How Much Does A Business Development Rep At Databricks Make?

The developers of Apache Spark formed the enterprise software startup Databricks. With a goal of assisting businesses in resolving the most difficult issues facing the globe, Databricks works at the cutting edge of the data analytics industry.

To represent Databricks to potential clients in Central Europe, they need a business development representative! This position is ideal for a young sales professional eager to advance their sales career while assisting in the scaling out of a game-changing enterprise software startup.

 You will be a member of a vibrant team of like-minded individuals reporting to the SDR manager for Central Europe and have the chance to truly make a difference in a young regional team.

Databricks’ typical employee earns $136,155 annually. which, given its sector and location, is competitive. Google, New Relic, and Coursera are among its highest-paying rivals, paying respectively $140,774, $135,319, and $131,082.

Databricks is a small tech company based in San Francisco, California, with about 200 employees and $193.8 million in annual revenue.

Goals of the organization

To integrate data science, engineering, and business to drive innovation for its customers. For data science teams to work with data science, analytics, and lines of business to generate data products, Databricks provides an integrated analytics tool powered by Apache Spark. 

$193.8 million is the company’s revenue. Databricks employs 200 people. Databricks is an independent company. Ali Ghodsi, the CEO and co-founder of Databricks, thinks that there will be enough investor interest in 2023 for the company to go public.

A Databricks IPO is thought to be possible because the company is worth $6 billion and has great revenue numbers. Although Ghodsi and the members of the administration have not officially announced the company’s IPO, reports suggest it will happen before 2024.

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How Much Do Business Development Representatives Get Paid at Databricks?

Business Development Representatives at Databricks receive an annual salary of, on average, $100,814. In comparison to the national average income for business development representatives, this is 113% more. 

In the US, Business Development Representatives make an average salary of $47,240 annually or $22.71 per hour. The bottom 10% of that range, or business development representatives, make about $72,000 a year, while the highest 10% make about $140,000.

The amount that a business development representative makes depends on where they work. At Databricks in Jersey City, NJ, San Francisco, CA, and McLean, VA, business development representatives earn the maximum money.

High-paying business development jobs

  1. Consultant And Sales Representative $290,853
  2. Advertising Sales Representative $191,440
  3. Outbound Sales Representatives $141,541
  4. Account Executive $141,107
  5. Sales Consultant $139,405
  6. Business Development Executive $137,220
  7. Sales Team Leader Representative $136,930
  8. Business Sales Representative $135,296
  9. Business Developer $135,277
  10. Outside Sales Consultants $133,866

You should be able to:

  • Develop your skills in value-based selling, big data, and AI quickly.
  • Give prospective clients of Databricks a fantastic customer experience.
  • Create effective outreach programs to boost engagement in a wide range of accounts by conducting account and prospect analysis.
  • Keep up regular contact with prospects with specialized follow-ups, such as personalized emails, cold phoning, and social selling.
  • Develop a territorial strategy, create a pipeline, and boost adoption by working together with the larger sales team.
  • Discover and recognize client needs, then communicate how Databricks will successfully address them to advance conversations into sales prospects.

What we search for is:

  • Experience in successful sales prior to this is preferred but not required.
  • willpower to achieve, pick up new skills and create the finest commercial software company possible
  • demonstrable overachievement in previous experiences on a regular basis
  • Actively listening and asking questions over the phone and in person
  • a sincere interest in AI/big data
  • positive team and organizational culture contributor 
  • German and English language proficiency is necessary
  • contributions from employers to both public and private health plans

What we give:

  • Equity payouts
  • Paid time off for parents
  • Payment for the gym
  • Personal development budget annually
  • Headphone reimbursement at work
  • Business travel protection

How much do business development representatives get paid at Databricks per hour?

Business development agents are paid an average of $23 per hour by Databricks.

How much does a Databricks business development representative make starting out?

Business Development Representatives at Databricks start out earning $26,000 a year, or $13 per hour.

How much does Google pay compare to Databricks?

Based on Google which pays $103,652 a year on average, Databricks pays $47,240. In comparison to Google’s hourly rate of $50, Databricks’ equivalent works out to $23 per hour.

Who among the DataBricks rivals pays Business Development Representatives the most?

If you wish to contrast the pay for business development representatives working for Databricks and some comparable businesses, such as Google or IBM, that would be a wise decision, as they are the firms that pay the best salaries in this industry. Also, companies like VMware and Juniper Networks say that the pay for their business development representatives is pretty good.

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