21 Best High Demand Jobs In Bahrain For Foreigners

What jobs are in high demand in Bahrain?

Bahrain is an island country in Western Asia, known officially as the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Persian Gulf, is a small archipelago centered on Bahrain Island, which accounts for about 83 percent of the nation’s landmass, is made up of 50 natural islands and 33 man-built islands.

Bahrain’s official language is Arabic, but English is also widely used. It is employed in commerce, and schools are required to teach it as a second language. Many individuals who are not natives of Bahrain speak Farsi.

Choosing a future job can be quite a challenging decision – whether you want to change your current career or determine which path to follow after completing your schooling. Before making a decision, there are several things to take into consideration.

While it’s important to think about your hobbies and what you want to accomplish with your life, it’s also crucial to make sure that your career choice will allow you to live comfortably. To assist you in selecting the profession that is perfect for you, we will list the highest-paying jobs in Bahrain in this post.

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The last thing you would want to do if you decide to invest in your development is to spend years honing your abilities in a profession that won’t support you or your family, should you decide to start one. There are many interesting and diverse employment alternatives that can assist you in reaching your financial objectives. Consequently, we’ve included the top 21 highest-paying positions in this post.

Which job has highest salary in Bahrain?

Take a look at our list of jobs in Bahrain for foreigners 2022 and make your selections.

1. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are those who start their own enterprises and do their own work. They come up with an idea, test it, and then start building it. If done effectively, it may be a financially rewarding vacation that also contributes to society by generating jobs and maintaining the economy.

Being an entrepreneur has many benefits, including financial gain, chances to use your creativity, and the potential to transform the world. The drawbacks include numerous issues that you’ll have to solve on your own along the route. You’ll need to develop a wide range of skills to market your business because cash flow can be a problem. But if you make sure that your concepts are workable and worthwhile, the risk is worth it.

2. Healthcare Professionals

There is a growing disparity between the availability of medical personnel and rising patient demands. The high salaries and rising demand for doctors. As a result, being a doctor might be a wise professional choice. You can join the NHS or work in the private sector as a doctor. The average base income for a physician, doctor, or general practitioner is $75,855 per year. If you work for the NHS, your overall income can range from £39,500 to £114,003. However, with further experience, the salary might go over £200,000.

3. Enterprise Architect

Enterprise architects, or EAs for short, ensure that the company invests in the appropriate technologies and services. The maintenance of an organization’s IT networks and services is another duty of an enterprise architect. Enterprise architects make an average base pay of £71,400 per year. However, depending on their compensation package, location, employer, etc., their total salary can range from £53,000 to £113,000 every year.

At least five to ten years of IT expertise are required for an enterprise architect. Information architecture, enterprise application integration, and other related skills are frequently needed for a successful career as an enterprise architect. They will also require outstanding leadership, problem-solving, collaboration, and communication skills. possessing a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science

4. Threat Manager

Risk managers essentially assist firms in reducing risks, such as monetary or legal ones. Effective risk managers use their abilities to bring together regulatory expertise and industry insight to support the survival and growth of their organizations. Additionally, they examine and forecast the effects of business decisions on opportunities or risk exposure. Risk managers make an average base income of £68,600 per year. 

Additionally, risk managers’ annual salaries might range from £34,000 to £89,000 in total. Internal audit, financial analysis, financial modeling, project management, data analysis, and statistical analysis are a few essential abilities for successful risk managers. It might also be necessary to have a risk management-related bachelor’s degree and a risk manager license.

5. HR Manager

An executive role inside an organization is that of the HR Director. Among other things, HR directors lead, direct, and enforce rules relating to hiring, management, and employee relations. A director of human resources (HR) typically makes £69,818 per year. An HR director’s overall pay may range from about £55,000 to £120,000. 

Additionally, your salary as an international HR director may range from £165,000 to more each year, depending on the organization. Or, if you join as a senior HR director, you could make £175,000. A bachelor’s degree in human resources, industrial psychology, business administration, or a closely related discipline is required to work as a human resources director, although a master’s degree is preferred.

6. Marketing experts

There are so many different marketing strategies, and they are all very profitable. A marketing team is necessary for every kind of business and organization to expand, bring in new clients, and increase sales. Because you can work in several industries, a job in marketing can therefore be very versatile.

