in a high school screenwriting class about a university dropout who seeks to uncover ancient Aztec wealth. Unfortunately, it has yet to be converted into a feature film. Reading the screenplays of popular films online is an excellent beginning step.

39. Invest in real estate and flip a house

Flipping a property is a new skill for people looking for a new challenge while still making money. Picking the correct property with tremendous potential takes time and a little bit of experience, but if you do it right, you can flip a house and make a lot of money.

My uncle used to make a lot of money by flipping houses. You can either hire a crew or do it yourself if you know how to use a skill saw.

40. Flying Drones

Learn to fly drones and master the technologies of the future. These tiny fellows aren’t too pricey, and they’re very simple to operate.

Drones can shoot photos, movies, and a variety of other tasks, making them a lot of fun and allowing you to explore from above.

41. Picking locks 

This science expert’s ability should never be utilized to commit a crime. However, in some circumstances, it is really valuable. Imagine being locked out of your flat at 3:40 a.m. on a cold winter night following a crazy night at the pub.

When you reach home, the wind is nibbling at your ears, and you realize you’ve locked yourself out. If you’re sober enough, your lockpicking talents may be able to save your life. It’s also a lot easy to learn than you might believe.

42. Begin keeping a journal.

I’ve been keeping a journal on and off for a long time. Mostly turned off. I’ll admit that I’m a slacker. However, I will admit that the journaling I’ve done has been satisfying and has greatly aided me in organizing my thoughts and emotions. There’s something about getting your thoughts down on paper that helps you make sense of different events, thoughts, and even dreams.

43. Become a master storyteller.

It may appear that telling good stories is a general skill, but it is not. It all comes down to picking the finest stories and expressing them in a clear, captivating, and persuasive manner. 

Whether you want to improve your public speaking skills or simply become a more fascinating person, storytelling is a fantastic talent to have. Do you want to improve your storytelling skills? Then read move story tales.

44. Become a sommelier.

What do you think would go down extremely well right now? A lovely, delectable glass of wine. You name it: red, white, or purple!

Gain knowledge to be a wine expert, a skilled wine taster who is also a specialist in pairing wines with food and rating wines, if you want to take it to the next

45. Soap-making

We all need soap, but most of us only buy it when we go to the store.

Try your hand at soapmaking if you want to learn a fun and useful new skill. It’s not as difficult as you may imagine, and it’s a lot of fun. 

You also don’t need to be an expert in science. With just a few simple materials, you can make soap in a variety of flavors and varieties at home.

46. Crocheting

Crocheting is a soothing and gratifying hobby that produces a variety of beautiful scarves, baby boots, and crafts. It’s not difficult to learn, and all you’ll need is some yarn and a couple of crochet needles. If you have a strong desire to learn how to crochet, then go for it. Crochet has a stronghold on some of the happiest people I know.

47. Massage Therapist.

Massage is a valuable talent to have, and the more you practice it, the better you will become. In my situation, I prefer receiving them, although providing them can also be enjoyable. 

Why not learn massage to broaden your horizons? You may even concentrate on learning how to ease neck and back strain so that you can become everyone’s favorite.

48. Take up painting again.

painting is a fantastic activity. There are a variety of genres to choose from, as well as free classes to watch, whether you want to focus on watercolors, acrylics, or oil paintings.

Painting is all about expressing yourself through color, and using vibrant colors to portray your thoughts, emotions, and memories is a rejuvenating and stimulating experience.

49. Sewing

Sewing is one of those abilities that I picked up along the way.

Sewing and mending garments are immensely calming and fulfilling. I felt accomplished and at ease, even though I was only sewing by hand. If you’re feeling adventurous, take it a step further and learn how to use a sewing machine.

50. Start gardening.

There’s nothing like establishing your calm refuge and reconnecting with the earth in today’s frantic world. Gardening is a great opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and use your creative powers all at the same time. 

Whatever type of garden you choose to create and plant, there are countless books, websites, and manuals that will provide you with inspiration and all sorts of fantastic visions for creating your ideal garden.

51. Learn cabinetry

My father is a craftsman, and he taught me the fundamentals of carpentry and woodworking when I was younger. I gotta say, it’s wonderful. If you like cabinets, shelves, and furniture (and who doesn’t? ), learning some cabinetry and carpentry might be a great way to relax and maybe even make some money on the side by selling your creations.

Cabinetry is a stylish option. Begin with this free video from the “Wood Whisperer” on the basic tools and abilities you’ll require.


Online education is the way of the future. You may now learn almost everything, including photography, public speaking, and even how to speak a foreign language.

These life-changing talents aren’t meant to be learned simply in a school setting. You can frequently learn without breaking the bank by taking these classes online, and you can save time by not having to commute to a school or meet with a private tutor.

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