Best Country To Immigrate With Family From Nigeria

Which country is easiest to immigrate with family? Let’s find out in this article…

The number of Nigerians migrating to Canada is skyrocketing daily.  Consistent with data published by the Canadian government,  the expansion rate of Nigerians immigrating to Canada has exceeded some of Canada’s biggest sources of immigrants over the last half-decade.

In 2019, Canada welcomed 341,000 immigrants in total which is in alignment with its immigration policy to draw in skilled workers. Today, more Nigerians have left the country for Canada in search of greener pastures, while more people are on the verge of leaving, making the immigration processes highly competitive.

The reason for this high rate of immigration is the prevalent situation in the country – the high rate of unemployment, poor healthcare services, poor standard of education, and high level of insecurity among others. Many people have left Nigeria for greener pastures and better opportunities, while some are still planning to migrate.

Data has shown that Nigerians structure the largest population of migrants from the African continent to developed countries. In 2016 alone, about 20,000 people reported to have been involved in the Mediterranean Sea crossing were Nigerians. Also, within 2 years (2017 to 2019), many Nigerians were reported to have been deported from different countries like South Africa, Libya, and Italy. 

Indeed these journeys are risky, but the emigrants somehow believe that their success stories are tied to their ability to travel abroad. Most aspiring migrants do have genuine reasons for wishing to travel. Some are for business reasons; some are for tutorial purposes; some are searching for jobs, while some seek to measure better lives away from the hassles and stress of home.

Irrespective of your reason for emigrating,  you’ll find this article helpful.  it’ll give you the list of the best and ideal countries to migrate to from Nigeria.

1. Sweden

Sweden has been ranked as the world’s best country for immigrants,  ahead of  Canada and Switzerland. Sweden’s decision to require large numbers of refugees had seen its society diversify as migrants account for about 10 percent of its 9.8 million population.

2. Canada

Canada may be a  safe haven for many migrants.  It’s one of the most immigration-friendly nations in the world and has been rated as one of the best countries to live in by the United Nations. The country is rich in natural and oil resources and has a number of the best universities in the world. The country has a low crime and violence rate and a high standard of living.  These points make it a preferred destination for immigration.

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3. UAE

The United Arab Emirates may be a  tax-free nation and has a very low crime rate. It attracts people from everywhere in the world to become its residents as the oil-rich country has a dynamic economy. The country also boasts of a low corruption rate making it a desirable destination for relocation.

4. Norway

Norway may be a  peaceful and pollution-free nation that is very welcoming.  The rich nation offers free education in its public universities.  Due to the natural beauty of the land and the relaxed way of life,  many of us consider Norway as our immigration destination. Besides,  the principles for immigration are not very strict in Norway.

5. Finland

If the peacefulness offered in Canada and Norway isn’t enough then you can’t get far better than Finland. The country is the safest country in the world and boasts one of the world’s most liveable cities in its capital, Helsinki.

6. Spain

Spain is composed  of various  semi-independent “communities.” The cultural influence of each of these historical kingdoms allows a nation of diverse and dynamic populations. The immigrating population to Spain is considerably diverse with people coming from Romania, Argentina, Ecuador, the UK, Germany, France, and Morocco.

7. Australia

Australia, home to some 23.7 million people, maybe a  wealthy country with a major presence in international organizations, firm citizenship rights,  a chance for entrepreneurs, economic stability, and an outsized public services sector.  in addition to job availability, Australia boasts an enormous  English-speaking population,  a secure environment, and a high level of happiness among its citizens.

8. Poland

The number fourth in our list of top 8 best countries to migrate to from Nigeria is Poland. Poland may be a  great country as it offers excellent opportunities for survival. The country offers great economic benefits alongside other benefits. The country features a  rich culture and encourages diversity amongst dwellers. 

There are exciting outdoor activities for you here, and if you’re keen on hiking, Poland is a superb place for that. Poland is listed here because it’s budget-friendly. Their local currency is named the Polish Zloty and is currently at the conversion rate of 0.25 per U.S dollar. Your daily budget would be about 25-35 dollars because it would cost you about 5-10 dollars for your meals per day.

This is often almost the same as what it would cost you to eat local Nigerian foods back in Nigeria. Depending on the type of work you do,  you’ll earn about 150 to 300 dollars a day, which should be enough to require care of your expenses.

9. Singapore

Singapore speaks the subsequent languages- English,  Mandarin, Standard Mandarin, Tamil, and Malay. The country makes it to our list of the highest best countries for Nigerians to migrate to. The country is an Island and is considered one of the global financial centers of the Asian continent,  although it has only a small population of not more than 6 million.

The quality of living in Singapore is high because it is ranked 5th on the human development index.  It’s a good choice of country, as they welcome immigrants. However,  you’ll need an employment permit to get started here, and obtaining citizenship could take a maximum of ten years.

If you’re in business and want to set up a company of your own,  you’ll initiate your startup and get an entry pass to start living in the country.

10. Hungary

Are you seeking European countries where you can simply quickly get your visa from Nigeria? You should try Hungary. Hungary isn’t just “some European country” but one of the places to be in Europe.  It’s one of the best countries that Nigerians can easily migrate to. You must have heard of Budapest,  one of its most popular cities. 

 It’s also an affordable place to live in.  you would possibly want to check out other cities like Drebecen.  they could not be as exotic as Budapest, but they sure do offer cheaper feeding and accommodation.

The local Hungarian currency is named the Hungarian Forint. With about 15 dollars, your meal for the day is sorted. Accommodation per night could take you about 20 to 25 dollars.  This suggests as a new migrant; you should budget about 35 to 50 dollars per day.

11. Slovakia

Slovakia may be a  country in the European continent that shares borders with Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, and Austria. They use Euros as their local currency. It is known to have mountainous areas with a small population of about 5 million people. Its capital city is named  Bratislava and has many architectural and museum centers to explore.

Slovakia may be a  good place to run a wine and beer business as they have these in abundance.  you ought to check out this county if you are looking for cheap, easy migrating European countries.

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