Additionally, if you hone your marketing abilities, you can work on freelance jobs effectively, guaranteeing that no two days will ever be the same. You can pursue a variety of specialized professions within the marketing division to become a marketing specialist. You could, for instance, try copywriting, online marketing, or even working as a marketing director.

7. Lawyers

Additionally, lawyers receive some of the highest graduate beginning pay. You will therefore have a fulfilling job if you decide to venture into the legal field. Put yourself on the road to becoming a lawyer or paralegal. pursue a law degree at this time, you may decide to do so after completing your paralegal training.

Lawyer salaries typically start at £70,321 per year and can rise to £122,000 over time. A lawyer makes £49,928 on average per year. And just in case you were wondering, yes, paralegals do earn well in Bahrain.

8. Professor

Professors are among the most seasoned academic employees in the majority of universities. Professors have the option of pursuing a career in teaching, research, or both. Faculty, lecturer, teacher, research fellow, research assistants, etc. are some examples of pertinent academics.

In Bahrain, a professor makes an average base income of £63,427 a year. However, the average income greatly differs depending on where you work. For instance, the average income for a professor is £84,977. Additionally, depending on experience, the overall salary can range from £109,000 to £200,000.

Professors typically hold a Ph.D. However, they will undoubtedly additionally own a top-notch bachelor’s degree. However, a professor without a Ph.D. is infrequently considered if they have prior professional experience.

9. Orthodontist

An intelligent alternative to becoming a doctor if you want to work in medicine but aren’t sure is to become an orthodontist! Orthodontists are specialists in dental medicine who deal with tooth and jaw alignment. This entails completing procedures, including determining whether a patient needs braces and teeth-straightening surgery!

You must go through much the same training as a dentist to become an orthodontist before continuing your studies to guarantee you have the specialized knowledge needed for the position. Orthodontists in the UK make an average annual salary of £97,830. Nevertheless, it may go over £225,000 depending on the business or the area.

10. Back-end programmer

Technology is used by a back-end developer to create items for any website’s backend. Building the framework of a software application is another duty of a backend developer. Back-end developers have the necessary education and experience to do their tasks and employ a variety of tools, languages, and frameworks.

The average base pay for a back-end developer is £56,012. The average yearly wage for a back-end developer is £66,000. However, the cost might range from £22,000 to £91,000 based on the developer’s background, aptitude, and location.

11. Investment Banking Associate

Investment banking is one of the most desired jobs on Wall Street. It follows that it is not surprising that an investment banker’s typical days are long and demanding. However, those that make it through the adjustment stage frequently have lengthy and lucrative careers.

To ensure effectiveness and customer satisfaction, an investment banking associate assists customers with various activities. Additionally, they are primarily in charge of determining and meeting clients’ needs. As a result, they help clients achieve their financial objectives.

An investment banking associate makes an average base pay of £60,000 per year in the UK. However, it might range from £67,000 to £120,000 based on location, experience, and skill. The average annual wage for an investment banking associate in London is £88,628, too.

12. Director of Public Relations and Advertising

An exciting additional career path you could choose is that of an advertising and public relations director, who works closely with the marketing team. Directors of advertising and public relations focus on fostering a favorable public perception of their employer or clients. 

Obtaining extensive news coverage entails coordinating advertising and public relations initiatives and maintaining regular contact with the media.

Managing multiple clients at once is possible while working as an advertising and public relations director in-house or as a member of an agency team. As a freelancer, you can also operate as an advertising and public relations director. However, it can imply that you must put in more effort to earn the same wage you would receive from working for a company.

13. Customer Service Managers

One of the most promising sales positions is that of customer service manager. But that is unquestionably not a sales representative position. Instead, they frequently balance the divide between corporate interests and those of the customers, as well as between product knowledge and customer insight.

Customer Service Managers (CSMs) are an innovative hybrid position that combines sales and customer service. Their goal is to help clients make the transition from being prospective users to being active users.

A customer service manager can earn up to £82,694 per year. In contrast, the UK’s lowest annual pay for a customer success manager is £26,544. The Customer Success Director role, with a national average income of £65,760 annually, is another option.

14. Project Director

Project managers are in charge of maintaining the project’s schedule, adhering to the budget, and working with team members to make sure everything goes according to plan. As a result, project managers assist businesses in increasing productivity and reducing costs in order to boost overall performance and accomplish organizational goals. Construction, IT, HR, and marketing are just a few of the industries that require project managers.

