10 Easy Online Schools To Get Into In 2022 – 2023

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Due to the importance of education, distance learning has spread like wildfire throughout the world. Today, many students have the choice to attend any school of their choosing, regardless of its location.

For those of you interested in online programs, we have decided to compile a list of 10 easy online schools to get into in 2022, even though getting into some of these schools can be difficult due to lengthy admissions procedures.

You have the option to study at your own pace and convenience while working at one of these accredited online schools that are simple to get into. You can even combine the two or more depending on your choice.

Additionally, you will have a better chance of being admitted due to the simple admissions process and high acceptance rate.

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Whether you are looking for the easiest online school for bachelor’s or online colleges with 100% acceptance rate, if you are certain that you want to enroll in an online course or even take advanced courses, seize the chance right away by carefully reading this post through to the end without skimming.

This is due to the fact that this post contains 10 Simple Online Schools to Apply to in 2022. Be aware that these institutions offer excellent educational programs in a range of specialties.

10 Accessible Online Colleges in America

1. International University

International University is the first on our list of easiest colleges to get into because the German-based International University of Applied Sciences (IU) wants to make education accessible to as many qualified students as possible, regardless of their background.

The largest private university in Germany by enrollment, IU has over 70,000 students and offers over 200 courses along with online and on-campus bachelor’s, master’s, and MBA programs. It has been at the forefront of technological advancements in online higher education for more than ten years. It has a large online library with videos and podcasts for students, as well as an online learning environment.

2. City University of Seattle

Established in 1873, the City University of Seattle is a private university. A maximum of 7,600 people attend the university. This university tops the list of the easiest online schools to get into because it has a 100% acceptance rate.

Basically, this university has three schools: the Albright School of Education, the Arts and Sciences Institute, and the School of Management, which provides higher education and learning opportunities through satellite campuses and online education.

3. The University of Texas-El Paso 

The University of Texas-El Paso ranks highly among public universities in the US. The university attained this by standing out as a leader in easily accessible higher education on a national scale. This university essentially has ten schools and colleges, all of which offer a variety of degree programs, including online degree programs.

With an acceptance rate of 68.0% and very high retention rates of 73% for full-time students and 455 for part-time students, this is one of the simpler online schools you can enroll in.

4. Academy of Art University

One of the simpler online graduate programs to get into is the Academy of Art University, formerly the Richard Stephens Academy of Art. In San Francisco, California, in the United States, there are roughly 11,000 students enrolled in this privately owned, for-profit art school. 

In essence, this online school provides opportunities for higher education and learning, including associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in about 25 subjects.

5. Oklahoma State University

On our list of accredited online colleges with simple admission requirements is Oklahoma Wesleyan University. A public institution of higher learning offers 2+2 programs. Therefore, students only enroll in a two-year certificate or degree programs. In essence, this school provides Online degrees in areas like Business Administration, Configuration Management, and RN to BS in Nursing, management, and psychology. It’s interesting to note that the school has a 95% acceptance rate and an extremely high 82% retention rate.

6. Utah State University

Utah State University is the next institution on our list of accessible online colleges. This university was founded in 1888 as a public institution. This university provides various online degree programs such as bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs. It’s interesting that this university has a 97% acceptance rate and retention rates of 73% for full-time students and 53% for part-time students.

7. Bethel University

One of the accredited online colleges with simple admission requirements is Bethel University. This university provides up to 35 online programs, including seminar online programs, graduate online programs for adults, and adult graduate online programs.

It’s interesting to note that Bethel University’s online programs are among the easiest to enter in 2020 due to their high acceptance rate. Additionally, there is a retention rate of 68%, which is above average.

8. Colorado State University

This university, a state-run institution with a 16:1 student-to-faculty ratio, was founded in 1933 with the primary objective of offering early childhood education across a range of subject areas. Interestingly, Colorado State University has a very high acceptance rate of 84% and a very high early acceptance rate of 89.8%, making it one of the online schools with the easiest admissions requirements for 2020.

Additionally, its 83% retention rate makes it a very good choice for you as it increases your chances of being retained after graduation.

9. Colorado Christian University

Colorado Christian University was established in 1914 and is a private, interdenominational Christian liberal arts institution with simple admission requirements for its online programs.

This Christian institute consists of two colleges and schools, which offer more than 100-degree programs, including licensure and certification programs.  Due to its extremely high acceptance rate, we have listed it here as one of the accredited online schools that is simple to enter.

10.  Tiffin University 

Tiffin University is another institution you should consider applying to if you’re looking for accredited online colleges with simple admission requirements. With this school, I wager that earning a degree even while working a full-time job is not insurmountable.

Essentially, at Tiffin University, you have the option to complete your degree more quickly than you would if you were enrolled in a traditional program.

The university also provides them with the private, reasonably priced, career-focused programs and web-enabled courses they need to be successful in the contemporary workforce.


Online schools provide students with the opportunity to be taught online. According to the definition, it is “education that uses one or more technologies to move students who are apart from the teacher and to support full-time citizen collaboration among students.” There are countless reasons why you ought to think about enrolling in one of the simple online schools. Despite the fact that the majority of students believe that attending an online school indicates that the institution is of low caliber or has fewer resources available in comparison to other institutions, which is never true.

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