21 Best Paying Jobs In Precious Metals

The majority of people desire to work in a career they love and that pays well. There are many rewarding and high-paying jobs in the precious metals industry. Similar to any industry, there are different opportunities depending on your location and skill level.

Professionals with extensive knowledge and a good reputation who work with precious metals are needed in the industry. They include a wide range of jobs, such as mining, making jewelry, restoring antiques, and blacksmithing, among others. Platinum, gold, osmium, and silver are examples of precious metals.

How does precious metals work?

Natural resources include rare metallic elements known as precious metals. They are highly valuable in terms of money because of their scarcity, beauty, utility, and history as a form of value storage. The top three precious metals are gold, silver, and platinum.

What positions in the world of precious metals are paid the most?

Precious metals-related jobs have been around for a very long time. Currently, there is not a great need for workers in the precious metals industry. But it still leaves open the possibility of amazing opportunities.

21 best-paying jobs in precious metals

1. Precious metal broker

The typical annual salary for precious metal brokers is $100,000.

Precious metal dealers are in the business of buying and selling used precious metals. They work with numerous different precious metals, both brand-new and used. The value of a precious metal can be ascertained by a qualified precious metal dealer.

2. Metals production specialist

The average yearly salary for these specialists in the metals manufacturing sector is $78,106. Experts in the production of precious metals are responsible for selecting the method and intensity of the steelmaking process, processing ore to make steel, and assessing the chemical properties of products.

3. Quality control specialist

Quality control experts earn, on average, $72,309 per year. An expert in quality control has one of the highest salaries in the precious metals industry. The duties of a quality control specialist include inspecting and testing precious jewelry products, identifying product flaws, logging and reporting issues, and carrying out any necessary repairs.

4. Precious metals consultant advisor

The typical Metal Advisor consultant’s yearly salary is $71,687.

A metal advisor consultant closely collaborates with clients looking to buy precious metals. Using market analysis and consideration of the preferences of specific clients, advisor experts choose which metals are best to buy and when to buy them.

5. Coin and jewelry consultant

Jewelry and coin consultants typically earn $55,000 annually. 

Precise evaluations and payouts for jewelry and coins can be provided by a specialist or consultant in those fields. These experts provide exceptional client service when examining, buying, and selling collectibles, coins, and precious metal products.

6. Goldsmith

An annual salary of $45,376 is typical for goldsmiths. Goldsmiths are precious metal craftspeople who focus on working with gold, though they can also work with a variety of other precious metals. A goldsmith’s skill set typically consists of shaping metal, making intricate jewelry, mending jewelry, soldering pieces together, resetting stones, sizing rings, cleaning and polishing precious metal jewelry, and grading gemstones.

7. Jewelry designer

An annual salary of $45,000 is typical for jewelry designers.

A jewelry designer’s position may vary according to their level of experience. Jewelry designers use their creativity, knowledge, and clients’ preferences to produce excellent jewelry, from bracelets to wedding bands.

8. Precious metal worker

The average annual salary for those working in the precious metals sector is $42,500. Employees in the precious metals sector mine and forge metals in addition to using them to make jewelry, restore antiques, make furniture, and do other things.

9. Jewelry salesperson

An annual salary of $35,000 is typical for jewelry salespeople. Sales of jewelry are the source of the most revenue for the precious metals industry. A salesperson in a jewelry store assists clients with the purchase, sale, and evaluation of precious stone jewelry. One typical way that jewelers make money is through sales commissions.

10. Jewellery Expert

Jewelry experts in the US make an average salary depending on the skill and mastery they have. Jewelry specialists make an average of $37,060 per year, with the top 80% earning $67,210. Jewelry specialists need to master a variety of skills in order to be successful in their field.

11. Quality Assurance Expert

A quality specialist’s yearly salary is $41,184, according to Payscale. The pay scales for quality assurance specialists at different stages of their careers entry-level, mid-career, experienced, and late-career may vary.

12. Precious stone artist

In the US, the average hourly wage for a jeweler working with precious stones is $19.84, which equates to an average yearly salary of $41,267. The pay scale changes depending on experience:

13. Blacksmith

Blacksmith salaries in the US range from $37,548 to $56,635, with an average wage of $45,846. As usual, pay is based on a number of things, such as education, experience, certifications, skills, and talents.

14. Miners

According to the hourly-pay calculator, miners make an average yearly wage of $48,110, or $23.13 per hour. If we factor in experience while making a computation the payment might increase. 

15. Jewelry Architect

According to Payscale, a jewelry architect makes an average annual pay of $57.519. If experience is included, the pay is different.

16. Gemologist

A gemologist’s typical yearly wage is $57,612. Knowing what is expected of you in the position you choose is always a good idea, especially if it is one of the best-paying positions in the precious metals industry.

17. Jewelry Shop Manager 

The salary range for a jewelry store manager in the US is between $48,398 and $73,630, with an average yearly compensation of $57,951 discovered on Salary. Salary varies according to experience, education, and other factors.

18. Metalworking Specialist

The average yearly compensation for a metalworking specialist is $73,339. It works out to $35.26 per hour. You must ascertain the products’ chemical composition. choose the optimal melting technique and temperature, Make decorative items

19. Precious Metals Sales Agent

According to Comparably, the income of a precious metals sales representative ranges from $60,403 to $90,605, with a median salary of $75,504. Selling precious metals is not a simple job. If you apply for a career as a precious metals sales agent, you must fulfill a number of qualifications.

20. Precious Metals Consultant

The annual compensation for a precious metals specialist is $81,489, The duties of a precious metals consultant are extensive. Make precise calculations of the demand and supply for precious metals on a sector-by-sector and country-by-country basis. Ensure joined-up data series by collaborating with other business consultants who are in charge of different countries.

21. Warehouse Manager

Managers of warehouses keep an eye on the delivery and storage of precious metals. They are in charge of managing the warehouse staff, monitoring inventory movements, and making sure that metals are safely stored and transported.


As you can see, working in the precious metals industry is a wise choice. The precious metals sector is what you need if you enjoy a demanding, intriguing, and flexible career where you never have to perform the same thing twice.

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