The average annual wage for a project manager is £46,201. The pay for a project manager, however, can exceed £135,200 depending on the industry and significance of the project.

15. Psychiatrist

A physician with a specialty in mental health issues, such as the diagnosis, therapy, and prevention of mental, emotional, and behavioral illnesses, is known as a psychiatrist. Unlike psychologists and counselors, who can only pursue training as medical doctors, psychiatrists must first complete medical school. and then decide to specialize in psychiatry as their area of specialization. 

Psychiatrists can recommend medicine to their patients as well as meet with them in person to try to solve their problems. You can work as a psychiatrist in a community health team, an outpatient clinic, a hospital ward, or a general practitioner’s office.

16. Certified Public Accountants

Chartered Accountants can help with everything from payroll and tax assistance to financial accounting. A Chartered Accountant’s compensation typically ranges from £33,900 to £117,000 per year. A chartered accountant makes an annual base pay of £35,888.

Additionally, it’s critical to keep in mind that an accountant’s starting salary can vary based on the area, industry, size, and kind of the company. For instance, the annual average pay for chartered accountants is £42,792. However, it can go to £84,500 with an average yearly bonus of £17,300.

17. Analysts

There are numerous types of analysts. Additionally, they are in high demand in all industries, including government, consulting, manufacturing, medicine, and education. As a result, you can work as a business analyst, financial analyst, criminal intelligence analyst, or data analyst.

Salary levels might go from £30,000 to about $78,000. However, Bahrain-based financial analysts earn the highest wages, which can reach £100,000 per year. An equity research analyst makes a base salary of £62,900 annually. This could be a fantastic career opportunity for you if you have good mathematical abilities, a keen mind, and proficiency in analytical capabilities.

18. Aviation Pilot

Who among us didn’t, as a child, dream of flying? Finding trails in the skies, traveling, and flying high with the nicest view all rolled into one! Make sure this is the kind of job path you want to take before you start your intensive training time because, although a pilot’s life may appear thrilling, you may be away from home for extended periods. In addition to the glitter of working on the road, aircraft pilots may anticipate earning about £54,000 annually. The typical starting wage for an aircraft pilot is £25,000, and the highest earnings can reach over £150,000.

Some related professions, including airport managers and air traffic controllers, pay £52,000 and £48,000 a year, respectively.

19. Pharmacy assistant

Consider working as a pharmacy technician if you have a good eye for detail and are well organized. However, as technicians must possess a high level of ability, you must finish pharmacy technician training to make sure you possess the expertise and information needed to succeed.

Preparing, dispensing, and providing patients with pharmacy items and medications are among a pharmacy technician’s typical duties. To succeed as a pharmacy technician, you’ll need to manage a demanding workload and excel at collaborating with others. On average, pharmacy technicians make £29,266 a year. A pharmacy technician can make an average salary of £26,354 per year working for the NHS. However, it might range from £22,000 to £52,000.

20. Social worker

Social work is one of the most in-demand professions for foreigners in Bahrain. Bahrain has a high demand for social workers, and while companies are not required to hire residents before those from other nations, they will consider foreign applicants as long as they are registered with a social work agency. These organizations provide social workers free lodging and transportation.

Social workers can have a variety of roles, including management and hands-on ones. Managerial positions often have additional authority and responsibilities.

21. Medical occupations

Due to its high standard of living and first-rate infrastructure, the Kingdom of Bahrain is a popular destination for foreign medical graduates. More than 40 airports are located there, making it simple for international medical experts to relocate to and work in their selected fields.

Medical professionals receive some of the highest salaries. They can make up to 1,220 GBP a week because of their variety of roles. However, earning a good living calls for a top-notch education. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in medicine, which takes at least five years to finish, is a requirement to work in the medical field.


Before you make any final decisions, you should think about the financial benefits of any vocation you might be interested in pursuing. You must make a sizable financial, time, and training investment to build a profession for yourself. 

The typical annual wage in Bahrain is £29,600, or roughly £100,950 per month. However, there are many opportunities in the UK to make large salaries. It’s time to start on the career path of your dreams. Be knowledgeable in technical fields. Receive instruction via a CPD-accredited site, such as One Education. Boost your chances of being hired for well-paying, in-demand positions in the UK.

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