Is Hotel Resorts A Good Career Path?

Hospitality jobs, like those in resorts, restaurants, bars, and lodges, give you the chance to work in a happy and pleasant environment. Also, jobs in the hospitality industry often don’t require the usual degrees and maybe the best-paying ones.

When working at a hotel, you are exposed to a wide variety of job roles, each of which calls for a unique set of abilities. Whether you’re searching for part-time jobs to jump-start your career or starting a new career path altogether, there are many incredible positions to pick from.

For those who enjoy traveling, working with a variety of demographics of people, and adding a dash of daily excitement, a career in hotel and resort management is a perfect choice. 

What is a Hotel Resort?

A hotel resort is a lodging service company. A resort has everything a person could want in one place, including places to stay, shops, activities, spas for relaxing, and entertainment. A hotel resort can be the best choice for you if you are searching for an all-in-one vacation option. For new couples on their honeymoon, families, and groups of friends who want to stay somewhere they can just relax and have fun, a hotel resort is a fantastic spot for them to stay.

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Is a hotel resort a good career path?

The hotel and resort industry is a good career path for those who are interested in the hospitality sector or possess the necessary skills, which include listening skills, interpersonal skills, humanitarian skills, and communication skills. You also must be able to maintain healthy relationships with people. Then this is the job for you if the list fits you perfectly. 

The hospitality industry is a big industry, and hotels and resorts are included. There are many opportunities for people of all ages in the hospitality sector. Many different positions in the sector might result in fulfilling careers. The comfort of the office, the luxury of a five-star hotel, and many other things Your area of expertise will determine how a typical day in the industry will go. 

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You will need some experience, training, and pertinent education if you want to pursue a career in this sector and get very well paid. Your best chance of getting hired for one of these well-paying positions written below is to enroll in the college and pursue a degree in hospitality management. 

10 Highest paying jobs in hotel resorts 

1. Sales manager 

A sales manager actively promotes business through direct sales, marketing, and appointment calls. They are in charge of managing every stage of the sales cycle, from bringing in new business to closing deals and guaranteeing that visitors have a satisfying stay at the hotel resort. The average annual salary is $127,490. 

2. Resort concierge 

The first point of contact with customers is a hotel concierge. The concierge must greet visitors and attend to their needs to improve the guest experience. The position of the resort concierge is usually in the hotel front office area. A Hotel Concierge in the United States earns $33,453 a year.

3. Event Manager

The job of an event manager includes organizing, publishing, and making sure that each event runs smoothly. These could include a wedding or a conference space. with a salary of $49,410 per year. 

4. Restaurant manager 

Restaurant managers are in charge of running a restaurant, including hiring and firing workers as well as preparing menus, and running marketing initiatives. with a salary of $75,000 per year. 

5. Valet Parking attendants

Parking attendants monitor all vehicles that drive into the parking lots of the resorts. They keep the parking lot organized and move cars in and out as necessary. They safeguard all car keys and make sure the sidewalks and driveways are clean. When you work as a valet parking attendant, you park cars securely and return them when clients come back. The annual salary is $31,158.

6. Fold service staff

A food service staff is responsible for carrying out a wide range of tasks; they help to prepare and serve a variety of different delicacies. To maintain a high level of client satisfaction, they must also adhere to the strict guidelines provided by managers. In the United States, the average annual salary for food service workers in hotels and resorts is $44753.

7. Housekeeping manager 

A housekeeping manager is in charge of the cleaning department and organizes and plans the general cleanliness of the hotel resort, making sure the guests stay in a clean and secure environment. Housekeeping managers are in charge of hiring, disciplining, and managing supplies and inventory. The average Housekeeping Manager’s salary in the United States is $61,342

8. Room Attendant

A room attendant maintains the regular upkeep of the hotel guest rooms. They also keep track of and report any damage or inconsistencies to the housekeeping supervisor, and a maintenance request will be issued immediately. The average salary for a room attendant is $32,405 per year in the US. 

9. Executive Chef

The everyday operations of the kitchens at hotel resorts are supervised by an executive chef, also known as the head chef or chef manager. The duties of an executive chef entail hiring, training, and supervising kitchen workers, as well as ensuring high-quality, reasonably priced food. The average salary is $64700. 

10. Resort Manager

A resource manager oversees all areas of the resorts. Along with lodging, hiring and training personnel, marketing and advertising, and also meeting the demands of guests. The responsibilities of a resort manager include housekeeping, food and beverages, maintenance, resort activities, and guest service. The average salary for a Resort Manager is $57757 per year in the US.

The Benefits of working in Hotel Resorts 

A supportive environment: 

Flexible shifts make it possible to find jobs that fit your busy schedule. To supplement your income, many hotels offer part-time work. 

Tips and bonuses: 

In the United States, leaving tips at hotel restaurants, the front desk, and room service is typical. Working in a hotel gives you access to good benefits and a favorable salary. When exceptional service is rendered, some tips can reach 20% or even higher. 

A chance to tour the world:

In the hotel industry, you can move from city to city. Many other industries provide you with the same level of flexibility and opportunity as hotel resort business tours. You can travel the world whenever you are bored and want to try something new.

Growth Potential:

There are several prospects for professional advancement in the hotel sector. There are opportunities to work in many divisions or be promoted to executive management, even as a hotel manager. 

Employee Discount: 

You may be entitled to discounted services at the hotel resort you work for. Hotel management could give the staff access to gyms, swimming pools, and other amenities or free meals in the hotel. 


The hospitality industry is the largest in the world. With consistent growth anticipated over the next few decades and several extremely lucrative specializations, this is a very fascinating industry to pursue a career in. 

Because they enable individuals to begin in entry-level positions and advance up the career ladder by working hard, acquiring experience, and learning new skills, hotel, and resort careers are in high demand. You can still improve your chances by getting the right education and training before you start working in a hotel.

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